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Spring into growth

The joy of spring as we emerge from the winter months and the hours of sunlight gradually extend, are met with experiences in nature that stimulate our consciousness to resonate with growth and rebirth. For some welcoming change can be a challenge for others we prepare for it with open arms, either way we can make the most of this time of year by increasing the abundance and flow of energy with a few simple practices.

Sensory Experience

Spring is a time when our senses are revitalized with the colours of blooms, the scents of blossoms, the sounds of birds nesting, the gentle warm breeze, and the taste of crisp fresh mornings that warm into blue skied days. To assist rejuvenate our senses we can take moments to breath and check in on each sense in that moment and what we are experiencing. It’s a quick thirty second sensory check that brings you into the present moment if you are feeling fragmented, which some may feel when change is afoot.

Another quick exercise is to stop and take an audit of your environment. How are your surroundings stimulating your senses? Are they reflecting how you want to feel? What do you need to change to shift your experience to where you want to be?

Open windows of change

During winter we take time to take stock and to recoup our energies and hibernate. We sleep and dream and rejuvenate our why. Often in winter to keep our homes warm we close the windows for more efficient heating, sometimes this can contribute to stagnant energy. It’s time to open those windows on a warm day and let the gentle breeze clear the energies of your house. Air out the cobwebs and smudge each room ready to welcome in the new.

Is it the journey or destination?

Sometimes your goals can seem out of reach or the big picture can seem detached from the chaos of the moment. Step back and breathe, visualize the big picture and understand and know why you want to get to the destination. Open up your senses to this moment and look around. What is the one step that you are able to do right now that will move you towards that goal?

One step at a time we walk our own path, the next rung of the ladder only needs to be revealed when we are ready. Let the rest go, and take time out to enjoy each rung. Celebrate each step. Sometimes we clear five rungs at a time, sometimes we need to trust the universe and wait until the rung is ready to carry us forward and uplift us on the ladder to the next level. Move towards your goals and remember to breathe and enjoy the now, wherever that is.

Spring Reset

Spring has sprung and new beginnings are in the air. Have you taken the time to de-clutter the old ready to welcome the new? Have you done it holistically? Mind, body and soul. Have you spent time getting clear on what you want, your boundaries and the opportunities you wish to manifest in all aspects of your life? Now is the time to make the change and empower the new you and there are some simple things you can to to make the evolution to the new you flow more easily.

Crystals as reminders

Carrying a crystal or crystal pouch with me provides a visual and tactile reminder of a quality I want to embrace which is represented by that particular crystal. It could be the calm feeling that yellow calcite provides, or the quiet confidence and contentment of rose quartz or the protective safety of jade or the abundant prosperity of citrine, or clear communication of lapis. Carrying a piece of amethyst in my pocket allows me to touch it if I feel anxious or stressed as it transmutes negative energy and energetically protects the owner.

If I feel I need a more visual reminder I find jewellery the best option because it’s something I don’t have to carry, it’s in physical contact with my body for energetic connection and it looks great. I can also easily adjust what I wear to balance my energy and what I need for that day. Every time the piece of jewellery catches my eye it reminds me of it’s crystal properties and the qualities I’m choosing to embrace eg the calm through change that moonstone offers.

You are worthy, it’s OK to appreciate and acknowledge your accomplishments or gift yourself something special. I change the crystals I’m working with to help me and remind me of how I want to deal with challenges that present to me. Crystal jewellery or pouches remind me how I want to choose to act instead of react. Treating yourself with a self-care gift can sometimes be all we need to pick us up.

Self Care – Nurture yourself

Take time out for you and sit with a crystal that is calling to you, do a crystal healing on yourself with either a calcite square layout or a quartz layout or settle down and draw some crystal runes and gain some insight and clarity. Following your intuition and selecting crystals to create a crystal grid can align you with the energies of your intention. Taking some quiet time to go within and create your personal affirmation whilst carefully inscribing it to paper can be a meditative journey within itself.

Honor Someone else

Even better than gifting myself is the simple celebration of another’s spirit by giving a gift that recognizes what they need and who they are. I have always selected crystals as gifts because they do exactly that, they gift the owner with their energetic properties, they honor and acknowledge and call to the owner when the time is right, they work with who they are now and support them on their journey to who they want to be. I think the best thing of all is that it’s all done at the owner’s pace and they look great on display. Crystals like smokey quartz are great gifts for those who use mobile phones and computers because they absorb and transmute EMFS (electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from devices.) Tiger Eye, Pyrite, Lava Stone, Onyx and Black Obsidian are abundant in masculine energies to provide strength when needed. When I can’t seem to decide on one crystal because I could choose them all, I find the best gift is a power pouch like a warrior pouch which combines a selection of crystals to empower the warrior spirit. Purpose pouches are another option when you can’t decide on just one crystal and combine crystals collected in alignment with a a particular purpose eg abundance, peace, love.

Count Your Blessings with Crystals

Each morning I count my blessings, my basic needs that are met, people and things that I am grateful for. I visualize my day ahead and watch it flow with the things I am looking forward to. A calcite crystal ball can collect the blessings spoken to it and radiate the positive energy around it. The stored energy can be called on in times of need.

At the end of each day, I give thanks for all that has occurred and I find three things to recognize and be grateful for. Sometimes once I start I can’t stop and on other days, the harder days that seem to have multiple challenges to negotiate around, I start with one thing, even if that one thing is that I was gifted another day. I usually find that once I acknowledge one thing, and feel the experience of that thing, a smile welcomes my face and more gifts of the day are remembered even if it was that good cup of coffee, or that smile from a friend.

Crystal chips carried in a pouch are great to keep the subtle energetic properties of crystals with you. Pouches of crystal chips or a small dish of crystal chips are great for counting blessings. I tip out my pouch and with each chip I remember and give thanks for one good and great thing that happened that day, and I put the chip back in the pouch and reach for another and repeat the process. I believe in a holistic life and like to have a rose quartz bag of crystal chips to give thanks for other people, actions and relationships, feelings and emotions. I have a citrine bag of crystal chips to give thanks for business opportunities and financial wealth. I also have an amethyst bag of crystal chips for my spiritual and energetic expansion and growth.

I have friends that have the pouches and divide the chips of each pouch between family members and the practice is done as a group, this helps to create compassion, understanding and appreciation of each other particularly in current times of change when a new normal can be created every day.

By applying gratitude and giving thanks, I not only increase the positive energy that surrounds me and that I put out I am demonstrating a life lived with grace. By filling my crystal pouches each day as I give thanks I remind myself that my life is abundant, prosperous, there is more than enough and all is well.

Spring from small things

One step at a time. The fragrance of the flowers that bloom in spring have grown from a bulb or initially a seed before they were flowers on vines, trees or stems. When everything seems too much, step back and do one thing, focus on the one step of the journey you are on, the destination will come. When you take that one step give thanks for that step. Nurture yourself with self-care and take time out for you and honor those around you. Be open to new beginnings and opportunities and ready to recognize them when they appear. You are worthy. Choose to be ready to receive.

I look forward to chatting with you on the phone or in the crystal showroom at the warehouse in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate. If you know of others that could benefit with a lift and positive good vibes and abundant energy in their lives show you care by sharing this blog.

Enjoy the Ride.

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