What is an aura?

Your aura is the subtle energy fields that layer around your physical body. Each layer encases the one beneath it and corresponds to an energy center or chakra. The auric layer closest to your body connects to the first or base chakra, and each layer progresses outwards through your energy field becoming more subtle in frequency and vibration towards the outer layers and crown and soul star chakras. Similar to the colours of the chakras, the auric layers correlate to the same colours of the rainbow.

How to feel an aura

All living creatures have an aura or subtle energy field vibrating around them. You can practice feeling the aura of  people, plants or a calm animal.

Clear your space of practice, align yourself, clarify and affirm your intent before opening to becoming aware of another’s aura. Ask permission first, you will feel or hear consent or denial. When you feel ready to proceed, allow your open hands to move slowly towards the being’s outer auric layers, usually about two meters away. You may be aware and able to feel the changes between different layers as you move closer towards the physical being. You may also find denser or busier pockets of energy in different spaces, these may be areas that need clearing or energetic work.

If you are working with a person you can practice three different approaches. Try one where the person stands neutral, one when they stand rigid/angry or protective with a firm intention that they do not want you near them, and one that radiates love and invites you in. Try it with each other, notice the difference and share the results. We would love to hear how you go in the comments.

How to see an aura

Being able to see auras is an ability we can develop no matter our initial skill level. Our third eye is like a muscle, the more we use it the stronger it becomes. Meditation regularly and prior to attempting this exercise can assist you to build your energetic vision. This practice can be accelerated by incorporating your intuition and higher-self. You may wish to prepare with blank paper and watercolours, pencils or textas, perhaps with a person, plant or the animal, you are witnessing already with a basic outline drawn on the paper.

Establish your space and sit quietly. We want to soften your eyes and vision from a focussed tunnel vision to a broad vision that gazes and extends as far around you to the sides and eventually behind you as you can. With soft eyes, you can gaze at the flame of a candle and breathe and relax and then gracefully turn your gaze towards the object. You can go back and forth between the candle and object as much as you need. The more you practice the less you need the candle. You may also wish to sit with a clear quartz generator crystal or labradorite or clear quartz sphere in your lap to assist you. Some prefer to gaze into a crystal ball or water in a flat dark vessel instead of a flame. You need to do what feels right for you. When you feel ready you can record what you see on paper, reach for the colours your intuition and vision lead to.

How to clear your aura

Moving feathers, hands, crystal wands, smudge sticks, herbs, or a fern arm, particularly fishbone fern through your aura can assist to clear stagnant or dense energy. Aromatherapy and aura soma sprays can also be used. Our energy fields all vibrate at a similar frequency to their corresponding chakra, for this reason sound vibrations can activate certain auric layers that they resonate with, Tibetan and crystal bowls are great tools for this. Crystal elixirs tend to be of particular benefit when working with auras sue to their subtle energies which compliment instead of overpowering the subtle energies of the auric field.

Crystal Elixirs

Crystal elixirs are believed to hold the vibrational frequency and energetic properties within them. The base of an elixir can be either oil or water which is infused with either an individual crystal or a blended combination of crystal energies. Water-based elixirs tend to be used for auric sprays. Oil-based elixirs are used when aromatherapy oils are infused or for rubbing on hands, so as to allow the practitioner to then move and sweep their hands through a person’s aura to clear and disperse undesired energies. Either water or oil-based elixirs can be used for an energetic room or space clearing. Both types use alcohol as the foundation to preserve the elilix’s properties.

How to make a crystal elixir

Clean & charge your crystals

Ensure the energy you are infusing is of the highest properties your crystal emits by cleaning your crystals, within the full moon, on an amethyst cluster, in the whitewash at the beach or smudging and with a visual violet flame. Sit with your crystal and clearly affirm your intention. Meditating with your crystals prior to an infusion can assist charge them, as does leaving them under the sun.

