By Kate Forsyth

I previously wrote about Kate’s, The Blue Rose that I absolutely loved, from beginning to end and decided to purchase more of her books.

the-beast-s-gardenKate Forsyth is an Australian author, best known for historical novels including Bitter Greens which is a retelling of Repunzel. Kate is a direct descendant of Charlotte Barton, the author of Australia’s earliest known children’s book. Her sister Belinda Murrell, is also an author for children and young adults.

Kate wrote her first book at the age of seven and has now sold more than a million copies worldwide. Kate has a doctorate in fairy tales and retells fairy tales through historical settings. In writing the Beast’s Garden, Kate immersed herself in her usual reading of many books to understand the psychology and mind behind Hitler and the Third Reich.

The Beast’s Garden takes place in 1939 and is set in Germany when Ava’s world falls apart. Ava is a very strong, determined feminine woman, who falls in love with a young Nazi officer Leo von Lowenstein, who works for Hitler’s spy chief in Berlin. Ava has to lead a double life, hiding her true feelings from her husband, as their lives hang in the balance.

The Beast’s Garden is filled with danger, romance and, camaraderie. A retelling of the Grimm brothers Beauty and the Beast, it is fittingly set in a time when the world seemed on the brink of collapse. I didn’t think I could ever read a book that is associated with war but I did, bit by bit, page by page and loved it. It was a page-turner that drew me in.

The characters are a combination of both fictional and historical characters. Kate wanted to honor the truth of extraordinary lives with their stories, some of the stories are well known and some have been long forgotten. I didn’t realise until I read this book, just how many brave people risked their lives to speak out, to help and try and strike back as they were totally against the regime and how devastating and destructive the Regime was. I was so intrigued by the love story of Ava and Leo and the measures they went to, to survive, for each other and to do what’s right. It is a read and ride of adrenaline in a time of change and danger.

Buried Crystal Grids

If I was living in this time, I most certainly would have used my crystals on a very regular basis and created as many grids as possible. In dangerous times when fear can surface and free thought, speech and possession can be challenged I would have buried my crystal grid underground, to keep it safe and hidden. The energy from the grid will radiate through the earth and above the ground and create an energetic point of focus.

Crystal Grids to Uplift in Times of Fear

Grids help us to draw attention, energy and focus to an intention and/or affirmation. Depending on how you create your grid, the crystals used and the intention evoked, grids can be protective, grounding, uplifting and inspiring. The vibration of grids and the associated energy and intention travel out far and wide.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a multi-purpose stone providing protection on all our levels like the levels we do not see, our physical self, our property and most importantly our heart.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love, showing us that all the love we require is within each of us. Teaching us self-love before we can give to others, and this is immense.


20200330_141053Amethyst is a gentle heart stone offering protection and support. It helps speed up psychic development and is supportive to assist those living with any type of addiction.

I’ve selected to highlight crystals that are all heart stones as the vibrations of love are always the counter to fear. Love is an invaluable tool at any time especially, in fact, you may say that love conquers all. My heart was full, inspired and had traveled the journey with Ava, as I read The Beast’s Garden.

If you have an urge for a grid and would like assistance in selecting a specific collection of crystals to create a cohesive synergy to compliment your intention, drop-in, in Byron Bay or contact me via phone or online and I am happy to assist you.

For more information on Kate Forsyth and why fairytales endure enjoy the interview.

Enjoy the ride.

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