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Change is in the Air

The Energy of Halloween

Clear Quartz Sphere used by ancients to navigate life -A Discovery of Witches written by Deborah Harkness Book Review - Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay Crystals

Clear Quartz Sphere used by ancients to navigate life. The seeing crystal ball.

Halloween is a time when the veil between worlds is thinnest.  It is a  time that marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark cold winter, a time of year that is associated with death, in the Northern hemisphere. It is also, a time that allowed the spirits and supernatural forces to come and cause mischief. A clear quartz seeing stone was often used by witches and those wishing to communicate with others between or beyond the veils.

Do you connect with your loved ones on the other side? I call my ancestors in on a regular basis especially my mother. I do know that she is part of my team who are guiding and supporting. Sometimes I know when she is in the home.

How to flow with change

Many young witches believed that Halloween was the best day for divination and would seek out fortune tellers for relevant information. After reading A Discovery of Witches it initiated a change and sparked my interest in witches and their story. It’s as if I can sense a change in the air at the moment.

Amethyst supporting you through change


Can you feel the change coming in? I can feel it, smell it, taste it and know it. I’m constantly working on my magic. How to create differently. Working out my way forward. I know to be able to flow forward in flow I need support and I find crystals are great for this, in particular, Amethyst. Amethyst will support,  protect and love us through all these huge changes.




Amethyst Qualities and Properties – vibrant with love

There are many different types of Amethyst all with something different to say. By understanding the qualities it can assist us to understand our own amethyst piece or to choose a piece with specific properties.

Amethyst is a very kind, heart loving supportive crystal. It is a stone for the heart, containing many inclusions making it a rich and vital resource for us.

It will stimulate the mind, the intuitive and psychic abilities and our connection to our Spirits and Guides.

As Amethyst is high vibrational it protects us from lower vibrating energies. By activating the Higher Mind, we are able to receive information from Spirit easily.

Record Keepers

Just recently I have been playing with pieces that contain many Record Keepers. Record Keepers appear on the face of a crystal in a triangular form. Some can be easily found. Others so tiny, they could be hiding but with patience, they can be found. Others are on the unpolished side of the crystal where it was attached to another. They will provide us with information from our past, present, and future.

Having an understanding of our past is valuable information for our present. When staying in a loving present moment we have the time and space to reflect and ponder our future. Our past has got us to where we are now.

Sit quietly with your pieces and see how they feel and maybe they will provide information. Either way, its a win, win.

Hematite in Amethyst

Hematite can be found in Amethyst as black dots. Hematite is brilliant at grounding us, which is very important in this day and age. Grounding helps us with our thinking and general behavior with our day to day tasks.


Cacoxenite is the dark brown that you can see in the face of the large amethyst sphere. Cacoxenite will help us with our creativity. Creativity can come in the form of new ideas, or physical work. It’s about being different, veering left or right from what we would normally do.

When I sat with the Amethyst sphere I could feel it from my heart to my crown, so soft and gentle that I felt like going to sleep. It also contains Rainbows and Cacoxenite.

I believe we can ask all stones to help us move towards our desired goals for Our Highest and Best Good. We will know when we arrive by the happy heart feeling and a general knowing. If you know where you are going, keep going with a smile. If you do not know ask to be pointed in the right direction.

Amethyst and Calcite

Calcite grows on amethyst as tiny white bits or like a small fifty-cent flower or very large pieces. Calcite is even softer than amethyst. As Calcite is so calming we will find we can easily sit within our body and know and feel it’s energy. We will know where and how we are to be and do. By staying calm we are also helping all our downloads ‘land’.

Amethyst and Calcite together enhance one another, making them very powerful. They will help us to go deeper and deeper within ourselves to gain all the information that we require.

Each of us has our special magic and it is found within.

Amethyst Elestial

Amethyst Elestial is another type of formation with its own special gift to us. I have a piece that I absolutely love and find it very feminine, loving and gentle. It is so diverse. Each piece contains different information for each of us. All crystals will encourage and support us to delve deep into our own layers. Bringing blockages and fears to the surface to help us rise above and eliminate them. Fears are holding us back. They assist us in receiving and sharing information from the Higher Realms.

Phantoms of Smoky in Amethyst

Amethyst can contain Phantoms of Smoky and Rainbows. How delightful. Phantoms are here to help us shift through our fears,  to live a fulfilling, rewarding life. Once through the fears it’s like we have hit the jackpot. The feeling is one of total joy,  happiness, and amazement. The Smoky is grounding and cleanses the aura and our physical body.  Grounding our body deep within the Earth connecting to her so that we can happily go about our day to day activities. We are all connected and part of the Universe, so by staying grounded we are helping the entire universe. Remember the ripple effect.

Rainbows in Amethyst Crystals

Rainbows are a sign from the Spirit world bringing joy,  happiness, and positivity. By keeping our heart open and focusing on any of these we are letting the negative energies float by.


Amethyst can also support us on our journey through any addiction, regardless of what it is.

Placement of your Amethyst

Where would you place your special piece/s in your home or workplace?

In my world  I have most pieces facing inward and towards the front door, for welcoming and protection.  I do have some that face me for protection.


Enjoy the ride




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