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Pivotel reminders for today

Every now and then I attend a Broadway show and this time it was the musical Chicago. I love being out and about and having different experiences. Music is a must for me, as it makes my heart sing.

Chicago is a  Vaudeville musical that opened in June 1975. Set in  Jazz-age Chicago based on a 1926 play of the same name about çelebrity criminals and the crimes’ of the time reported on,  by a journalist. The show opens with Velma Kelly singing Áll that Jazz’, who had a fabulous raunchy voice.  She was my favourite. Funny Honey; Roxie; Honey Hot Rag were other familiar songs. Amos, Rosy Hart’s unloved husband played a humorous role throughout and singing Mr. Cellophane was another highlight. The Press Conference Ventriloquist scene I thought was really funny and well done. Mary Sunshine was brilliant and I never gave it a thought,  until the end and it was a ‘surprise’.

I would have loved to see the combination of Catherine Zeta-Jones playing  Velma,  alongside  Renee Zellweger and Richard Gere, as they performed together in 2002. It was a lovely trip down memory lane as I remembered the songs from my younger days. The cast was incredibly talented. I wish I could sing and dance for hours on end.

Familiar Times


Despite Chicago being set in a different location and time to my present situation, there are many similarities in energy and environments which are relevant to today’s circumstances. We are living in a time of change and upheaval and are in a recession, some saying we are heading towards a depression. You could say we are in wild times.


Rose Quartz

If I was living in those times I would have carried Rose Quartz in my bag twenty-four seven or worn as jewelry pieces. Rose quartz keeps fears at bay whilst increasing our capacity to give and receive love. In those days Chicago was a renowned wild city with a large number of fiery energies that certainly required calming.


Labradorite would be very appropriate to use as the setting was around the depression and the Mafia ruled. Working our magic, and being protected at the same time,  towards our ideal lifestyle would offer numerous benefits. A calm mind always allows new ideas the opportunity to enter and working with Labradorite can support this.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a must for any time. Not only is it a wonderful heart stone it provides immense protection due to its composition. I’m sure during the Chicago ‘heydays’ many would have been looking over their shoulder wondering what would happen next or instigating what was to happen. Not a great deal would have been left to the imagination.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite would be very appropriate stone as it will bring a ray of sunshine into all the dark corners of one’s life, encouraging a more active lifestyle and in turn reducing depression and a substantial amount of health issues that were not even realized in those times.

How Crystals Can Support You in Life

There has been a substantial amount of learning over the years with more to come as individuals, communities and a global planet. If we continue to support ourselves with what works for us it can make the ride so much smoother. For me wearing my crystals and also working with them each day helps me to connect with the wisdom and insight they offer whilst receiving the support of their energies. It’s one of the reasons I love giving crystals as gifts because they continue being whether we recognise it or not. If you or someone you know could use some extra crystal support either drop-in or give me a call and I am happy to assist find the crystal type and unique gemstone for you.

I loved Chicago and it reminds me of many lessons I can give pause to learn from and how lucky I am living where and when we do. Have you seen any live performances that have been pivotal to you?

Enjoy the ride.

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