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Crystal Healing in Byron Bay

Byron Bay Lighthouse

There is something very magical about Byron Bay Lighthouse. The magic is in the whole experience, whether it’s the whole round trip walk, the view or the feeling, it all comes together as one. Witnessing the sunrise is truly magical in itself. This sighting alone gives us a warm inner feeling, as it is our life force. Without the energy of the sun nature would not grow and neither would we, the sun is the giver of life.

Cape Byron Lighthouse was built on top of a rocky headland, back at the turn of the 20th Century.  The Lighthouse offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, providing the perfect viewing gallery for whale, dolphin, or turtle displays.

Cape Byron’s Traditional Custodians

Cape Byron’s history began with its traditional custodians, the Bundjalung of Byron Bay, the Arakway Bumberlin people. A place of ceremony and learning, the Cape Byron headland, known as Walgun, features in numerous Dreaming stories. Many believe a ‘dancing circle’ was once situated on the peak of Cape Byron and was removed in 1899 in preparation for the construction of the lighthouse. The Arakwal Bumberlin people continue to care for Cape Byron and work closely with the Cape Byron Marine Park.

Byron Bay Obsidian

Byron Bay is located on Black Obsidian. Obsidian crystal is a truth crystal that empowers the owner by its protective energies. It transmutes negative energies and has been said to provide the holder with a shield against psychic attack. Obsidian was originally used to create arrowheads and tools due to its qualities of strength that are formed through the cooling of lava. It is also sometimes called volcanic glass due to its reflective properties and high sheen gloss. The reflections have often seen this stone used as a foreseeing stone of prophecy. A grounding stone obsidian has been used as an absorbing healing crystal by practitioners.

Associated with the base and root chakra, obsidian crystals stimulate the initiate of energy to the physical and energetic body. Black Obsidian is a very powerful, protective, and creative stone that will ground the soul into the physical plane and take the user deep within the subconscious to bring imbalances to the surface allowing them to be experienced and then released.

This could explain Byron Bay attracting a diverse range of travelers, some are day-trippers, others for a holiday, and on the other hand, it is a world-renowned spiritual town. A town catering to a variety of healing modalities and is a general healing town, which may be as simple as enjoying the world-renowned beaches. The folk who visit always comment on how relaxed they feel after a few days.

Energetically the sun, nature, crystals, and relaxation will open us further to information from other realms, our angels, our guides, or universal knowledge and this is something we are all reaching for.  Crystals are a higher force that helps to move forward quickly and  I am happy to let guide me and by taking them out and about its a win-win situation of giving and receiving, cleansing, refilling, and going again.

Australia’s most Easterly point

The healing energy of the lighthouse and the most easterly point of Australia is situated with a circumference of views to uplift and rejuvenate your soul. The energy invites adventures with your crystals to amplify certain healing qualities and intentions. Some of my recent crystal guests up the lighthouse have included:

Quartz Crystals

Clear Quartz as it will clear the path forward and sometimes very quickly. This piece is really clear with a natural fracture and wonderful rainbows.

Smoky Quartz to keep me grounded deep within the crust of the earth, helping my manifestations come to fruition. At the moment we are going into three Eclipses and would like to be rock solid in my footing.


Lemurians date back to the Lemurian Civilisation where we all communicated telepathically. Working with and connecting with these can access a deep spiritual experience and I felt it would be part of my spiritual practice to take this particular piece with me.

The Way Ahead

The transient community of Byron Bay invites healing and healers from across the globe to share in the obsidian energies of the most Easterly point of Australia. Come and enjoy the good vibes subconsciously or choose to amplify your experience with a crystal partner to enhance your journey. Choose and connect with your crystal by setting your intention and aligning with the focussed energies.

I invite you to visit the crystal showroom at Heart of the Bay Crystals in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate. Select a crystal that has been resonating within the Byron Bay grid of crystal energy waiting for you to work with.

Enjoy the ride.

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