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Book Review

Shadow of Night, a historical fantasy novel by American scholar Deborah Harkness. It is the second book in the All Souls Trilogy and the sequel to the 2011 Discovery of Witches.  Following the story of Diana Bishop, a historian who comes from a long line of gifted witches and Matthew Clairmont a 1500-year-old vampire, endeavoring to unlock the secrets of an ancient manuscript.

They travel back to  16th century Elizabethan London in their search for information on Ashmole 782 and a teacher for Diana.  They plunge themselves back into Matthew’s old life of friends, spies,  subterfuge and as a member of the School of Night.

Like all love affairs, Diana and Matthew had their rough patches. I was totally drawn into the book, sitting with the characters in their activities and I must say I am not a vampire person. This Trilogy has inspired me, lifted me and I could feel the love between the couple. It didn’t matter about  Matthew’s past, Diana loved him and I’m sure in book three they go onto greatness.

Scorpio Moon

Whilst reading  Shadow of Night for the 2nd time, that wonderful Scorpio moon was also happening. I found this past week to be extremely intense but also supportive, things happened right out of the blue and I had to ‘dial a friend’ and talk it out.


As this is the year of relationships I wrote about relationships, especially the relationship  I have with myself, anything that was going around and around in my head.  I wrote in word on the pc, performed a little ceremony, then deleted what I had written. A little while later I felt lighter, happier. We all carry this stuff around(remember it’s only stuff), half the time unknowing but when we do know and eliminate it wow,  what a feeling.

In My Skin

I’m now feeling more comfortable, confident in my skin. Also realising some of the things that are happening are not yours or mine but it is projected onto us.

To work out if the ‘things’ that are coming your way, take your time and think with your heart open. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. You can take responsibility for your part(if any)  and give the remainder back and fill the empty places within,  with Unconditional Love. Live your truth, find out who you are,  Diana did.

As you know I love my crystals and citrine has been a wonderful support. We must choose what is right for us, as individuals.


The planet Venus is around and whilst reading Shadow of Night I could feel the love,  friendship, and respect between the characters. This is where Rose Quartz, Mangano Calcite, and Ocean Jasper came into play for me. I love and thought these particular crystals were very appropriate for this time. Mangano Calcite is one of the very first stones that I was able to feel the energy and it reminded me of Marshmallows,  soft and mushy.

Ocean Jasper is directly related to the ocean and a wonderful supportive heart stone and I love it.

I take great delight during my morning thing on the beach to just relax and float, letting go of all that has to go.

Today is Halloween,  a day where the veils between worlds are at their thinnest where the energies are to be enjoyed.

I also loved Diana’s strength and she is lovely to everyone.

Some of the things that Deborah Harkness wrote about are applicable today, like work our magic.

I loved all the historical detail portrayed by the Author.

Feel the fear, have courage, you could be surprised.

All Souls Trilogy was recommended and my initial thought was ís this scary because if it is I won’t be able to sleep afterward. So far I’ve loved what I’ve read and I’ve been sleeping, dreaming,  working on my magic and have started on Book 3 and am excited to finish my nightly chores and READ.

I take bits and pieces and apply to myself.

If you or someone you know needs support, a friendly reminder, they are loved why not come and browse the showcased crystals at the warehouse and see what type and which ones you connect with. Perhaps something to wear or hold in your hand, pocket or purse to remind you to be brave.

Enjoy the ride

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