Sometimes we may feel that we are a bit out of balance, nothing seems to be flowing easily and life may feel like a bit of an uphill battle or we may just want to take some time out for rest, rejuvenation, and healing. Clearing our energetic centers and aura may be just what we need with some restorative crystal healing. By creating the space and following our intuition we can give back and create this experience at home for ourselves.

What is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy center that vibrates at a certain frequency and is associated with a particular colour. Each chakra is believed to have an influence on a specific aspect of our lives. There are seven basic chakras that form the base for the extending 114 chakras which include secondary and tertiary chakras or energy centers. The energetic body has over 72 000 energy channels and pathways that flow through our systems which connect all the energy centers. these energetic systems are used in traditional Indian and Chinese Medicine practice as well as by Crystal Healers and Energetic Practitioners.

As individuals as awareness of our main chakras can assist us to restore balance when our energetic flow may be hindered or blocked which may appear in our life as un-ease, discontent, or struggle.

What is an Aura?

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Our chakras are connected by energy channels and our energetic bodies are surrounded by our aura. Your aura is a series of energetic bodies that surround your physical body. Your aura consists of subtle energy bodies with layers vibrating in the frequency related to specific corresponding chakras. The associated colours of those chakras can be seen within the auric fields.



What is crystal healing

Crown Spirituality

Crystal healing is the placement of crystals on the recipients physical body and around their aura. Crystal practitioners believe that the frequencies and energies of specific crystals can resonate with the human or animals’ energetic being to assist bring harmony and balance through holistic healing. The crystals placed on our bodies affect our electromagnetic bodies to promote wellbeing.

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How to do a crystal Self-healing

Untitled design (45)Create a comfortable, area to lay down where you feel safe. Setting up the space assists you relax and slow down so you can receive healing. Smudging the room, lighting candles, setting an altar, positioning pictures of your guides may all be a part of your process. Once you are ready, get comfortable and surround your self with the crystal pieces you have chosen for this specific healing or with your crystal selection and allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and what you feel drawn to.

Clarify and set your intention for the healing session. Affirm this intention to ground and commit it to reality and the physical plane eg

“I am safe and secure. I am open to new opportunities. I transmute all undesired energies. I am aligned with the Earth’s heart center, my heart center, and universes’s heart center. I am ready to receive the maximum healing and expansion for the greatest good of all. Any energies not of the highest light and love are instantly transmuted. Any excess energies are gifted to the earth for healing.”

Place your crystals one at a time with mindfulness and an affirmation for each one from your feet upwards, with the last crystals resting in your hands.

Double terminator crystals in Crystals Healing

Untitled design (4)Double terminated crystals are crystal shafts that have points on both ends of the crystal. The points assist direct and channel energy pathways to increase the flow of energy in both directions. During crystal healing, these crystals can be placed along energy channels to clear and increase the flow of energy. Often energy in the legs and arms can become stagnant or stuck by placing a double terminator on a thigh above a problematic knee that may help increase energy to the knee area.

Terminator Crystals

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Single pointed terminator crystals can be used to direct energy in one direction. The point is often used by crystal healing practitioners to stimulate energy centers and encourage the movement of energy in a clockwise direction to open the flow and an anticlockwise direction to increase the receiving of energy and bring it into an area.



Generator Crystals

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Generator crystals have a flat base that they stand on and continue to a single point. When standing, generators are great to place during crystals healing between the feet, and at the soul and earth star chakras as they attract and bring in energy.

They can also be used to direct energy by practitioners along the energy channels or in specific directions.

Crystal Wands & Smudging

Grounding for Earth Healing

Crystal wands moved through the aura or energy fields surrounding the physical body or smudging with a smudge stick and a feather clears all undesired and dispelled negative energies. This is a welcoming ritual to close a healing session as you become more aware of the sounds surrounding you and your physical environment it can assist you to ground. Hugging a tree or holding heavy stones in your hands can also assist in grounding excess energies and gifting them to the earth for healing.

Investing Time in Self Healing

You are worth it

Untitled design (49)Investing time in you and the space to slow down and heal is something we can all benefit from. By including crystals in your meditations and self-healing routines we can allow ourselves the opportunity to rejuvenate and fill our wells which in turn allows us to function at our best and give back more.

Drop into the Heart of the Bay, crystal showroom in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate and collect the crystals that call you for your next healing session or I am happy to assist you online or over the phone.

Enjoy the ride.

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