Isis Citrine Lemurian Crystal - Heart of the bay - Byron Bay

Isis Citrine Lemurians

What are the qualities of Citrine?

Citrine will work out your problems and help to resolve and  steer you  in the right direction. It never requires  clearing or cleansing meaning it doesn’t hold any negativity.

It has been known as the ‘merchants stone’. Place a piece in your money area, as it will help bring in wealth and also  to maintain the  mindset and heart of wealth.

It is a lovely heart stone and will work on all the physical and non physical parts of us.

Sit with your crystal and feel your heart open. When you feel finished, notice your energy level. You will be ready to jump over the stars.

Lemurian Crystal Folklore

Folklore says Lemuria was a highly advanced civilisation, where beings interacted  on a higher frequency telepathically. When these beings realised their civilisation was falling,  they wanted to preserve their knowledge, so they encoded all relevant information into crystals. This information is in the lines on the side known as striations. When meditating or sitting quietly, tune into your piece and see what information is forthcoming. This may take time, however, persevering is a wonderful thing. You may have coded your piece back in  Lemuria.

Isis Mythology

I can see Isis in some of these Citrine Lemurians.  Isis, in mythology, was a Egyptian


Isis Citrine Lemurian crystal with another small crystal near point.

Goddess. She loved all, even her jealous  brother Set. She was the sister and wife of Osiris and they had a son named Horus. Isis protected children, healed the sick and was a goddess of life and magic. She was one of the greatest Goddesses. It’s her throne headdress that I can see in these special pieces. I have always been told that Isis will heal anything. (Whilst typing these words I heard and so it is done).

I took a Isis piece to the beach this morning and she loved it. We both swam in the  fresh ocean water and  were both thoroughly refreshed. Walking back along the beach to my car with the sun on our backs was invigorating.

In one of my grids I have used  a Isis Citrine Lemurian with specific intention, as there is something I would like her to heal. We shall have to wait and see for the result.

High Crystal Vibrations

Isis Citrine Lemurians are  high vibrational and a gift from us to ourselves. They are also manifestation, full of rainbows, twin baby, record keeper, double terminated, all with  striations. They feel soft, snuggly, warm  and nurturing. As we trust in the process of opening up we will receive more information.

Manifestation crystals


Manifestation crystal growing

One of the pieces has a crystal growing from outside in or inside out that is 4cm long. The outside point is a twin.

Another has a baby attached that is 7.5cm long plus rainbows

These pieces are stunningly clear visually.




Are multi coloured light inside a crystal drawing our attention to  fun, excitement and happiness. We are naturally drawn to these, wishing to know why.

Twin Baby, for me, is the adult and child.

Record Keepers

Are triangular in shape giving us information from the past, the present and future.

Double Terminated

These are the naturally occurring points on both ends.


These are the easily identified by the horizontal lines on the sides of the crystal.


Enjoy the ride

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