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The Sacred Circle

The circle is a universal symbol, with many meanings.  Circles remind us that there is no beginning or end, life keeps rotating in cycles.

Nature’s Cycles

Nature and the animal kingdom are constantly moving within cycles, showing us another circle of life. Fire and flood are an example of the circle of life. Throughout history there have been many fires, burning, clearing, and followed by new growth. We all need new growth as we are unable to sustain the same old same old as it gets us nowhere.  It is part of our soul’s journey to experience new growth. We are here to learn and this is how it is.

Recently, I pruned a few trees and within a week I could see the new growth. I did this to allow in new and warming sunlight over the winter months and the new growth of shade will arrive perfectly timed for our hot summer. This is another cycle of life.

Floods are another example of the cycle of life. Life on the land can be very dry from time to time but the farmer waits for the rains to come bringing topsoil from further up the catchment for the crops to grow. Usually, rains come at a certain time of the year, and rain itself brings new growth.

We are shown very clearly the circle of life in the animal kingdom, for example from the birth of a bird right through the process of its life until it passes. In the wild mothers know if there is something wrong with their offspring and will often remove it from their home, leaving the youngster to fall as prey to predators, or simply left to die. This is another cycle of life.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot symbolizes that big changes are coming and that Maroon Flowers Women's Day Instagram Postthe Universe is working in our favour. This card represents the ever-changing cycles of life and if we look back at our own lives we can certainly see these. Sometimes these cycles are not pleasant but once we are through the situation and look back we can see our own personal growth, then we move on to another cycle.

All cycles vary in length some maybe a year, others more. A decade is 10 years and the things that happen are another cycle.

I believe the stones in these circles are reminding us that life is a cycle,  to slow down and enjoy what they have to offer so that we can heal and enjoy our life. They will help us as long as we are willing to accept help.

Ring Stones


20200421_155523Bloodstone offers support and courage during times of adversity. Bloodstone instills courage and assists you in taking the right action. Bloodstone helps to fulfill commitments in the face of obstacles. Bloodstone is excellent for those undergoing tremendous change in their lives due to spiritual awakening. Bloodstone helps to maintain faith and trust the Divine by assisting you to overcome loneliness and find your inner strength. Bloodstone works at the source of all blood ailments and also, within the bone marrow.





Jade promotes the flow of money, fertility, and is an excellent heart stone. Jade represents harmony and happiness in business and family matters. Jade teaches you to master your money instead of money being the master of you.




Lapis and Malachite

Lapis and Malachite are a rare combination. Lapis will help to activate the intuition and insight, leading to an opening of our true potential and self-empowerment. Malachite is a powerful solar plexus and heart stone, helping to recognize and clear blockages in these areas.



Purchase your sacred ring stone and understand how crystal practitioners and channels utilize their energy. I invite you to call or pop into the shop or leave a comment letting sharing your experience and the adventure you have with these ancient stones.

Enjoy the ride.


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