How are you feeling with the energies,

that have come your way in 2020 so far?


Are you feeling drained?

If you are feeling fairly wiped out, drained and sleep-deprived may I suggest we all spend as much time as possible in our heart. This theme is featured very strongly for this coming decade, the sooner we connect into our hearts the better we will all feel.  By aligning with your heart, this will decrease the not so nice things from happening.

The Attitude of Gratitude

At the end of my day, I look back over the events and remember the lovely things that have happened each day. Energy follows thought, and by focussing on the good, we amplify the action we remember and the good vibes flow, which also encourages the good actions to manifest more within our lives. If we all take time to acknowledge the positive and good that happens in our life, daily it will build and become part of our ‘normal’ manifestation.

The Crystal Path to Our Heart

It’s imperative we keep on manifesting and at the same time keep our heart open.

All crystals will lead us to our heart.

Our crystals are here for us at any time of the day or night.  You can place them anywhere in your home, carry them around in a pocket, under your pillow or in your car. When you feel the need to adjust, cleanse and move them as you need.

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone for any type of love, whether it is for oneself, a friend, a neighbour, the Earth or the Universe.

Meditating with Rose Quartz helps to open the heart and cover us in unconditional love. It doesn’t matter the reason for your meditation, just know and trust that you are being looked after and completely covered in Rose Quartz energy.


Ruby Zoisite

20200130_132219Ruby Zoisite also is known as Anyolite, is a combination stone, a marriage of passion and patience, changing negative energy into positive. Ruby Zoisite offers happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality, and growth, whilst boosting self-confidence.  Anyolite’s qualities help us restore our vitality. As a deep cleansing crystal, it assists us in accessing soul memory.

Ruby Zoisite will show us that if we relax we can and will enjoy life. By evoking this knowledge it is easier to commit to our higher purpose. This sounds pretty good to me.




Agate is very grounding and when we are grounded it is easier to work through our emotions and keep our balance. Agate encourages truthfulness, and is soothing, calming and will help with our concentration.  Agate assists us to embrace the qualities needed to find solutions to problems as they arise and thereby being able to live a calmer and smoother lifestyle.




Citrine increases our ability to manifest abundance and will initiate our creative flow. It will make sure our words and actions are consistent with what we are creating. Known as the stone of abundance and prosperity it encourages wealth into all levels of your life, holistically.



Smoky Quartz


Smoky Quartz grounds and protects us. If we stay extremely focused and grounded it is easier to deal with life things that come our way. Smoky Quartz will also help protect against  Electromagnetic Fields, that can be generated from our devices.


Blue Lace Agate


Blue Lace Agate is a very calming and peaceful stone bringing in clear thoughts and emotions, gently dissolving old emotional patterns and encouraging loving self-expression. This stone came to me in a dream which was about new beginnings and new beginnings are happening now.





Charoite is a wonderful support for anyone especially at this time when we are all going through a huge transformation. Focusing on our heart means we will no longer focus on fear and drama of any type. Charoite is a very relaxing stone helping with our sleep and it works on both our heart and crown chakra. As you can see it has a feathery look too, reminding us to call upon our angels and guides for support.


20200130_131846Amethyst offers so much support. If we are relaxed we will have a deeper sleep, it will help balance the nervous system of the brain creating peace. It will help to increase and speed up our psychic abilities.

Our heart is a destination spot and if we slow down and focus from our heart, with our breath,  all the other things we worry about will just float by, reducing and or eliminating things, for example, anxiety and insomnia.

Manifestation Crystal

A manifestation crystal is a crystal, growing within a crystal. The manifesting crystal may protrude on an angle, completely or partially protruding from the base crystal. A manifestation crystal is an added bonus from a customer’s point of view. Manifestation crystals can be found on any crystal, it’s all about looking for your special heartfelt piece.

Intentions for the Highest Good

It is a great idea to be clear and know exactly what you would like to be included in your life. Be clear with your focussed intention as you will receive, that is why I always add áll for mine and the galaxies highest and best good’. If it’s not for my ‘highest and best good’ I don’t want it because I will have to unravel it and that can be a time-consuming exercise.

If you would like any help, please do not hesitate to contact me and together we can work it out.

I am a big believer in keeping life simple and practical.

We All Go Sideways

We are all in this together, like all of us, I too go sideways and have to get myself back. Sometimes friends call or I can them. Dialing a friend is always a wonderful thing. It doesn’t matter if you go sideways, the important thing is to get back up, align, connect to your heart, set your intention and go again.

Enjoy the ride

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