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I believe incarnating as a female in any lifetime is hard work. Under the banner of, “The Art of Being Female” comes many roles and we all know some of them and I certainly hope we are stockpiling brownie points.

Becoming a woman is a life-changing event.

20191011_143240Becoming a woman is a life-changing event. The menstruation/ periods experience is a game-changer and a very individual. For some, it’s a painful regular experience that can go on until menopause for others it’s taken in stride over one to seven days. When your young it’s a big thing to get your head around, crystal pouches to carry can offer support and reassurance that this too shall pass as we evolve on our cycles, a reflection of mother nature who flows in constant cycles, waves, and ebbs.


Even under the pregnancy banner, there are other scenarios to take into consideration like trying to get pregnant. For some, it’s easy for others it’s lengthy or not an option at all. Motherhood is personal and feminine experience, whether you are a mother by birth, through adoption, fostering or perhaps you have fur babies or plant babies. The mothering instinct to nurture is as individual as being a woman. Each of us can radiate our own glow.

Sacred Geometry _ Heart of the Bay Crystals Byron Bay

Sacred Geometry

For some, pregnancy can be a daily wonder of amazement and excitement, for others the complete opposite and all places in-between. Each pregnancy is different as is each birth. For some it’s easier to carry for the full 40 weeks, delivering a healthy baby for others this can become a traumatic event and time of loss. Some are blessed with one child and one is enough, others choose and may be able to birth more. The first joy of holding and feeding your child is an unforgettable experience again for some, for others it is not. Breast and or bottle feeding is another story. Everyone’s journey is unique and the experiences where and how we need support is as individual as we are, as is the Art of Being a Woman.

There are so many other stories, all woven into the fabric of womanhood.

20191011_140716One must always remember,  we are not given a book of instructions on the correct way of The Art of Being Female, we have all had to find our own way. We all forge our own path. A lot of the time the mother gets lost in the day to day happenings and can feel overwhelmed and this can lead to PTSD.

Our hormones have been racing since Menstruation and sometimes we don’t know which way is UP.

Don’t think that when Menstruation finishes that’s the end of The Art of Being Female, it’s not. Unwanted facial hair appears. We do slow up a bit. We put on weight. I’m working on all these and hoping to slow this process up, even a little. Keeping fit and healthy is a big thing. Even keep on working and not retire. For me cutting back is an option but not retiring completely. I choose to keep my mind stimulated.

I think finding your own way is the ultimate goal as an individual. Then somewhere along the way, we all come together in common ground and share and support each other through our compassion and common experiences.

How to deal with what-ifs and buts.

There are a lot of what-ifs and buts discussed, but I feel we have to let go of at least some of these and stick to what feels right for us as individuals.

This is where Mother Nature, exercise, meditation, and crystals come in. Just take your time and be proud of where and who you are at all times. Listen to yourself. If you feel better with a gemstone in your pocket to ground fears or remind you to breathe or a crystal pouch in your purse or a piece of crystal to wear that reminds you, you are a goddess, well then, why not?


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Remember, the words you hear in your head are Spirit talking. Listening and taking notice is the same as strengthening a muscle. The more you do this the more messages you will receive. You could be walking left and in your head, you hear  ‘go right’ well do so and you may well reach something and thank the heavens with your wonderful smile and a lovely feeling in your heart.

If anyone would like to come in and make up their own self-loving gift, for yourself or that special someone you are most welcome.  I am happy to offer crystal advice and I can create a beautiful supportive crystal care pack from your suggestions and price point.

There are many other topics to include but as I have had no experience with them I won’t comment and leave that to those with the experience. There are even topics within topics that could be discussed but I thought to keep this blog broad, honour what we have been through and keep on going forward.

We are in 5D(Fifth Dimension) now, so putting the drama behind is an absolute relief and a must.

Inherited Patterns

As I lived with what my mother went through in her later life I am mindful to steer right away from that.

I know this year has been hard work and completely different to 2018, so I have my fingers crossed for 2020 that we can have a little breathing space.

I’m not saying everything is painful there is certainly a lot of love, pleasure, and joy,  in The Art of Being Female, at every moment.

We are all here to learn, remember the brownie points.

Enjoy the ride.

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