Enhance your Creativity with Crystals

Creativity is a way of life

Creativity is a way of life and whether you are looking to enhance your overall creative self or use crystals and gemstones as a part of your creative practice the options are only limited by your imagination. Creativity is the art of manifesting an idea or imaginative concept into an expression that is tangible in reality. There is a broad spectrum of creatives including and not limited to artists, writers, designers, crafters, and makers of sacred items. A common problem experienced by many creatives is the block or flow of ideas, a loud inner critic, and/or a high chaotic mind, selecting crystals to place in the workspace, wear or carry can assist creative’s productivity. Many creatives also use crystals in their art and this practice seems to be growing.

Crystals to enhance the creative flow

Crystals to stimulate your muse – use them in your creative space, carry them with you in a pocket or pouch, or wear them as jewelry. If you are creative, you may want to lift the vibe of your workspace with crystals that support a productive and harmonious flow to assist you to bring your ideas into reality, whether that’s as a writer, an artist, designer, crafter, maker or one of the thousands of creative outlets you choose. Choosing a large piece or several pieces often comes down to personal preference.

Which crystals are good for creativity?

Some of the crystals you may consider enhancing creative energy include orange calcite, Tangerine Lemurians, Carnelian, citrine, chrysoprase, amethyst, Herkimer diamond, apatite, bloodstone, and celestite.

Bring your ideas to life with Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a soft formed crystal that aligns with the frequency of your sacral chakra and stimulates creativity and inspiration for new projects. Uniting the spiritual realm with the physical realm, orange calcite assists creatives bring their ideas and concepts into physical reality so that they are no longer only conceived visions but manifest as complete creative designs and projects.


Invite your creative muse with Lemurian Crystals

Lemurian Crystals for creatives


Tangerine Lemurian crystals are unique in their combination of qualities and are especially good as soul crystals that work alongside their creativity. If you feel you need to calm and focus your energy and clear your mind to allow you to create, this could be your ideal crystal companion as it soothes chaotic energy often associated with productive and creative brains whilst energising your sacral chakra to support your creative flow.

Tangerine Lemurian crystals maintain a positive vibration and resonate deeply on the emotional and mental level to allow you to keep manifesting your designs and ideas physically even when possibly addressing the difficult subject matter. They support you to move forward in the creative flow, calmly with a consistent muse.

Motivate your creativity with Carnelian

20200228_142000If you are feeling stuck creatively, open the flow of your creativity, and release any blocks with Carnelian. Carnelian supports the owner by harnessing their inner strength and self-belief to support them through the creative process by strengthening their belief in self, this can aid in banishing creative blocks, doubts, and hesitation in the creative process. Carnelian is a vibrant orange stabilizing stone with strong energy, and it supports the sacral chakra. It is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation and stimulating creativity.

Overcome your inner creativity critic with Citrine

Heart of the Bay - Byron Bay Crystals - Byron Bay

Citrine invites abundance in life including creativity. Raise your vibration and power up with Citrine as it energises your creativity. Citrine activates expression of self which flows through as creativity, whilst stimulating self- motivation and discipline. As an attracter of prosperity and success, your creative project is fuelled forward with confidence as Citrine supports your belief system to silence the inner critic that may be holding you back from creating your masterpiece.

Incorporating crystals into your creative space

Place your crystals in your space by following your intuition and allowing them to lead you. You can attract energy to certain areas by placing your crystals in that area. By placing them strategically eg in specific areas where you wish to draw energy to and by placing the crystal type to compliment the energy you wish to attract. Writers may choose to place a crystal near their bookshelves and workstation, artists near their easel and sketches, designers may choose to place larger pieces according to design elements.

Crystals that absorb EMFs

Those who work near a computer or have other electronic devices in their work area may choose to place crystals that absorb EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequency).  EMFs are emitted from devices that are commonly used within our workspaces and include mobile phones, computers, etc Amethyst clusters, smoky quartz, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Amazonite, Adventurine and Fluorite are some of the crystals that provide EMF protection. You may choose to place the crystal with a plant to increase the level of absorption.

Raise your creative space with plants and crystals

Including a plant in your creative space can assist to not only purify the air but to uplift the energy of a room, perhaps you may wish to place your creative crystal in or near your plant to combine the purification and uplifting plant energies with your crystal’s qualities. By incorporating EMF and pollution absorbing plants such as cacti, Spiders plant, Mother’s Tongue, Stone Lotus Flower, and Aloe Vera.

