Enhancing Intuition

Why not connect with your intuition, increase imagination and the creative flow of ideas which can result in better productivity in your personal and business life? It can be easier than you think to connect to your intuition with crystals by ... #ByronBay #Crystals #Intuition #CrystalHealing #NorthernRiversBusiness

The Craft of Crystal Magic & Spell Work

Have you ever wondered about the magic of crystals or using crystals in spell work or for crystal healing or grid work? Create consciously using intention, affirmation, manifestation and crystals including ... #crystalhealing #Crystalgridwork #Crystals #Spellwork #Casting

Create a meditation crystal altar - byron bay crystals - heart of the bay

Create your Crystal Altar

Take your meditation practice to the next level with a mindful altar. Invite conscious creation, amplified focus and ritual in a way that is unique to you. Initiate your ... #Crystalhealing #ByronBay #ByronBayCrystals #NorthernRiversBusiness #Meditation #Mindfulness #Travel

Crystals for change

The ebb and flow of tides are constant companions to our changing lives, they maintain the rhythm of the earth. The rotations and spin of your world may feel a little off at the moment and you can feel change under foot. By working with crystals that support change and initiate transformation you can align to your new path and move with more ease. By incorporating your own...

Advanced Crystal Healing - Byron Bay Crystals - Heart of the Earth

Are you ready to take your crystal healing to new levels?
Whether for self care or as a practitioner advance your healing practice with these simple steps by ...
#Crystalhealing #ByronBay #Crystals #AdvancedCrystalHealing