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The Simple Things

to make your heart sing

I do my best to keep my life simple and by simple I mean reasonably basic, slow down, smell the roses, take notice of the events unfolding around me. It’s the Simple Things that I love that make my heart sing and for me, that is what life is about. Spending time on the beach and photographing with a crystal in hand. Or anywhere in nature for that matter, spending time with loved ones, listening to rain on a tin roof, smelling the fresh air after a wet storm and really sink into those feelings.

Manifesting & Creating Momentum

The more we create and manifest the easier it becomes to keep the momentum going. Maintaining an open heart gives yourself the opportunity for an easier journey, the more we do the better we feel. Opening up to allow ourselves to receive can be harder for some than others and this is where we can gain some extra support by utilising tools and connecting with our crystals, angels, and guides. I believe the givebacks are beyond measure and gives us new insight and dimensions greater than we could imagine. I live this as a lifestyle and practice daily. All this is my life and the rewards are happening.

Crystals for December 2019 Energy

We all know how hectic life can be coming up to Christmas and this may continue until the end of January when school goes back.

My suggestion for choosing which crystal to work with for the remainder of 2019 and going into 2020, apart from keeping it simple is to work with Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz,  Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline or  any other stone that you find gentle or one you have previously worked with and know ýour boat won’t be rocked. Life will still go on and we may as well enjoy it.

Slowing Down With Crystals

Slowdown with Smoky Quartz

I’ve really had to work at slowing down and remembering Í am only one person, otherwise I could end up horizontal, and not in a good way. This is why I make a point of working with Smoky Quartz regularly.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals


Make sure you cleanse your pieces regularly, whether you run them under a tap, take them to the beach, or put them out under the moon, or cleanse using your intention, the smoke of incense, flame of a candle or the whitewash at the beach.

Tune in to your crystal to see how long they need to be cleansed for and if they are clear. Soften your gaze and ask, does your crystal look clear?

Hold it in your hands and ask, does your crystal feel clear?

Keep cleansing and clearing until you know your crystal is clear. It is a good idea to sit with them and reaffirm your intention before working with them again.

 Astrology in 2020

IMG_20191203_130451_789From an Astrology point of view, 2020 will be hard work which we have been prepping for over the past few years.

2020 – 2030 will have a slightly different theme to the one we have experienced in 2010’s.

I can feel my inner strength building. I’ve noticed with some of the regular beach walkers they are saying ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Hello’, this is also about being more community-minded for the next ten years.

The messages I’m intuitively receiving are increasing, as is my intuition.

This isn’t just happening to me, it’s happening to everyone. If you feel ‘not quite right’, keep it simple and pare it back to basics.

There will be more to notice and feel as time goes along, keep your exercise simple and regular.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself.

Crystal Colour Healing

1806Embrace the simple things and you may find your opportunities opening into full colour. I love that crystals are such a simple thing and they come in an abundance of colours and shades, all vibrating at different frequencies and ready to initiate their good colour vibes.

There is so much healing in colour alone(Mother Nature has done it again). All my displays in the crystal warehouse are colour coded. Choose the colours you are drawn to and listen, listen and wait to hear your heart sing.

All that really matters is that ÝOUR HEART SINGS.

I receive quite a few favourable comments regarding my pictures and I’m not trained in any way. I’ve been looking at crystals for a long time now and have developed ‘my eye’.  I point and click with my trusty Samsung. Anyone can do the same.  My time on the beach makes my heart sing. I love what I do and do what I love. I hope that the same is reflective for you.

Drop-in at Byron Bay and see what colours and crystals attract you and make your heart sing.

Enjoy the ride


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