How to incorporate crystals into your creative process

Spring Inspirational Instagram PostCrystals are often held or focussed on during meditation as a tool to enhance intentional development on a particular area in your life or property the crystal may compliment. Sitting quietly and affirming your intent for your creative session prior to commencing may assist productivity. Stilling, breathing deeply, and calming the mind whist sitting with your crystal may also assist clarity of thought and development of ideas. Some practitioners add crystals to their water drinking bottles to allow the energetic essence to benefit them whilst they work whilst others incorporate gemstones and crystals into their craft for others to enjoy.

Incorporating crystals into the practice of your craft

We have seen a resurgence in creatives incorporating crystals into their craft, from jewelry makers, spirit doll creators, wandmakers and interior designers and mosaic artists. Choosing crystals for your creative endeavors may depend on colour, shape, texture, or energetic properties. Celebrated creatives often learn the rules and then break them. This too is true for selecting your crystals for your craft. Know the properties and benefits of the crystal and then follow your intuition even if it seems to break the rules.

Crystals for jewelry making and beadwork

Jewelry containing crystals and gemstones allows the wearer to not only look stunning and express their creative self through their dress sense. There are also the added benefits of the wearer being able to easily retain the connection with the crystal worn and its energetic benefits. Some do this by wearing a crystal pouch which is a great way to gather a selection of crystals and keep them on you all day.

Whether you choose to buy your jewelry or create your own, the wearing of it is a form of creative self-expression. Making your own jewelry can be as simple or complexed an experience as your desire, from basic threading to beading and wrapping, you choose your own path as a creator. It can be a scared and blessed ritual in itself, especially when your intention is incorporated into the making of a piece of jewelry.

Crystal wands, scepters, and staffs

The use of crafted wands, scepters and staffs are often created and used by practitioners of alchemy and energetic artforms. Believed to increase the holder’s focussed energetic intention these tools are either used purely as decoration or for their energetic properties. Crystals are used on the handles and often incorporated as the center and headpiece of the item. Spheres, terminators, and generators are often used as the headpiece of the wand, scepter or staff to amplify and channel energy. Double terminator crystals are often used as the centerpiece of the handle to increase the flow of energy in both directions. Tumbled gemstones and clusters are often used along the handles aligned with properties of the selected crystals and the spiritual intention of the tool.

Creating your own tool was often a rite of initiation for energetic practitioners and a sacred practice. By making your own tool, you are able to customize it specifically to meet your own needs whilst engaging in the spiritual ritual.

Crystals in Scared Spirit Dolls

Spirit dolls combine the art of healing and spirit guides to provide a reminder, comfort, and support to the owner. Many spirit dolls contain within and/or are adorned with crystals, herbs, and specific items found in nature eg acorns, oak leaf. Often made from felt and sometimes cloth, spirit dolls provide the link between the physical and spiritual for energetic and creative practitioners. The crystals used within the dolls represent the sacred energy within. The crystals used as adornment can be used for purely visual purposes, although they are usually selected for symbolism and energetic support for the owner’s physical body to enhance and provide strength whenever needed. Created for their spiritual significance these sacred dolls are visually appealing often displayed on altars.

Crystals in Interior Design

Interior designers and home stylists often incorporate unique larger crystal and fossil rock pieces into focal displays within homes and offices. The placement of larger pieces not only helps to guide the viewer’s eye around the room to certain focal points of advantage, however,  the crystal’s energetic properties also assist to maintain the balance and Feng-Shui of the room. Our home is our castle, and the energetic environments we live in and create in want to reflect that, the placement of a larger crystal can assist raise the vibration of a room and enhance the visual aesthetic.

Crystals and gemstones in mosaic

Mosaics are visually pleasing and can be designed to your specifications and preferences. Mosaic is a craft where the artwork is produced using the assembly of a collection of pieces. Mosaic is similar to a 3D assemblage of items and can include pebbles, tiles, gemstones, and crystals. Birdbaths, Butterfly water providers, pot plants holders, ceramic animals, and tables are some of the items that artists have mosaiced into new treasures. Interior designers have also incorporated crystals into mosaics in splashbacks in kitchens, benches, bathroom walls, and floors. The ideas are only limited by your imaginative flow.

Celebrating the creative spirit

Having a creative spirit is a blessing and can be a challenge to keep the flow manifesting. Embracing creativity is more than a hobby or profession. Being creative is a lifestyle. We all seek harmony, health, and happiness, crystals can assist creatives to practice their craft, banish blocks, and the inner critic and maintain a prosperous manifesting flow whilst living the creative life.

To gift yourself or someone else with a selection of crystals or a unique piece to support them in their creative endeavors and lifestyle drop into Heart of the Bay, in Byron Bay, call or message me. I am only too happy to help.

Creatives are essential for the vibrancy of life. Let’s support each other.

Enjoy the ride.

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