How to celebrate

when times seem tough

From little things…

In challenging times it can be harder to find things to celebrate or find moments of joy. There are some simple actions and reminders that can get you started towards a better place. From little things, big things grow, our thoughts of today seed our moments of tomorrow, by taking time out for ourselves and honoring ourselves and others we invite good vibes into our lives for the positive to grow from.

“From little things big things grow…”

When times are tough some of those little things that remind us that, this too shall pass can be things that remind us of positive change. Everything changes, we have options to grow. One way to do this is by giving back to our earth by planting a seed, a flower to give back to the bees or a plant that can grow to a tree. Even if you live in a unit without a balcony you can grow a bulb in a vase of water. Nurturing something that grows and watching it change and evolve is a visual reminder that we can do the same.

Start Small

Start small, it’s the simple things that can have the biggest impact and initiate the change to invite the good that surrounds us, in to grow. When times are tough it can be hard to find those things, to stop, breathe and notice what is around us that we have been passing by.

“It’s the simple things in life, that are often the best.”

Open a window, a door and step outside, focus on your breath and close your eyes. What can you smell? is anything in bloom? What can you hear? Are the birds singing? What can you feel? Is there sun, rain or a breeze? Now open your eyes, what can you see? Perhaps you notice bees and butterflies, birds, the sky, a plant growing despite all odds through a crack in the concrete. Once you notice and acknowledge one wonder, your focus expands and attracts similar energy in, like attracts like, and you can enjoy seeing and experiencing more joy. Maybe you start seeing more bees, butterflies or hearing your favourite bird, perhaps it’s ladybugs that greet you.


Recognising and greeting the good that surrounds us invites energy and focus to our immediate environment and those that coexist in the same space. Namaste is a respectful non contact greeting that recognises that the light within me is reflected as the light within you. It honors ourselves whilst honoring another in mutual respect. A simple greeting that gives us time to stop, slow down and recognise the good within us and that surrounds us.

Honor Yourself

One way to honor ourselves is to take time out for ourselves, alone and to give ourselves space to breathe. Being Mindful when we breathe and acknowledging any thoughts or feelings that arise can support our bodies to reset and balance. We need to take time out for ourselves separate to our environments and the demands that can become routine in our daily lives.


Sometimes this can be as simple as staying present and mindful when making a cup of tea. Consider creating your routine tea making into a ritual and manifesting the time in hidden moments to recollect yourself and notice the full experience that occurs to all your senses eg the smell, the sight of the tea diffusing in water, the sound of the water pouring, the warmth of the cup and the taste. Enjoy the gifts we can give ourselves in as many moments as you can, taking the time to be mindfully present.

The Gift of Giving

By giving to ourselves with quality time and moments we are more able to contribute quality experiences in our own lives and enrich the lives of those around us by sharing the laughter and good vibes. By honoring ourselves we honor those around us and uplift each other as we grow.

The gift of giving is a simple way we can let those around us know we are thinking of them. Choosing to give and support another feels good for both the giver and receiver. It can be as easy as picking up the phone and having a chat to connect with each other, talking about everything and nothing. Sometimes we want to give more than time, a memento or pick me up to uplift ourselves or those we care about. Crystal pouches are easy to carry and unite the properties of the crystal collective to enhance energy aligned with that intention and purpose for example to promote emotions states of love, peace, abundance and calm.

Healthy Workspace Vibes

Many of us work from home or spend time around computers or using our mobile phones to operate our businesses. Electronic devices emit EMFs or Electro Magnetic Frequencies which can influence our own energy. Carrying an EMF pouch or placing one next to your computer can assist in the absorption and transmutation of EMFs leaving your workspace energetically and environmentally friendly. Ferns are also great to maintain your workspace vibes.

Maintaining Your Inner Warrior

We are all warriors and can choose to see obstacles or challenges, sometimes we just need a reminder. Warrior pouches of crystals are created to do just that and includes Bronzite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Black Tourmaline and Red Jasper to align you with your inner warrior and the strength to move onward and upward. Sometimes even earth warriors of the light need a reminder to open their wings so they can fly.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by crystals everyday and to benefit in their energies. The crystals showcased in the Heart of the Bay warehouse in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate are all infused with the healing energies associated with Byron Bay and the surrounding Northern Rivers. If you would like to uplift yourself or someone else with a crystal gift or gemstone pouch visit the website, Facebook, give me a call or drop in and enjoy the energy of good vibes.

Enjoy the ride.

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