Energy Infusion – Byron Bay Crystals

Could you benefit from a bit of Byron Bay energy?

Good vibes, healing, nature that refreshes your soul and rejuvenates your imagination and creativity, a place where you can slow down and breath, that’s Byron Bay. A meeting place of people and ley lines on a bed of obsidian crystal that absorbs negative energy. An identified geological energetic vortex that is home to diverse ecosystems, flora and fauna in the Northern Rivers.

You don’t need to leave home to enjoy and benefit from the energies that Byron Bay offers.

Vibration Healing Energy

The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. Vibrational frequencies vary from dense to lighter energetic frequencies. Everything holds an energy from rocks to gemstones, crystals, trees, animals and people. The concept of vibrational healing or energetic healing is to remove distress and dis-ease from a person or animal, or the earth’s energetic system to create energetic health, balance and harmony. Crystals are used to assist initiate and continue vibrational self healing. Crystals or gemstones can also be used to store and transport the information and energy affirmed for them.

Byron Bay Songlines

Similar to crystals holding information energetic ley lines are also said to keep wisdom passed through them from the past. The ley lines, sometimes called energy lines or song lines are energetic channels that travel around the globe connecting the earth’s energy centers or vortex locations of high energy. Byron Bay has been recognized as a high healing energy center vortex. Not only is Byron a triangular vortex of energy, it is where a number of different ley lines meet. When energetic channels meet the vibrational energies unite and expand, visitors often comment on the energies they experience in Byron Bay.

The energy lines of the land have been identified throughout the globe’s native tribes on all continents. Ongoing studies exist and incorporate sacred geometry. The song lines were recorded in paintings and recorded celestially and astrological orientation was also used for guidance. Uluru is one of Australia’s intense energy centers and considered the central center.

One of Australia’s major energy lines unites Byron Bay with Uluru, Australia’s center. It has been suggested that the song lines were used as forms of communication where stories were whispered through the energy channels to other tribes and countries over distance and even oceans. Many of the song lines were also used as travel routes for trade and passage between tribes. Many of our roads and freeways today exist on these lines. People seem to be drawn to the energy of the ley lines and the vortexes they form. Byron Bay is a key point for several vortexes.

Byron Bay Energy

Byron Bay is situated on the most Easterly point of the Australian mainland. Environmentally Byron Bay is nestled within an ancient remnant of a volcano, this is one of the factors that contributes to the high diversity of both flora and fauna. The hinterlands surrounding Byron Bay are home to forests over 40 million years old, the ancient Gondwanan rain forests continue to grow in our region. The Northern Rivers region in Northern, NSW, where Byron Bay is located celebrates a host of environments from the mountains and MT Warning, rain forests, rivers, wetlands, marshlands and marine ecosystems. These environments create a harmonious symbiotic healing energy that has attracted people for centuries. The native elders of the area recognized the heightened energies of Byron Bay and used it as a meeting place to gather. Due to the intense energies it was considered a transient area only, due to the levels of high transformational energy.

The Bay of Byron Bay surrounding the famous lighthouse is home to resident eagles, turtles, dugongs, dolphins and each year the migrating whales. Julian Rocks which forms the third point and energetic triangle between Byron Bay and the Light House is home to a colony of seals. The high diversity of flora and fauna compliments the abundance of naturally flowing energy associated in the area.

Byron Bay is one of the best places in the world to witness the annual migration of the humpback whales. The whales travel north from May each year to give birth in the warmer northern oceans before returning south with their calves in October and November. The bay is often sort out by whales as a place to rest before continuing their journey. As the most easterly point in Australia the migration of the whales and their numbers are often studied from the vantage point of the Byron Bay Lighthouse.

Often observed in small or family pods the whales regularly are accompanied through the area by dolphins with the two species seen swimming and playing together. Whale energy was recognized by native tribes as record keepers of wisdom and the energetic masters of the earth, whilst dolphin energy is often associated with the freedom of playfulness and joy of childhood. The two energies united create a balance of pure heart energy and ancient wisdom, this energy is celebrated throughout Byron Bay.

Byron Bay Good Vibes

When you drive into Byron Bay, the welcome sign reads “Welcome to Byron Bay, slow down, good vibes.” Byron Bay energies united the wisdom of the whales with the freedom of the dolphins. This energy is absorbed by our crystals in our showroom from their surrounding environment.

