The power of clarity

Do you have a question or need clarification on something?

Have you ever considered or thought about working with a Pendulum?

A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot that it to swing freely. Today pendulums are used for clarification, healing and distinguishing chi energy, kinesiology and a tool to communicate with our guides and higher self. The energies of pendulums have been harnessed for centuries, with particular scientific associations as record keepers of time.

20200416_114651Galileo conducted the first scientific investigations on pendulums in around 1602. His research and findings resulted in pendulums being used and considered the most accurate timekeeping technology up until the 1930s. Galilei is the name given to the motion of pendulums in recognition of Galileo’s groundbreaking research.

Pendulums are often used by kinesiology and individuals to gain clarity to questions asked. The direction of the rotation determining the answer. The pendulum can be held over a body area or space, the practitioner tunes in to the pendulum and asks a question having already set the intention with clarity of the resulting directions and movements. Generally, a clockwise or back and forth movement is a positive or “yes” answer, whilst a counter-clockwise or no movement is a “no” or negative explanation.

Healing practitioners can use pendulums to determine the intensity and vibrational frequency or chi energy of chakras. By positioning the pendulum over a chakra the intensity of movement and direction can assist a practitioner to assess the flow of energy for that vibrational center. Advanced healing practitioners can also use pendulums as they would a terminated crystal or wand to direct the flow of energy to increase balance and harmony. Clockwise motions are used to open chakras, and anti-clockwise to channel in energy and close chakras.

Are pendulums accurate?


Intention and energy follow thought. What are your beliefs? Galileo has proved the benefits of using pendulums. Pendulums are a tool, how will you choose to use it? By connecting and tuning in to your pendulum, sitting within it and building a relationship with your energy, as the practitioner/ user you will gain clearer responses. Carrying your pendulum with you can also enhance your connection and understanding of its energies as can meditating with it.


Pendulum use for Beginners

Sit with your piece to build a relationship with it by generally carrying it around or meditating with it. Familarise yourself with your pendulum, its weight, motions, swings, and energies.

20200416_115630For every session with your piece ensure you cleanse it and set it. You can cleanse your pendulum with intention, bathing it in the ocean, a water and essential oil mix, smudging it or resting it on an amethyst cluster. To set and program your pendulum, set your intention for its use by sitting with it and tuning in to its energies with your intention and clear thoughts directed to the pendulum. To program your pendulum, sit with the pendulum and confirm the directions of answers eg clockwise for positive. Some prefer to ask and others prefer to be clear with set intentions.

Confirm your work by asking your pendulum questions that require a yes or no answer, that you already know the answer to eg “are my eyes blue?” and gauge the response by the direction, diameter and intensity of the swing. Ask your pendulum to “show me a yes,” and observe the reaction.

Then confirm this response by stilling the pendulum and ask, “show me a no,” and watch what it does.

For every person, circumstance, and question the swing will be different.

Improve your Pendulum Craft

Keep practicing and you will notice a difference in the swiftness of response, clarity of direction and intensity of the swing. Your focus and clarity of thoughts can also increase the motion. Be sure to still and reset the pendulum between questions and actions. Make sure the motion rests, rests and is still with a moment silence of movement and thought to allow the pendulum to reset.

See what feels comfortable for you and follow your intuition. The stronger the swing and intensity of swing the stronger the energy. Your pendulum will speak to you with its actions.

Increased Pendulum Clarity

It is a good idea to keep your pendulum for your own personal use, by doing so you ensure that it’s resonating and working off your energies as opposed to possibly confusing it with someone else’s energies/ only as it contains your energy. Likewise, if you borrow someone else’s piece, you may not receive the desired outcome and receive mixed messages.

Choosing the Right Pendulum Piece

Connect to your heart and follow your intuition when choosing your specific piece. You may be guided by a particular type of crystal to enhance your needs or a scared shape to compliment your own energy as a pendulum practitioner. Allow yourself to be led to the best pendulum for you, your needs and your vibrations at this time. You may know or feel which one is right, the one your thoughts return to and calls for you. When choosing a pendulum as a gift for others hold the person in your thoughts and ask to be guided to the right one, in regards to shape, crystal, and each individual piece. You may know or feel, “that’s the one.”

Merkaba Pendulum Formation


The sacred shape of the Merkaba is the Divine Light vehicle used by the Ascended Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the Higher Realms. This shape and vehicle of light was mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel.

Mer-ka-ba means spirit body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light or wheels within wheels which are the chosen vehicle used to communicate with the Higher Realms. We all have a Merkaba energy field around us.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, is the stone of love and allows us to work with the love vibration whilst connecting with the love around and within ourselves. Rose Quartz ensures that communications resonate from a space of love.


Amethyst, is a heart stone supporting every step of the way by drawing unwanted energies from the body. Amethyst will support the opening of psychic abilities, whilst protecting the user with its transmutation powers.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, enhances, releases,  protects and amplifies all at the same time. Clear quartz will support clarity of thought, intention and focus whilst raising the energetic vibrations for clearer answers in pendulum use.

Smoky Quartz


Smoky Quartz,  supports grounding. It assists pendulum uses to stay anchored in the earth realm if they have a tendency to astral travel. Pendulum practitioners often use Smoky Quartz when addressing clients with issues related to EMF’s (ElectroMagnetic Frequency from electric devices) and radiation.

Green Adventurine


Green Aventurine, stimulates growth and can provide the pendulum holder with confidence. Improved confidence assists manifest clearer answers during pendulum sessions.



Sodalite will help to access the subconscious. This is a key element for pendulum workers as it is where some of our gifts and core lessons are hidden. Sodalite likes to seek the truth bringing clarity to situations. For clearer answers, sodalite is often the pendulum of choice for those working as a channel.

Trust Your Intuition

Pendulums are a great tool to gain clarity and direct our own energy and intention. They provide us with a focal point to align with. Follow your intuition and if in any doubt, always trust your instinct.

Heart of the Bay Byron Bay has a wide range of crystal pendulums. I am happy to assist you choose your own or select one as a gift either in store, over the phone or net. Postage is available.

Enjoy the ride.










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