Book Review:

THE BLUE ROSE by Kate Forsyth


The Blue Rose is a retelling of Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. The book is set in the time of great upheaval in France and Kate Forsyth tells it beautifully, keeping my attention from beginning to end.

Viviane’s father the Marquis requests the services of a man to make a garden in the Chateau. Viviane and David fall in love but she is betrothed to a very rich Duke who she is forced to marry and David is chased from the property, going into hiding.

As Viviane is under age she has to follow her father’s wishes and the law of the land. Viviane goes to work in court and becomes a maid-in-waiting to Marie-Antoinette.

images (1)David is hurt and angry after he reads of Viviane’s marriage to a Duke, many years her senior.  He sails to China where he hears the story of ‘the blue rose’ and discovers the blood-red rose he and Viviane spoke about.

As the story is very romantic and Viviane and David staying true to their beliefs I thought I would feature crystal hearts. Staying in tune with our will makes life easier for all of us. The story that unravels in the Blue Rose is one that reminds us that true love may not only endure, it can win.

A crystal selection inspired by

Kate Forsyth’s book The Blue Rose.

Amazonite Heart Heart of the Bay Byron Bay Crystals


Amazonite is a very stimulating heart and throat stone, allowing and showing the true way to communicate our truth through our hearts. If unsure of your true desires Amazonite will help overcome fear and lead to a more relaxed knowledge of the desired outcome. It will assist in maintaining balance to express in  ‘walking one’s talk’.


Lapis Heart - Heart of the Bay - Crystals Byron Bay

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli will help in accessing our very own sacred knowledge helping us to ‘walk our individual talk’.  After realising one’s innate gifts Lapis will keep working making it easier to keep the heart open. When meditating with your favorite piece,  Lapis will help to delve deep into past lives helping to shift anything to help one move forward in this life.


Blue Lace Agate Heart - Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay CrystalsBlue Lace Agate

I chose Blue Lace Agate because of its beauty as I felt Viviane was true beauty in many ways. This stone will bring in clarity and confidence to speak in all situations as sometimes Viviane didn’t. Blue Lace Agate will open and clear the throat helping one to ‘walk one’s talk’.

By gradually practicing this,  confidence will increase  and we will be so happy as our heart will be open and the other not so nice things will pass by, sometimes without noticing or you may think ‘this has nothing to do with me’.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is a very magical stone,  containing a massive amount of  Light and can help during stressful times to find the courage to be true to ourselves and keep our heart open.

I find it to be a very feminine stone with huge variations in colour which is showing us that we are all individuals coming together as one.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has been renowned for eons as a stone of Love. Love for oneself before others. Viviane gave so much of herself to others, helping in any way she knew and often it was detrimental to herself. Love did win. If you meditate or sit with a piece it’s loving energy will surround us and this is a lovely way to go about our many days to day tasks. What you give out we will receive back.


It was an absolute pleasure to read this book, my first book by author Kate Forsyth, turning each page with no expectation I was enthralled right to the end and have now ordered more of her books.

Forbidden love is captivating and told through the modern retelling

of the fairy tales, who wouldn’t be captivated?

20200213_105927It was lovely to also read about the China of old and how David and an elderly  Chinese man befriended one another. Reading something I love helps me stay in the moment,  thoroughly enjoying the moment. This is how life is meant to be.

If you would like help choosing your special crystal pieces please give me a call or pop in at the Byron Bay Industrial Estate. Some items are listed on the website and others on the Facebook Shop and photographed pieces are on Instagram


Enjoy the ride







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