Rubillite Tourmaline - Heart of the Bay Crystals Byron Bay

Rubillite Tourmaline

The Higher Heart Stone

Rubillite Tourmaline is also known as Pink tourmaline and is a stone of the Higher Heart. The Higher Heart is also known as the Thymus. The Thymus is located above the Heart and below the Throat Chakra.

Energetic Properties of Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline contains Lithium which will help with emotions like depression, anxiety and stress.

Crystal Support & Astrology Towards 2020

You may be aware that I follow Hare in the Moon Astrology as I believe Astrology helps us with our day to day life.

If you keep your eye on the big picture it helps to let all the drama float by. This is where Astrology comes in. You don’t have to understand it all. Understanding bits and pieces will certainly help. Then when something happens,  you can think aaahhh that’s why and let it go by.

After reading the last post from Hare in the Moon I knew that I had to blog on Rubillite as it is a beautiful pink and associated with the Heart.

Until January 2020 we will all be learning, amongst other things,  to be nice people and to maintain this.

For a while now I’ve been thinking ‘there are so many answers and skills, locked up in our heart’. We can heal so much.

We can bring into our life that which is For Our Highest and Best Good.


Top Energetic Tips Towards 2020

Step 1. Drop any drama and meditate or sit quietly with your pink tourmaline.

Step 2. Take your time with your day to day activities.

Step 3. Stay grounded.

Step 4. Really have a good look at yourself and love and appreciate who you are right now.

Step 5. Spend as much quiet time in nature as you can.

Step 6. Maintain an attitude of gratitude for everything. If something happens that is not so nice, stop and think about it and wonder why it happened. Look at the patterning associated and transmute(change) that energy into pure unconditional love.



Manifest, Create, Call it In.

Step 7. Work with and on your magic. We all have it. Focus on what you would really like in your life, maybe a holiday in the Bahamas or your mortgage paid out. Maybe a reclining chair to watch the grass grow.  It’s a mind, heart and soul collaboration. Keep working on it, as it is activating a muscle and the more work you do, the more it is strengthened. After a while it is automatic. Some things may happen fairly immediate, others may take a while.

Playing your favourite music will help keep the heart open. Whilst cleaning your home you could have the music up to maximum and you will fly through your work.

Pink Tourmaline will bring in much love, joy, and happiness.

It is one of the softest and gentlest crystals that I have come across. Completely different to quartz.

I’ve always said áll roads lead to the heart’. The more we work on our heart the better we will feel.  There will be less illness, making more time for FUN. It will improve all relationships. The drama will go straight out the door. We will be able to bring in the rain. Deserts and inland towns will flourish.

I’m relaxing into my piece and focusing on what I would like.

And now it’s raining. It may only be a shower but that shows it does work.

There are pieces that are citrine cathedral lightbraries with the added bonus of Rubillite. These offer a lifetime of abundance, fun, joy, happiness

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone coming in a variety of colours, all with different meanings.

Our secrets and magic are in our heart.


Enjoy the ride.


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