Byron Bay sits in the cauldron of an ancient volcano with the rim remnants still visible at Julian rocks, Mount Warning and parts of the rock formations extending to Nimbin and Sphinx Rock. The lush vegetation and energetic surrounds can attribute their wealth and fertility to the previous volcanic activity. The township of Byron Bay and the surrounding hinterlands that are encompassed by the volcanic cauldron are located on top of a layer of obsidian rock, which accounts for the high vibrational energies associated with the area, combined with the meeting of the ley lines and energy vortexes in existence.

Obsidian crystal is formed when molten lava cools, it is a naturally forming volcanic glass known for it’s ability to absorb negative energy. Perhaps this is why Byron Bay is associated with good vibes, happy times and a place to gather and celebrate. The Bundjalung mob of Byron Bay, a part of the Arakwal Bumberlin tribe have lived in the area for over 22 000 years and came together seasonally at the sacred women’s tea tree lakes and other traditional areas to gather and unite as a tribe and people.

Celebrating people and nature is a common theme throughout the region. The streets of Byron Bay are named after native flora and famous poets, a uniting of mind and the energetics of nature seem to intertwine throughout the region on all levels. This is a place where a holistic lifestyle is embraced and creativity celebrated.

Crystal Healing Energy

Crystals hold the characteristics of their individual properties with that particular crystal, there is also the possibility that they hold so much more. Record Keeper crystals are identified by a triangle that is formed within the crystal’s surface, indicating that the particular piece is a keeper of ancient wisdom and is often linked with the times of Atlantis. Crystals can be programmed with intentions and purpose by each person they work with and by their higher guides. Cleansing crystals of all energies not of the highest light clears a crystal of any past negative energy or ties including those absorbed from people and environments. You can cleanse a crystal with intention, smudging or under the full moon.

Crystals resonate the reflection of their environment, the person working with them, the properties of their crystal type, their past programming and infused positive energy. The energy vibrations of a crystal mirror the vibrations of the user, they maintain a base level and elevate to uplift the holder to access new levels of energy healing and information when they are ready. In basic terms, crystals adapt for what you are now ready for in alignment with the highest good of all. The vibrational song a crystal sings for each individual person is never the same. When a crystal calls to you it can lift the healing and wisdom available to you on all levels and aspects of your life.

Sharing the Good Vibes

With an abundance of change afoot not only do I carry my power crystal pouch for myself, I have been able to share it with friends when we have been talking and they have needed a boost. Often the weight of feeling the crystal pouch in their hand initiates the energetic connections that allows the energy of the crystals and their properties to begin to work.

One friend, who is a skeptic was considerably upset and I had a feeling they wouldn’t accept the pouch if I offered it. I silently placed the crystal clusters on the table and left them to do their magic. First they were admired visually, then their form appreciated by touch, which resulted in my friend holding a crystal in each hand (which helped to balance their energy) and then they gazed at the third crystal on the table. At the end of our chat I felt the urge to pass the pouch on, which my friend gratefully accepted. Their smile, the shift in their mood and energy was all the thanks I needed. Following my intuition to share the simple and profound benefits assists myself to grow, my friend to balance and heal and our earth the maintain her energy for the highest good of us all.

With so many in need of healing, uplifting energies and help to balance their energies, I’m creating and sending out pouches to all my friends. It doesn’t need to be Christmas or someone’s birthday to appreciate the person and give a gift of care, sometimes letting people know you are thinking of them is the light they need to keep going.

Crystals infused with

Byron Bay Energy

Our crystals are in our showroom are absorbing the Byron Bay healing energies that surrounds Heart of the Bay, in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate. All our crystals are selected for their quality and unique properties, they call in their healers, creatives and those who are ready to be uplifted into a more balanced and harmonious life.

In Byron Bay we are situated where the song lines meet, on a layer of obsidian crystal which protects and removes all negative energy. Our crystals are blessed to benefit from the obsidian crystal energy, the global energy center formed from the ley lines, and in the region where the mountains, rain forest and rivers meet the sea. Byron Bay is a world renown energy vortex and Heart of the Bay’s crystals absorb and resonate this high energy vibration which is sort out by Crystal Healers, Practitioners, Creatives, Designers and travelers as well as those looking for purpose and healing. If you are unable to visit Byron Bay and our showroom at 4/19 Tasman Way, we are happy to assist you over the phone and send your crystals directly to you or the person you wish to gift, or you can visit our online shop, Facebook, Instagram. We are here to support you on your crystal healing journey.

Connect with your crystal today and enjoy the ride.

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