& My Fun Gift to Everyone

Easter Energies

Easter occurs somewhere between late March and April. Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the full moon in March which falls in Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, just after the Equinox. The holiday celebration has always centered around the equinox.

Easter is celebrated around the world according to different religious beliefs. The word “Easter” originates from the pagan goddess’s name. The earliest celebration was a celebration of the goddess, Eostre who represented rebirth and new beginnings and celebrated the increasing light and coming spring blossomed after the cold winter months in the Northern Hemisphere.

In Australia and around the world, many celebrate with giving and a joining of family and friends, however this year it will be celebrated with a different style with non-essential travel and social distancing enforced. The usual gifts of chocolate aren’t great gifts to send or leave outside a house to melt or be eaten by critters. Crystals are an easy gift to send that will last a lifetime and serve as a symbol of hope, beauty, and intrigue whilst providing comfort and uplifting someone with their subtle energies. We all need a bit of crystal love in the current times, whether it’s a heart, egg, polished or raw form of stone, every single crystal is unique as is the person you gift it to.

Yes, we are all going through this together but at the same time, I think it’s important that we have some fun (whilst sticking to the self-isolation rules). Over the past few days, I have been chatting to people regarding mental health and that is why I think it’s important to have some fun. To celebrate my birthday and support everyone through an isolated Easter I have created a bit of fun energy exchange with a huge prize for one lucky person. Keep reading to find out how…

Crystals are Timeless

Crystals are a wonderful heartfelt forever gift. Their timeless qualities can be enjoyed and passed through generations. You can choose a crystal for its unique visual qualities, and feel or choose a crystal for the properties it draws focus to and enhances, or perhaps a gift pack that has been lovingly selected for the synergy of energies it offers.

Amplified Love


Clear Quartz absorbs, stores, releases, amplifies, protects and regulates energy clearing the way forward. It will enhance psychic abilities and attunes to one’s spiritual purpose. Clear Quartz aids concentration and is a renowned Master Healer.

The Clear Quartz Heart is resting on a bed of exceptional quality Rose Quartz chips, enhancing all combined qualities. If traveling deep within Rose Quartz, there is no fear. A Byron Bay collected feather is pictured underneath the Heart.



Selenite is a stone of clarity that constantly radiates divine light, absorbing toxic and negative energy and transmuting it to positive energy, making it a self-cleansing crystal. Great to use to recharge other crystals. Selenite is perfect to use in grids ensuring a high vibrational peaceful atmosphere. Selenite balances emotions and carries with it psychic awareness, truth, honesty, flexibility, peace and harmony. Selenite is another stone that is powerful in absorbing EMF’S (electromagnetic fields like our devices). This Selenite Heart comes complete on a bed of lavender. Lavender is renowned as relaxing for mind, body and soul.



Amethyst is yet another loving heart stone offering protection, unconditionally. We are all working towards remembering our psychic abilities and Amethyst is here for us. Due to its ability to balance the nervous system Amethyst has been found to be very supportive in reducing any type of addiction. The Amethyst heart is on a bed of quality of Clear Quartz which will enhance all combined energies. A Byron Bay collected feather is also enclosed.

Red Jasper


Red Jasper is a fantastic nurturer, gently stimulating and grounding by working on the Base and Sacral Chakra, this helps with our creativity and day to day life. Red Jasper aids dream recall. It cleans and stabilizes the aura, strengthens our boundaries and is a stone of health, gently working on detoxifying the circulatory system, blood and liver.

The combined energies of both the Red Jasper heart and Clear Quartz are amplified and will clear the way forward whilst providing protection all at the same time.

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz will show us how much love is inside each and every one of us. It calms any excess fiery energies, such as fear and anger and is a delightful stone for any household especially those with babies and toddlers, helping ease the transition between worlds. The Clear Quartz will enhance these qualities. The gift of love comes complete with a  Byron Bay feather.

