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Brandberg crystals are small, high vibrational pieces that are one of mother nature’s true delights, offering so much to us. When sitting with a piece the first thing I feel is my heart opening.

Brandberg Crystals are found only in the Brandberg area of South Africa, which is where they get their name from. It is a inhospitable and dry section of Namibia, in the world’s oldest desert. Miners must bring their own supplies, food and water to sustain themselves through weeks of digging. Special care must be taken to avoid scorpions.

Brandberg Amethyst


Brandberg amethyst is carefully mined by hand from beds near the surface.

The surface stones are becoming much harder to find and the miners are now digging deeper and working harder to find these gems of nature.


The Quartz Crystal with More


Brandberg crystals  are a quartz with many inclusions.

Clear Quartz is a powerhouse in itself. It will absorb and protect, clear the way, amplify. The signs are there for one and all to see.

A Key is where another crystal used to lay on top or across and has left an indentation, providing a doorway into unlocked parts of oneself.


What are Crystal Rainbows trying to show us?


Rainbows  are  stunning, exciting  and mysterious. Why are they there?  What are they trying to show us? Usually rainbows appear where there are natural fractures. We love them and will sit with our piece and lap up everything it has to offer, creating a heart opening. We keep going back for more.

Manifestation Crystals

Manifestation is a crystal growing inside another and sometimes protruding from it. A manifestation crystal is very rare and brilliant.  If we sit with our heart  open, holding a piece or just having our piece nearby and work on what we would like to bring into our lives. In the particular piece I used the manifestation crystals are tiny and difficult to photograph to show you but they are there.

Brandberg & Lepidcroisite & Hematite

Brandbergs can also contain tiny specs of Lepidcroisite which work on the higher heart opening it to divine love, helping to release fear.

They can also contain hematite which appears as tiny bright red specs and are a sight to behold.

Some form as clusters with 4 points.

Enhydros – The Elixer of Life

20190807_113846Others form as Enhydros. A enhydro is where water is trapped inside and can be up to millions of years old. This is known as the “Elixir of Life.” Sometimes the water will show itself by moving around. Other times the bubble will be fixed and this can take a while to find. This is a well known inclusion in a Brandberg and are high lighted with a red ring in pen.


Prehnite Prophecy

Some clusters form with Prehnite which is a stone of unconditional love. Plus will reward it’s owner to always be prepared, no matter what. It enhances prophecy and will show the way forward. It seals the auric field with angelic protection. Calms the environment bringing peace and protection. It alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears.

Isis Face

The faces of some pieces have what is known as a Isis face which is a five sided face with a triangle on the reverse side. Isis is said to be able to heal anything, so we cross our fingers. These are highly regarded and perfect for these little dynamo heart stones.


Phantoms will help in moving through energy blockages and perceptions.

20190726_192633Phantoms also form inside. Phantoms are like a mountain and can be in Amethyst or Smokey Quartz. Phantoms will help in moving through energy blockages and perceptions. Sit with your piece, remembering a low point in your life and then bring it into your present day and see the change in your strength, your growth and your self-healing. Remember, you are working with magic.

Energetic Vibrations for Brandberg Crystals

Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz

Regardless of colour a Brandberg Crystal  carries and combines the vibration of Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz.  They are fabulous Earth Healers. Their clear radiant energy is a key to earth healing. They are excellent for blocking geopathic stress and negative environmental energies like EMF’S.

The Healing Qualities of Brandberg Crystals

Step into a new reality

Brandberg crystals aid in removing threads, cords and hooks from past lives and past relationships. Enabling the user to step forward into a new reality.

Brandberg Amethyst is a master healer, speeding recovery from illness and or injury, providing aid in overcoming harmful addiction, bringing balance back into one’s life. A wonderful stone for the creative flow within.

Bring a Brandberg into your life and enjoy all the qualities they bring.


Enjoy the ride

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