Resonate with Love & Good Vibes

Everyday is a celebration of love, sometimes we need a reminder to resonate and radiate love and raise the good vibes. Why limit yourself to one Valentine? #ValentinesDay #ByronBay #Crystals #love #goodvibes

Create a Crystal Grid

Have you ever created a crystal grid or wondered how to use one, or what one is? Amplify your energy and intentions for healing and holding space with this simple how to guide. #Crystalgrid #Crystalgrids #Crystalgridwork #CrystalHealing #ByronBay

Set when the world is on the brink of collapse, in a time of danger, romance and camaraderie is this beautiful retelling of Beauty and the Beast under the backdrop of WWII.

Pyramids Symbolism & Crystal Grids - Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay Crystals

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of crystal pyramids or how to use them? Tune into the ancient wisdom by ...