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Peridot is a translucent stone which is only forms in the colour green.  It varies in tone, from  yellow-green, lime or pure green, to deep olive or brownish-green.  Dark olive-green peridot stones are the most rare and highest valued. Depending on the amount of magnesium iron silicate mineral found in the particular stone, determines the shade of the peridot.

In the Company of Diamonds

Peridot, is sometimes known as “The Extreme Gem,” it is unique in it being the only other crystal besides diamond, to be created in the molten lava in the earth’s  upper mantle. It can also be found in meteorites and has also been retrieved from rocks on the moon.


The Sun Stone, Evening Emerald or Stone of the Moon?

20190806_100249Egyptians referred to peridot as the “Sun Stone” because they believed it was full of the sun’s power, as it exploded to earth via eruption. Originating from motlen lava this concept and it’s interpretation can be easily understood how it came to be.

In complete contrast the Romans named peridot the “Evening Emerald,” because it retained it’s translucent colouring even in the dark.

Peridot was worn by the Egyptian Pharaohs and gifted to their priests to ensure that jealousy was kept at bay. Peridot was loved by Cleopatra and many of her emeralds were in fact peridot.

Despite being name Sun Stone, Peridot’s energies were believed to be in tune with the moon and it’s cycles and the wax and wane of the tides.

Peridot Celebrations

Peridot is the birthstone associated with the month of August. It is traditionally given to celebrate the 16th wedding anniversary to bring ongoing good luck, protection and joy. Peridot is reputed to be aligned with the planet Jupiter and the astrological sign of Libra and the zodiac signs of Leo and Virgo.

Peridot the Protector

20190805_152545Peridot has been worn throughout history to bring clarity and focus to the mind whilst providing protection for the wearer from negative or lesser energies. As a protector stone, it has long been associated with being a shield  for the wearer. So confident in the protective powers of peridot when worn as a pendant, in ancient times, it was relied on to determine if food had been poisoned. It reportedly lost all it’s colour if the food had been tainted.

The channeled assistance and guided energies for the clarity of the mind renders it specifically helpful when beginning a new project, as peridot resonates with growth and expansion, hence it often being associated with abundance and prosperity. It has also been associated with clear thought and intention, often being gifted to those who are embarking on a journey of study and knowledge. As a enhancer and protector of the mind it has been said by some to ward the wearer from the negative vibes of depression, bi-polar and melancholy dispositions.

What are the healing properties of Peridot?

20190806_100059Peridot has been known as a transmuter, transforming energies that do not existing for our highest good to transform into the highest light for the good of all. For this reason, Peridot has always been a highly sort after gem stone for jewellery. Often reputed to perform at it’s optimum level  of protection if set in gold, it has often been worn to ward off nightmares and disturbed sleep.

As a protector and calming stone for both the mind, heart, and being, peridot is said to calm the  nerves and was recommended as an aid for anxiety. It’s translucent qualities reflect to the wearer a clear mind, open heart, still being and welcome opportunities of expansive prosperity.

The Energy of Peridot

Peridot’s translucent colouring balances it’s vibrational energies with both the heart chakra and solar plexus whilst resonating with the crown, allowing it to synchronise mind, love emotion and will. As it protects, it also provides the courage to be brave and to trust the universe, as we open our wings to fly and take the leap of faith forward on our next adventure. Peridot allows us to be open to the new opportunities that await us, free from self sabotage.

If you desire some peridot in your life, feel free to visit or contact us for further assistance.

Enjoy the ride.

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