Valentine’s Day is all about love, first for yourself.

Why Valentine’s?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February because it is the feast of St.Valentine, a Catholic Saint who was executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II, sometime during the third century AD, as Claudius was trying to convert him to Roman paganism and when St. Valentine resisted he was executed.

The First Valentine

During St Valentine’s time in jail, he made friends with the jailor’s daughter who was blind. Before his execution, he was known to have performed a miracle healing on her. It was reported that before St Valentine was executed he wrote a letter to the lady, calling her his beloved and signing the letter, your valentine.

The practice of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards became popular in England in the 1800s.

Before we give to others and be the best person we can be, for us to be able to perform at our best we need to nurture ourselves, be mindful and give ourselves the benefits of a healthy dose of self-care.  Nurturing oneself can be done in a variety of ways and crystals are my first go to.

Top Four

Loving & Gentle Crystals for Nurturing & Self-Care

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is iridescent and forms in the inner layers of a shell carrying the energies of the ocean. These pieces are very cooling, calming and grounding to wear and will sooth our mind,  body, and spirit-lifting us to unlimited possibilities. Wear Mother of Pearl and open to the abundance of opportunities that flow your way on the tides.


Larimar is another stone that has been gifted to us from the ocean and carries lovely cooling, soothing and grounding energies. This stone brings in a very feminine Goddess energy-enhancing communication. Sometimes called the Átlantis stone, suggesting there is information to be found in Larimar that was infused with healing information back in  Atlantian time. Enjoy Larimar and connect back into the goddess wisdom from Atlantis.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone will clear the aura and will bring joy in. It is a very positive,  protective stone that will also ease any type of trauma.  It offers inner peace and harmony, emotional balance and strength,  balancing and activating the chakras.

Rainbow Moonstone reminds us that our individuality is precious and to be valued.  They can remind us to stay true to oneself, even under pressure from others. Invite joy into your life with authenticity by choosing and wearing Rainbow Moonstone.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a very important and powerful stone, for each of us, as it stimulates and opening the heart. And we could all use help on our human journeys in keeping an open and compassionate heart.

Why Rose Quartz is the ideal gift

By gifting Rose Quartz to yourself or another,  immediately a loving unseen vibe carries itself across the universe to be felt by everyone and everything. It’s this vibration or energy that will go out and support others, whilst also supporting yourself.

Crystal Angels

These beautiful Rose Quartz Angels are reminding that we are indeed angels ourselves and to stand true to who we are and in our hearts. They also remind us that we are never alone. You can never have too many angels in your life. Some crystal healers have complete angel crystal spreads, others use them in grid work, as ornaments or to carry as a constant reminder that you are loved. They make a great gift for someone seeking guidance and reassurance.

Imagine if everyone, honored who we really are in our hearts, together.

I hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day with your beautiful  self.

Enjoy the Ride

Come and experience the good vibe and crystals at Heart of the Bay in The Byron Bay Industrial Estate. Enjoy wandering the showcased crystals, gemstones, jewellery, cards, fossils, unique pieces and choose the piece you are drawn to for yourself and as a gift. I’m happy to help you with your selection, in person, over the phone or online. We ship worldwide.

Expanding love for self, the earth and the ones we love for the highest and best good of all.





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