Amazonite Heart


Amazonite heart on a bed of quality Clear Quartz chips. Amazonite is known to absorb and protect against EMF’S (electromagnetic fields like our devices) and is extremely soothing, easing emotional trauma, worry and fear. Amazonite is a stone of truth, honor, integrity, hope and trust that may enhance our intuition, psychic abilities, creativity and intellect. It helps to balance the many aspects of the personality and is a Third Eye and Throat stone. Clear Quartz will enhance and amplify all combined energies and clear the way forward. This heartfelt Gift Box comes complete with a Byron Bay collected feather.

Rainbow Moonstone


Rainbow Moonstone as with the waxing and waning of the moon, Rainbow Moonstone has been said to have magical powers. It helps with intuition and seeing the future. It is believed to enhance psychic abilities and aid in bringing in abundance. Rainbow Moonstone has strong feminine energy and as it’s sitting on a bed of quality Rose Quartz chips it is all heart and love. This heart and love gift box also features a Byron Bay collected feather.

Relieve Stress – Trauma, PTSD


These loving pieces have been specifically chosen to help during this time. This box contains an Amethyst Cluster, a natural piece of Black Tourmaline, a Smoky Quartz tumbled, a Mangano Calcite tumbled and an Agate Geode. They all emit subtle energies, working on a deep gentle level.

New Beginnings


In some religions, Easter is the most significant time for new beginnings. Bunnies are symbolic of Easter, due to the breeding pattern of rabbits and why the Bilby has been featured heavily in the production of Easter Eggs.

From my view, the opportunity for rebirth is, Ánytime is the perfect time to start anew’.

Why not embrace the celebrations of rebirth when the collective energy is harnessing the celebration of new beginnings and choose to gift yourself with some self-love and kindness? Take time for yourself, to be thankful for being alive and perhaps choose to treat yourself and acknowledge the new beginnings and changes you want to make by selecting an aspect to focus on and the crystals to support making that positive change.

Heart of the Bay crystals in Byron Bay is open today, Thursday until 5, Saturday 10 -2 and Monday 10 -2, to make your crystal gift shopping easy. We practice social distancing and if you are unable to drop into the shop I am only too happy to assist you over the phone and post your gifts out with much love to where you need.

Crystal Pouches


Crystal pouches and tumbled stones flow through the warehouse and are great gifts and ways for kids to start their crystal adventures. Why not have a crystal hunt? You could be initiating the beginning of a life long love and appreciation in nature and geology.

Crystal pouches align our energy with supporting selected crystals to focus our attention toward positive growth towards our selected goal and intention. View our crystal pouches created to align with your intention.

Astrology Crystal Pouches


Astrology crystal pouches are great for adults and teens, they make great birthday presents and are great anytime to encourage the harnessing of strengths and underlining talents, whilst supporting and strengthening our needs to promote a balance.

Positive Energy Exchange

and a bit of Fun.

I am an Aries and if you can guess my age you will go into the draw to win this high vibrational double-terminated higher heart Lemurian. All correct entries will go into a draw. The winner will be drawn on Thursday 30th April and is open to everyone regardless of your hemisphere. You can email, or direct message your answers via Instagram or Facebook.

I would love your help in return. As an energy exchange, I am asking everyone to keep sharing. Keep sharing my posts and invite three friends to follow my Facebook page Heart of the Bay and on Instagram @heartofthebay1

This Lemurian piece has in excess of twenty record keepers, it is a Tabby crystal with two wide sides and has many striations, manifestations and it measures 13cm x 4cm. I will keep working with it to see what else it has to reveal so that I can share this information with the lucky winner.

Crystals have supported my personal growth and the flow of my life and I choose to share the joy and radiate the good vibes. Crystals give so much joy, each piece is so individual and unique and calls to its owner at the right time, a bit like the wands in Harry Potter. Yes, they can highlight areas you need to work on and clear but the new you will shine that much brighter.

Whichever crystal you choose or comes to you, know it has chosen you too.

Enjoy the ride

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