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Appreciate & Celebrate


This blog is in appreciation of where we all are, in this point in time. 2019 has been extremely challenging in so many ways for each and every one of us, and we are all in it together and there is no escaping.

Just yesterday alone was dreadful. Yesterday morning I was given a sign. Whilst driving to work a Police vehicle pulled in front of me. I looked in my rear vision mirror and there was another. Plus I’d already seen two Highway Patrols in a matter of ten minutes. Also, someone in front of me vented about something that had nothing to do with them. I was proud of myself for not responding plus I gave the associated energy back.

By midafternoon yesterday, all I wanted was ice cream. I made a point of having lovely rich chocolate in a cone and I must say it was delicious and I didn’t feel guilty.

I could tell by what was happening around me that the energies of the day were changing in my view of upward motion.

The Attitude of Gratitude


Today I feel absolutely wonderful and COMPLETE. Thank you, Venus. I meditated on the words áttitude of gratitude’ this morning. We have to show our gratitude for all the fabulous things that do happen. Remember this ‘from little things big things grow’.

In a previous blog I spoke about feeling, seeing, knowing, tasting the change that is coming in and from my experience, just over the past few days IT IS and has.

In my last blog, I spoke about having to ‘dial a friend’ to talk through something that happened and now today life has turned around. Back to the attitude of gratitude.

This year alone I have learned so much like, patience, perseverance with all things I.T. My head is very manually programmed. I still remember my times’ tables. The wonderful planets have forced me to slow down and I am grateful for them as I am still upright and receiving more messages. Sitting back and pondering is a valuable life tool.

The wonderful Liss Caldwell will be coming in next week to show me AGAIN how to upload stock to the website. She would also be learning patience and perseverance especially with me (haha). I don’t know where I’d be without her.

Part of the attitude of gratitude is being grateful for who I am and where I am. Practicing self-care and treating myself to time in nature allows me to honor me. I love recognizing those around me and show my appreciation by saying, “thank you” I also like to take the time to give them and also myself a gift, that can be treasured as a reminder of how unique and special we all are. For me crystals convey this message perfectly, no two are the same and they resonate good vibes, support, and gentle reminders.

We are now into the pointy end of 2019 and I would like to offer a Christmas Gift to one lucky person. The winner will receive this beautiful collection of gifts and good vibes worth in excess of $500 to enjoy, appreciate and celebrate. It’s easy to be included in the draw, spend $300 or more in the store either in person or online and you are not only included in the draw, but you also can receive free postage (within Australia) on all orders $AU300 and over, when purchasing until the 10th December 2019. I’m looking forward to pulling the lucky winner’s name from a hat in store in the morning on the tenth of December.

The winner  will receive all the pieces shown in this blog:


Amethyst will help us move through this huge change that is happening right now. Place your piece/s where ever you feel is right for you and if you feel or keep thinking to move them to do so.  It’s in all our best interests to feel our absolute best.

Amethyst will change lower energies into the higher energies that are currently required. It balances the mind, emotions and physical bodies and provides a clear connection to the Earth and other worlds. Connecting to the Earth you will feel more stable, grounded, invigorated and peaceful.

Amethyst is a heart stone that is here to support and protect. It will protect against psychic attack.

Some pieces of Amethyst are very strong providing stability and protection whilst others are soft and mushy. You may have more than one piece in your collection and that is perfectly fine.


20191105_155446Another wonderful heart stone. We are certainly lucky to have all these pieces helping us attain what we came here to do.

Black Tourmaline is a multi-use stone, providing so much for us. It will absorb EMF’S (electromagnetic fields) which are all our devices. Without this stone, I don’t know what we would do. Personally, I have a substantial amount in here as I have Wi-fi and feel perfectly fine.

Black Tourmaline will inspire creativity, reduce fear and encourage self-confidence. It will balance the male/female parts of the body.

Black Tourmaline has been used as a Shamanic stone by our First Nations people.  They thought it would provide healing power and provide protection from earthly dangers. This has certainly proven to be correct.


Rose Quartz is calming and soothing. It will gently remove lower energies and bring in loving self-love. If there has been drama in your world, place Rose Quartz around and it will bring out the gentleness in you.

Rose Quartz is effective in working on our emotions, balancing parts of the body as required.

It is lovely for babies and toddlers, helping ease transition between non-physical and the physical worlds.

A ROSE QUARTZ HEART by gifting to yourself it shows  the love you have for yourself. The same applies if you are gifting to another.


20191105_155317Again this stone can change lower energies as required. Smoky Quartz will keep us grounded which is not to be underestimated especially for these times. By staying grounded we are more able to lead a happy and fulfilling life and maintain our focus to complete our desires. It will bring in personal pride and joy into our day to day activities and ourselves.

Smoky Quartz is another stone  of protection. If you are someone who ‘travels’ whilst meditating, hold onto a piece of Smoky to support and protect.

This particular piece of Smoky has a lovely feel, a deep blackish color  and fractures inside that I always find interesting.




Clear Quartz can be used to help with receiving information from the spiritual realms.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It clears the path to move forward and is very protective. It will enhance psychic abilities and attunes to your spiritual purpose.

In meditation, try placing a piece of Clear Quartz on your heart to clear emotional disturbances bringing in self-love.

I have noticed with my personal crystals,  that as I change so does the feel and look of the piece.



20191106_124342Tarot cards are probably the most famous deck of cards and divination of one’s past, present, and future.

In the mid 15th century they were known as trionfi, tarocchi and tarock, as a playing card game. The designs of the cards varied and spread across Europe.

The Rider-Waite Deck was first published in 1909 by Arthur Edward Waite together with Designer Pamela Colman Smith. Waite was the first to incorporate human figures into the artwork and the result is the iconic deck as it is today.


20191105_160201I keep the energies in my workplace as energetically clear as I possibly can. If I see someone yawning or generally feeling tired means they are releasing lower energies, I cleanse with a smudge stick to change the energies into Pure Unconditional Love.

I would advise anyone who is moving into a new home to cleanse until space feels clear for you to sleep.  Sometimes if one has been out mixing with a large crowd, it would be advisable to smudge before bedtime.

Smudging is an ancient way of cleansing. I find it beneficial to make this process part of a little ceremony and you can choose how you go about it. Keep in mind that intention is everything.

I look forward to seeing and connecting with you in-store at 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay, over the phone, web or through our Facebook store.

Why not spoil yourself and someone else when you practice the attitude of gratitude and enter to be in the running for our great gift pack? You could keep it for yourself or separate and give it to many or just one special persona as a gift.

Enjoy the ride



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