Crystals and their stories

It’s time.

I have been watching some crystals for a while and up until recently found them to be lacking life or a bright happy glow. Recently,  I noticed that some had come alive, they were absolutely glowing, radiating,  making me really excited.  A piece that I have been working and connecting within meditation and energetically for well over a year had energetically changed as I could feel that it had become more feminine.

We are all in sync with the crystals and planets. Over this decade everything will become more feminine if we look at how we are now,  then over a period of time look back and we will realise this has happened and it will continue to happen.

There are always other sides to what is happening in day to day life and these crystals were telling me. Over time they will reveal more when the time is right. We are at the beginning of this decade, so the good is being rolled out. We just have to believe, trust, and wait. Some of the crystals that are being lit up by the present energies include:

Black Tourmaline encrusted Smoky Quartz

A rare,  unusual, and unique find containing many black tourmaline needles. Black Tourmaline needles are pieces of Black Tourmaline varying in length about the size of a needle. The combination of Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline is extremely grounding and protective. Whilst sitting with it I placed it up to my heart and could feel the happiness and excitement.

Placing this piece in any environment, immediately grounds protects anyone within and brings in a warm loving feeling.

Amethyst Elestials

Amethyst alone is a powerhouse as it will calm, centre, support any heartfelt endeavour that is for our Highest and Best Good. It is a powerful protective heart stone. Amethyst can activate the higher mind enabling a clearer understanding of one’s life experiences. Due to this enhanced clarity and balancing of the mind and thought, it can be useful in assisting in overcoming addiction by counteracting the effects of drugs on brain function while delivering its own peaceful, blissful energy.

Elestials themselves are an extremely powerful stone that can regulate energy. This crystal will only give out the amount of energy required and if this crystal was used by the same person over a lifetime the crystal adjusts the amount of energy given as required. If used consistently the energy gradually increases without the owner ever been burnt out.

Amethyst Elestials are powerful heart stones and very grounding. Some of these pieces are very dark purple in colour whilst others are light. Both Amethyst and Elestials allow us to communicate with our Angels and Guides. Amethyst opens and clears the third-eye and crown chakras which increases our intuitive abilities.

Citrine Cathedrals

Citrine Cathedral are another favourite crystal of mine. They are a formation of a main central point and surrounding parallel ones usually of different widths and lengths and shorter than the main crystal, all growing on a common base.

Citrine itself is a manifesting and heart stone, increasing our imagination and trust in oneself. It carries the power of the sun, warm and comforting, energizing and life-giving. We are unable to live without the sun, therefore it is in our best interest to have an abundance of Citrine, on a daily basis. It awakens our creativity and will lead and follow right through until we receive our warm inner glow with our adventures.

There is a smallish particular Citrine Cathedral that the only place where I could take a lovely pic was at the beach. Other pieces don’t seem to mind the location, as long as they are receiving the love and attention they are happy and they will give back twofold. So you can see they will let us know, happy or not.

It’s an absolute pleasure in knowing the crystals ‘have my back’ and they will do the same for anyone who takes the moment to connect with them

The crystals are guiding us to do whatever work is required on your goals and dreams to invite fruition.

Enjoy the ride.


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