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We covered some base elements of Chakras and Crystal Healing  with a guide to gifting yourself a crystal healing session at home. Your alignment, heart connection and energy shifts in a constant state of flux as we move through life. To counter any imbalance, you may wish to intensify and lift your crystal healing experience to increase the healing received. Whether you are using the crystals as tools to channel and direct energy for yourself or for someone else there are some crystals and healing practices that can raise your crystal healing practice to new levels.

The benefits of raising our vibrational frequency are immeasurable and include but are not limited to increased immunity on all levels of our being, increased stability and balance, heightened awareness, and an overall radiant sense of wellbeing.  Follow your guides and intuition and be guided by your heart as you welcome in maximum healing and protection.

Advanced Crystal Healing Practise

As you move into more intense and heightened energies of light you attract and draw more towards you, similar to a moth and a flame. It is essential for healing practitioners to maintain their space and their own energies through regular clearing, transmuting and their own healing practices. Creating an altar within your healing space can assist you  maintain your focus and ground you to the physical space, you may wish to include crystals, plants and affirmations. Pulling cards and writing your intention for each session can assist you clarify your energy flow. Being able to see a tree or keeping a plant in your room can assist you to release excess energies as a gift to the earth for healing and keep you grounded to the erathly plane. Giving thanks to your guides and your many blessings can keep the energy in flow and welcome ongoing positivity into your life, as energy follows thought. Following your intuition and being open to receive higher guidance will assist you in selecting the best tools and crystal layouts to meet your needs.

What Crystals to consider for Advanced Crystal Healing

When you feel ready to commit to clearing and letting go of all undesired energies and receiving the maximum healing you are now ready for, you may wish to consider including the following crystals and gemstones to your crystal healing layout.

Calcite Spheres

Calcite spheres particularly light coloured calcites like cream or yellow have a gentle supporting soft energy to balance your entire being. They are particularly good if you are a carer and/ empathetic person who tends to give out more than you receive. Lighter coloured crystal sphere’s are ideal for scrying and gaining insight into your current situation by connecting to your intuition and psychic abilities. Calcite spheres support you to connect and balance your emotions and heart state with your mental analytical side, this can be beneficial for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Amplify your energy subtly with a calcite sphere.

Calcite Squares


Calcite squares focus energies and speeds up your energetic healing process. Calcite amplifies energy whilst the shape intently focusses energy into specific areas. Permier crystal healers often have an entire calcite cube layout, others incorporate calcites in amongst their quartz and fossil crystal layouts. Calcite clears whilst inviting in high healing energy related to their colour, light coloured calcites are particular sort for their high healing frequencies.


Untitled design (80)

Labradorite radiates and stimulates through it’s labradorescence. It is a superior communication stone and is often sort out by those who wish to raise their vibrations for channelling. It is a master healing gemstone as it incorporates all chakras into its rainbow and invites new beginnings. A warrior stone labradorite protects the owner from lesser energies.




Untitled design (81)

Obsidian is a natural occurring volcanic glass and connects us and grounds our two feet to the earth to embrace and walk our passions. Obsidian ignites the power in us to do what we need to do on our soul path. Obsidian is a great transmuter of shock and trauma and is a protector. A powerful crystal for balancing energies obsidian connects our soul and earth star chakras whilst increasing the flow of alignment between the two chakras and our own heart center.

What layouts to consider including for Heightened Crystal Healing

Helixs and Spirals

All energy moves in helixs or spirals often too small for us to be aware of these movements and formations can be made with a healers hands to channel energy during a healing, or the energy directed using a terminator or single generator crystal. Some healers create spirals on the body or in the auric field on the ground using a crystal collection or tumbled stones to create a spiral. Clockwise spirals are used to open, moving from the center outwards. Anticlockwise spirals that move from the outside in to bring in or close chakras.

Secondary & Tertiary Chakra Points

Secondary and Teritary chakra points are often incorporated into healing sessions as the practitioner progresses beyond the primary chakras or  main secondary energy centers. You may feel drawn towards a particular joint or point on the body, or to an area that feels different in temperature or vibration and guided to place a particular crystal or formation of crystals on that part of the body. You may also be guided to stimulate or disperse energy by utilising spiral movements. Incorporating reflexology, accupressure  and hot stones can also activate energy centers for enhanced healing and amplified energy.

Energy Channels

Energy channels move throughout the body and aura connecting chakras and the various dimensions of the body. You may be guided to clear or use hand movements or tools eg feathers, selenite wands, smudge sticks in certain ways to dispel unwanted energies and ties to things that are holding you back. Placing terminator crystals around an energy center similar to the directions of a compass can increase the energy towards a specific chakra. Placing double terminator generator crystals along physical circulatory systems and energetic systems may assist in increasing and directing the flow of energy into certain areas of the body and subtle energy field.

What additional elements to include

for Expanded Crystal Healing

Other tools you may wish to consider adding to your practitioners bag may include aromatherapy oils, herbs, auric colour and crystal sprays, aurasoma and smudge sticks. By ensuring all five senses of touch, smell which stimulates taste, sound and sight through candles and having a solid altar are incorporated into the space and healing session, the experience is enhanced. Visually you may add mandalas, mantras, pictures of angels or guides, dream catchers or other tools to empower and connect you with your higher healing self and your guides. By including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls or a favourite soundtrack you can stimulate sound healing. Plants  and crystals specifically chosen to maintain your space’s energetic level and transmute undesired energies can also assist maintain the energetic integrity of the room.

Additional Crystals and Stones

Crystal chips is your chosen crystal for it’s property are great to create a bed to rest upturned hands on. Having a bed of clear quartz chips under the left hand and a clear quartz or labraidorite sphere in the hand and a bed of rose quartz chips and a yellow calcite sphere in the hand can take your crystal healing experience to new dimensions of received communications and healing. Your right hand is positively charged to give healing and your left hand is negatively charged to received and attract energy. By incorporating this method into your healing it assists to balance and affirm energies leaving and enertering your being via your hands.

Crystal Wand Collections

Having a collection of quartz crystal wands and a selenite wand allows you to adjust the energetic properties and vibrations channeled depending on the intentions set and healing needed in each session.

The Evolving

Crystal Healing Practitioner or Self Healer

As we all experience, learn and grow to be more conscious and mindful in life and within our healing practice the crystals that resonate with us and can lift us to new levels change. Different crystals call to us when our being calls to them when we are ready. Stay open and in tune to allowing the crystals to call for you to come into your life. Drop by Heart of the Bay in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate and browse the showroom and let your crystals call to you, or jump online or give me a call and I’m happy to assist you.

Enjoy the Ride.



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