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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing my crystals for the new decade. Some of the larger pieces have been revitalized and cleansed out in the rain. Just prior to my crystal moving helpers arriving the rain started. They started carrying them outside and down the cleansing rain came. It was clearly meant to be and I guess it helped that the crystal energies and vibe of the showroom are in sync with Mother Nature. We were saturated but that didn’t matter, as it was fun.

I’ve focussed on aligning the gemstone, crystal, jewellery and fossil showcases with the energies of the next decade. Even the main altar has been completely revamped, re-energised and refocused for the energies of 2020-2030. It’s a new space with new vibes to flow with the frequencies and energy tides surfing our way.

The Butterfly & Ripple Effect

Any change or action has a reaction, known as the butterfly or the ripple effect.  Some we may feel, some we may not.  Decluttering, clearing, cleansing, rearranging and shifting physical objects, working on our emotional and spiritual selves are all actions. Actions with clear intentions usually produce the best results. You may notice that some things are different.  I leave it up to the universe to sort out the finer details.

I have been meditating and calling in my guides,  angels and higher beings asking for help with whatever is for “my and the galaxy’s highest good.”  I have asked that our home, the one, and only planet earth be restored to her former glory,  maintained, sustainably, ethically loved,  for each and every one of us, all for “our highest and best good.” I also include all our wonderful animals and invoke and invite feelings of love, joy, happiness, and fun. If planet earth is happy, she radiates her happiness from her core, and we are happy. Together the crystals and I will maintain our focus and I have anchored the energies into Mother Earth.

Altar Crystal Selection for the Next Decade

After tuning to the energies for the next decade, I have carefully selected the following crystals, all of which are on display and available for purchase on the newly revamped altar in the showroom.

Citrine Twin Geodes & Himalayan Cluster

Citrine twin geodes, holding the space within and the large Himalayan cluster in the centre is showing the way forward, protecting and amplifying. This large cluster is a powerhouse, adjusting the incoming energies so we are not overwhelmed.

Citrine, for eons,  has been known as a stone of abundance on all levels. If our heart is happy our whole being feels fulfilled (our cup is full).



Mookaite only found in Western Australia is featured in a variety of forms and colours.  Mookaite is a holder of sacred wisdom and knowledge, the various shades blend beautifully with pink, this makes Mookaite another heart stone.

Natural Citron Chrysoprase

Natural citron chrysoprase has come my way and as it is a soft and gentle heart stone. When I originally saw it I was captivated by the colour.  It would have to be the softest stone that I have come across, ít will do for you whatever your heart desires. If we stay in our hearts as much as possible it will not lead us astray. So the more we practice the easier it becomes and is, just like training any muscle.


On my altar underneath the Amethyst Point is a lovely polished piece of peanut wood. Have a good look and tell me what you see? Peanut wood is fossilized, providing us with ancient knowledge.


Amethyst are dark purple and contain recordkeepers. Recordkeepers hold information for us about our past, our present and our future. Amethyst is all heart and will support us in our endeavors. It is also a great transmuter of negative energy or energy not of the highest light.

Engage With Your Crystals

I encourage you to engage with your own crystals, play with them, take one on your morning outing if traveling take one or some with you. You can see what I do with mine on the blogs and on my social media on Facebook and Instagram.

All the pieces are high vibrational and the color of every piece blends beautifully with pink, making all stones for the heart. All pieces on the main altar are unique. If you would like help choosing your special pieces for your own altar for the decade, year or perhaps to increase focus and intent on a specific area of your life I’m happy to support you in your selection in store in Byron Bay, over the phone or online.

Enjoy The Ride






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