Book Review

This book was recommended. In the past, a supernatural fiction with historical elements throughout it wasn’t a book I would choose to read. My perception was soon changed. I had to have a second read as I loved it so much plus I found on the second read that I had missed an immense amount of joy.

Tell me:  What happens when a 1500-year-old vampire and a witch fall in love. So far I’m learning it’s complicated with many threads.

Dr. Diana Bishop a historian has traveled from the USA to Oxford to research for an upcoming conference. Her mother Rebecca came from strong witch lineage as did her father, Steven Proctor. When Diana was seven her parents went to Africa for a holiday,  never to return. From the moment of their traumatic passing, Diana vowed to have nothing to do with the supernatural. Over the coming years, she would automatically use some of her gifts without realising.

Magic is Within

We all have the magic in us and there comes a time we have to accept and practice it.

As time went along the magic started to come out of Diana and she was unable to control it.

In Oxford’s Bodleian library she met Matthew Clairmont. They fall in love, in no time at all. Their love story that spans time is revealed throughout the series.

Whilst researching, Diana uncovers an ancient book, by accident called Ashmore 782. Witches, Vampires and Daemons have been looking for this book for centuries and for some reason, it just landed in Diana’s hands when she called up her daily research books in the Library.  Not realising she returned it to the stacks in the Library. Later she tries to recall it but was told that they were unable to find it.

In  A Discovery of Witches, there is history, magic, romance, and much suspense. All of which, to my surprise,  I loved.  Each night I eagerly set myself up for my bedtime story with my crystals beside me.

I loved this book so much I further put my magic into practice and it’s amazing once you start how much your magic strengthens. I’m also very happy it’s a Trilogy with an additional book, Times Convert, now added and also, The World of All Souls Handbook that delves into all the folklore and magic of tradition.

Crystal Magic – Tuning In


20191018_105339Citrine has been my stone of magic. I see ‘things’ and ‘people’ inside the stone. It has helped me immensely open up to the mystic within. I also believe it helps with our understanding of our past lives.

Citrine increases our ability to manifest abundance and initiates creative energy. It enables us to open more to the energy of the Divine Will (our will). It helps ensure our words and actions are consistent with what we would like to create.

I have a citrine cathedral with an indentation. I took a picture and enlarged the indentation and found female energy. Underneath her chin is a piece that sits out and this is a manifestation crystal containing a rainbow. Now I’m working on realising who the female is and her magic.

If you were thinking about reading this book I’d say let your perceptions go regarding witches, vampires, daemons, and humans and you will certainly think differently.

Clear Quartz



When I’m reading anything I can go to the page, the location and be part of the situation. Sometimes for me, this is scary and later difficult to sleep.

Clear Quartz Amplifies, protects and clears the way forward. It enhances psychic abilities and attunes to your spiritual purpose. It is also a stone that was used by the ancients for their crystal ball navigation of life readings.

Smoky Quartz

561Smoky Quartz is a very grounding stone. We think we are grounded but as soon as we sit with a smoky we realise how ungrounded we aren’t. It is also powerful in blocking geopathic stress and the EMF’s which are the electromagnetic frequency from our devices. It will help to clear the mind and stay focused. It will help to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, panic attacks or to ward off negative thinking. It will help to bring our dreams and ideas into reality.


Lemurian Crystals


Either Isis Citrine or Clear Quartz Lemurians  are  another stone that will take us to our magic. Back in Lemurian times we always used our magic. We communicated telepathically. It was the natural way of Being.

The Isis Citrine Lemurians are High Vibrational. Isis will help to heal anything. These crystals are perfect for grid or individual work. They are manifestation crystals, contain rainbows, some are twins, some record keeper and some double terminated. They were programmed back in Lemurian times by us.

Smoky Rutilated Quartz


Look at the threads in this lovely piece of Smoky Rutilated Quartz reminding us of the threads in our own lives and in Discovery of Witches. This piece is also very grounding and we must be grounded to complete successfully our heart’s true desires.

In my pictures are you able to see any creature lurking? If not let your imagination travel and soften your gaze, let go of any preconceptions.

Be Open to feel it

As time goes along, Diana is forced to accept and work on her magic.

One of her specialties, she was to find out is time-walking and I am going to quote this as I think it is relevant to our day to day life.

To time walk one of the things  Diana has to do is lift a foot. Initially, it didn’t work because she was too focused on the details. Her Aunt Sarah’s partner, Emily who was helping her said, “You were too focused on the details. Think about Matthew. Don’t you want to be with him? Magic’s in the heart, not the mind. It’s not about words and following a procedure, like witchcraft. You have to feel it.”

Diana has a lot to learn about her ‘mate’ being a vampire or even vampires in general, one of which are the many secrets Matthew has accumulated throughout his many lives.

With any of my pictures stare into and see what you can see. Do they look like someone or something is lurking before an attack or watching your every breath because of the intensity of  love?  Maybe you can see a reflection of the magic in you.

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Deborah Harkness

The Author Deborah Harkness, is exceptional.  As a professor of history, she has wound factual elements and events throughout the book. I have been intrigued and excited on every page. Looking forward to Book 2 and 3 and strengthening my magic.


My well-read copy

Foxtel aired the first season of, The Discovery of Witches series in 2018 with the second and third seasons signed, Australians will have to be patient as the release dates are yet unknown. The series is also available on itunes and google play. It’s great to have Australian actress, Teresa Palmer play the lead role of Dianna. Matthew William Goode, you may recognise from Downton Abbey plays, Matthew Clairmont.  The first Downton Abbey movie is currently at cinemas and a huge success in ticket sales the second movie has been given the go-ahead.

If you are wanting to bring some magic into your life pop into the shop and choose the crystal, gemstone or piece of jewelry that calls to you, or choose a carefully selected pouch or create your own. If you can’t make it to Byron Bay Industrial Estate, I’d be honored to support you in selecting the crystals and unique pieces you require and posting/ shipping them to you.

If you have read this book I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy the ride


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