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Qualities of Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz activates the higher mind, assisting in gaining information and spiritual knowledge. A wonderful stone to help with telepathic communication, receiving spiritual information for creative endeavours or one’s psychic abilities.

It’s another great manifesting stone. If it has formed  with either Smokey Quartz or Hematite it will greatly help ground your intentions into the physical.

Golden Rutilated Stars on Hematite

My  natural pieces are Golden Rutilated stars on Hematite. As you can see from the pictures the hematite is very glossy, making it extremely grounding.

The Colours of Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz forms in a variety of colours,  from copper-red to golden yellow and sometimes silver rays. The colour of the rutile inclusion  indicates how the stone will direct it’s light into the body. Red-brown needle crystals assists the physical body to integrate higher frequencies and can assist in removing blockages to health and abundance. It will aid with working on the etheric to heal blockages, tears or obstructions before they reach the physical.

Rutilated Quartz & the Chakras

The needle crystals are also known as ‘The Hairs of Venus’.

It is associated with all Chakras but working on the base will help to get to the ‘root’ of a situation.

Even though it is advised to work on a particular chakra with a particular stone, always do what feels right for you.

The Power & Energy of the Sun

20190814_130215This stone reminds us of the power and energy of the sun. Each morning on the beach I thank the sun for everything that it does for me. I love feeling it’s golden rays going right through my body. I  love sitting in the sun and soaking it up.  When I’m gardening I follow the sun because I know how wonderful it is for me. This morning I was undecided as to where to swim. When the sun came out from behind the clouds I thought ‘this is the spot’. Then I had the pleasure of walking back from, The Pass, with the sun on my back, manifesting and walking in gratitude.

Manifesting and walking in gratitude.

It is a stone that can also be used to bring the fun and joy into one’s day to day activities which will lessen the load felt by responsibility. It is a amplifier. It can magnify and accelerate the effects of our focused intentions. It can also magnify all of one’s emotional energies – love, fear, joy, grief – making it easier to work out our true feelings and act accordingly.

New Beginnings

20190814_130005Yesterday I thought I would like to write more about this stone but had a real block. So I sat with a piece and within a very short time quite a few emotions came to the surface. Overnight I worked on them and this morning I feel refreshed for new beginnings. It truly is one of mother nature’s treasures but I find recreating it’s sparkle is a very difficult thing to do.

How to unblock and release creative blocks

If your having a creative block, sit with a piece of Rutilated Quartz and see what shifts and flows.

It is another stone that can be programmed. I have filled my pendant  with unconditional love.

Rutilated Quartz and the latest Full Moon have come together in perfect timing.

Enjoy the ride.

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