Infuse your crystals

Infusing your crystals in water allows the energy of the crystals to gift their properties to the water. Pure infusions of a single crystal can then be mixed with others in an elixir to create the combined properties you need. To infuse your crystals it is best done on the full moon. Leave in the sun the day prior to the full moon, during the full moon, and collect the next evening. This ensures the energies of lunar and solar energy is infused and balanced. Quartz crystals are infused by placing the crystals submerged in water in a glass bowl under the moon. Calcites and minerals are placed into a glass bowl within a larger bowl of water to infuse safely eg selenite, calcite, kyanite. If you are infusing a number of different crystals at the same time adequate space between each infusion is necessary to avoid contamination of crystal properties. Using filtered water or spring water creates the purest results.

Create elixir

Remove the crystal and pour the water through a filter into a large bottle that has a lid. Fill a full third of the bottle with gin, vodka, or brandy to preserve the liquid. Shake well.  Label your mother elixir. This becomes the base elixir that you dispense from, to usable personal dropper bottles or spray bottles. When creating personal mixes in a dropper bottle six drops from the mother mix is enough which is then diluted with water and well shook. Too many mothers types in one personal mix can become confusing energetically. You can be more lenient when creating an auric spray.

Crystals to use for auric elixirs

Clear and uplift: Selenite, clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, Herkimer diamond.

Calm and Nurture: Amethyst, rose quartz, jade, yellow calcite, garnet.

Transmute negative energies: Amethyst, clear quartz, Tanzanite, Purpurite, Sugilite.

Creative Visualization

Creative visualisation can be used to check and clear your aura. Once you become familiar with the walls of light scan you can easily and effortlessly check your aura and energy in seconds. As the walls of light progress become aware of any changes in your energy field.

Energy follows thought so we affirm that, “All energies of not of the highest light and love are instantly transmuted by our walls of light and gifted to the earth for healing.” Allow yourself to become aware of a wall of light that comes towards us, through us, and moves away behind us and then travels back. Allow yourself to become aware of a wall of light that travels from one side, towards you, out the other side through your aura and returns. Allow yourself to become aware of a wall of light that travels from above you, through you, below you and returns.”

You can expand this visualisation by adding colours to your walls of light. You may wish to clear with white light, transmute with violet light and heal with blue light and eventually progress to silver, gold and translucent light.

Beach Bathing

Diving beneath the whitewash of a wave at the beach is a great way to fully clear through your aura and allow chords holding on to release from your energetic bodies. The combined energies of the saltwater, the motion of the wave cycle, and whitewash create a naturally cleansing experience for your aura. All you need to do is dive in, try and dive through the whitewash so your body is submerged beneath the water completely, allowing your auric field to benefit from the waves.

Nature Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku

Walking in nature or just being in nature for wellbeing allows you to connect and breathe with nature’s rhythms to rejuvenate your energetic field. Forest bathing requires you to be still and be in nature, breathing with nature and allowing the breeze and energy of the forest to wash through your aura and entire being. Allow yourself to be open to receive not only the healing offered, receive the wisdom offered, and enjoy the experience as the more in sync you become the more nature reveals and heals.

Maintaining your aura

We are all unique beings with individual needs, there are no hard and fast rules as to how often to clear your aura for optimum clarity. Regular maintenance including the tools that work for you when you feel they are needed or when you start noticing tells in your life that suggest you may need to do a quick visual check and clear, perhaps you have an ache somewhere in your body. If you can clear your aura and address the dis-ease before it reaches your body you are preventing and aware as opposed to reacting to what already is. A good basis for most people is to visually check and clear your aura morning and night eg when you wake up before you start your day and at the end of your day before you go to bed. Any events during the day when you feel a bit jolted or out of alignment, gift yourself sixty seconds to check and clear.

Don’t forget to detach from your devices and notice the details. Take time out to appreciate the details of experience and let it unfold without distraction.

Carrying a small auric spray with you can assist you with instant auric adjustments throughout the day. In times of change, there is often more of a need to not just clear our auric space but the physical rooms we spend time in eg the office.

Collect your crystal combination ready for your elixir on the next full moon. Our aura is our first line of self-care and energetic defense, increase and maintain your immunity with the best quality crystals for your elixir. Come by and choose your crystals from the huge display of premier gemstones in Byron Bay or we can assemble some high-quality pieces and post them to you.

Enjoy the ride.


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