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Pyramids are amongst the most iconic structures in the world, always intriguing and teaching us about the civilisations that created them.

There are thousands of pyramid structures throughout the world and over 100 in Egypt, made of steps placed on top of each other. All of these pyramids were created without advanced tools or knowledge of one another.

Pyramid Symbolism

There is deep symbolism associated with pyramids that go back centuries. There are a few beliefs around pyramids, one being they were used as powerful healing chambers or as burial sites or maybe both. It certainly appears that ancient civilisations were very advanced.

Why are Pyramids Sacred?

In many cultures, pyramids are a sacred space eg. church steeples have a pyramid shape, Native Americans used tipis for sacred ceremonies and they have a pyramid shape.  The belief was that this shape connected them to the earth below and the heavens above this is similar to the double pyramid, Merkaba.

Today, pyramids are still held with high esteem. Pyramids have the ability to channel and collect energy from the higher realms. The bottom of the pyramid represents a solid earth base, whilst the points project energies and energies can be enhanced within the pyramid.

Pyramids in Sacred Geometry

The Double Pyramid Merkaba

If you look at sacred geometry,  pyramids abound,  in jewellery and in a variety of shapes like the  Merkaba. The Merkaba is a sacred symbol representing the light or universe, spirit, and one’s the physical body and incorporates two pyramids or tetrahedrons, one of which is inverted, the pyramid above reflecting the pyramid below. Often used as a creative visualisation tool that acts as a vehicle to travel to higher dimensions in meditation, it is said to offer protection and connection to the spirit above and the physical or earth below.

Working with Crystal Pyramids

By combining the shape of the pyramid in crystal form we benefit from uniting both the sacred geometrical powers of the pyramid with the enhanced qualities of the crystal it is made from. These pieces can be used independently to amplify your focus in a particular area of your life, I have an amethyst pyramid next to my computer to transmute any and all energies, not of the highest light, whilst I am on the internet. Pyramids are also beneficial to heighten intention within a crystal grid.

Some crystal healers carry complete healing grids consisting of crystal pyramids. They use one pyramid and the corresponding crystal for each chakra of the body. Others will place a crystal pyramid on the chakra that needs the most attention whilst using other combinations of crystal formations on the other chakras. Perhaps you can gift yourself with some self-care and healing time by placing your own crystal pyramid on your chakra, or area of your body that needs focussed attention.

Clear Quartz

20191208_155917Clear Quartz  has been valued throughout history as a master healer by many civilisations as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria, where the sun’s power was believed to be directed through the crystal and used as a source of solar energy refraction. Refraction is the bending of light, this alone shows the power of Clear Quartz which can be used for anything,  always allowing your intuition to lead the way. It will absorb, store, release, regulate, amplify, protect and clear the way forward.

How to use Crystal Pyramids in Grids

As a suggestion only, I made up these grids and then meditated on and with them, focusing on my intention. They are heart, love and earth related.

20191209_130650Grid 1 on the Rainbow Obsidian plate. I love Rainbow Obsidian and am a frequent user. Rainbow Obsidian is a huge protector, not only of us but our earth as well.

I’ve used 5 clear quartz pyramids and placed them on a angle. I like to place square objects on an angle. This way the energy is amplified. Next, I placed  4 Mangano Calcite tumbled stones around because they are love and one of the very first stones I was able to tune to.  On the outer perimeter and in between the other clear pyramids I used Rose Quartz tumbled stones.

20191209_130758Grid 2 In the centre is a Red Jasper pyramid. Red Jasper works on our base and we must do as much clearing work here as we possibly can so we can then forget about the past and move forward and work on our creativity. It’s in our base where creation happens, as we all know.

I placed the Red Jasper pyramid on an angle with natural Selenite coming out to Black Tourmaline natural pieces. Both of these stones need to be household names. Both will help absorb EMF’S (electromagnetic frequency emitted from our devices). Selenite is about our Higher Self and eliminating patterning from our ancestors. By clearing our ancestral patterning this also frees up our ancestors who have passed and they love us even more for it. Happy dance all around.

Black Tourmaline is another wonderful heart stone and it provides immense protection.

In between the Black Tourmaline I’ve used Mangano Calcite again for its connection to love vibration energy.

20191209_131041Grid 3 In the centre I’ve used a Mangano Calcite polished stone. Coming off this is natural Selenite, reaching out to 4 Rainbow Obsidian pyramids. Rainbow Obsidian is known for its gentleness but with strong protective properties. It cuts the cords of old loves that are left in the heart and replacing with wonderful unconditional love. In between, I have used Rose Quartz tumbled stones.

You can set up grids in your environment where ever you have space.

Ancient Civilisations – The Forgotten Wisdom

I am thanking our ancient civilisations who knew so much. Personally, I love the old ways as they are freeing and seem to me to be very meaningful. So much of the past was dismissed and now life is certainly turning around. I am incorporating all I have said here into the 3 grids.

All of us would have been part of the Ancient Civilisations. We would have known so much and over time we have forgotten. Now we would love that knowledge. It’s all in remembering.

If you are unsure how to word your intention, just wrap up your thoughts and hand them over to the Universe, remain open to receiving and listen for the response. You may hear, feel, see or sense a response.

When using any crystal, for any purpose always add ‘For mine and the Galaxies  Highest and best good’ as you only want what is best for you, otherwise you will receive something you did not really want and have to unravel it.

I hope all this is helpful and if you would like further assistance please contact me or drop in and connect with the crystals showcased in the warehouse.

Enjoy the ride.

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