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Top 12 crystals to uplift your mood

Do you want to uplift your mood and raise your spirit?

Feel good & expand the good vibes.

We all want to feel good and be surrounded by good vibes. Sometimes when we are stuck or down, cleansing your space with smudge sticks and sound vibrations starts the shift but we need something more to maintain it and keep the positive energy flowing. Maintaining a healthy nutritious diet can help. I love to boost my mood with music and movement to free any stagnant energy and dance around. Walking and connecting with nature also helps, perhaps consider bringing a pot plant inside.

Boost your Mood

Practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation supports me to uplift my soul and move my body or walking the beach. For ongoing energetic maintenance I have found the combination of creative visualisation and crystals to expand and uplift my energetic frequencies the anchor that lasts the best. When we give ourselves the investment of time and intention we can refill our creative wells and beings to the point that we are overflowing with good vibes and they radiate around us, travelling to others that may need them and as a gift to the earth for healing.

Uplift your mood with crystals

Uplift your mood with crystals by carrying them with you in a pouch in your pocket or bag or by wearing them as jewllery. Create an altar at home or place around your house and garden as needed. I hope the following 12 crystals to shift and lift your mood, energy and vibes will put a smile on your face or the person you gift them to who may need your support in their time of need.

It starts with us, when we are fill our positive energy overflows to gift others and continues to grow, expand and give back. As we heal ourselves, we heal our community and we heal the earth. Together we initiate the positive change we all seek. It starts with one moment and grows from there.

1. Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone, calls forth the harmony of being in flow with the moon’s cycles and the cycles of nature. A long time protector of travelers the energy of the Luna goddess shines her luminous silver glow over those going through change and uplifts them when they stumble.

Invite the magic and opportunity that inspiration can lend itself to by carrying moonstone on you at all times. Moonstone provides the light of translucent light of the moon when all hope goes out.

2. Turquoise

Turquoise will uplift your energetic immunity that can be compromised when we aren’t operating at our best. Align your heart and mind with clear communication and express yourself with ease when you carry turquoise with you. Increase your energy flow with the copper and aluminium components of this vibrant mineral gemstone.

Turquoise invites good vibes in the space around you and in the people connecting with you, it has often been known as the friendship stone. Repel negative energy and connect with your spiritual path as your mood and energetic frequencies raise.

3. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the calming stone of unconditional love, embrace the pure love energy and enjoy the healing it offers your heart and entire being. Purify your heart and open your heart to receive positive energy with Rose Quartz around your house. Wearing a pendant over your heart increases and the love energy, are you ready for unconditional love and healing for the highest benefit of all?

4. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz absorbs and transforms negative energy and EMFs (Electron Magnetic Frequencies) that can drag your energy down. Ground your energy whilst connecting into the higher realms and receive the protection and be shielded from energy not of the highest light, repel dense and negative energy. and give yourself the opportunity to move forward.

5. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the master healer and pick me up. Amplify your clarity and energy on all levels and through all chakras with Clear Quartz. Open your communication channels to receive the wisdom you are now ready for and move forward recharged with reassured calmness. Balance and restore your energy by activating your sacred helix spiral by meditating with Clear Quartz.

6. Bloodstone

Bloodstone supports you to shift stagnant and toxic energy and move into your aligned path and higher calling. Detox yourself and your surrounding environments by wearing Bloodstone or carrying a piece with you. Purify your energy ready for new higher frequencies of vibration by meditating with Bloodstone.

7. Calcite

Calcite invites the subtle higher energies into the earthly realm. Are you ready to receive the energies of the angels? Relax and restore your aura and receive the healing and wisdom from your angelic guides. Power up and recharge your being with a complete Calcite crystal healing layout. Connect spiritually as you are uplifted with calcite to the higher realms during meditation.

8. Citrine

Invite overflowing abundance and the good energies of protection, wealth and good will on all levels with Citrine. Lift your heart and take balanced action, motivated by optimistic Citrine. Breathe easily as your energy is harmoniously balanced between the upper and lower chakras through your solar plexus, allowing you to walk your path with well being on all levels.

9. Hematite

Sometimes when we are feeling energized and low we can feel stuck and stagnant, Hematite revitalizes the flow of energy on all levels. Ground your energy and enjoy your journey as hematite dissolves blocks and stimulates movement. Release the pain of the past and present combined with the fear of the future that may be holding you back and walk with freedom when you carry hematite.

10. Senelite

Selenite clears and uplifts our own energies and auras and that of the spaces it vibrates in. Using a Selenite wand through your room, your energy field or over your body can create an instant change and charge of positive energy. Connect to the moon and higher spirituality and higher realms when you meditate with Selenite. Uplift, clear and receiver higher energy into your presence when you work with Selenite.

11. Amethyst

Amethyst is a master healer and transmuter of energies not of the highest light into positive energy. Recharge protection and immunity on all levels of being by wearing or carrying amethyst throughout your day. Invite spiritual wisdom by meditating with amethyst.

12. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline will support you to cleanse and transmute the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. Reduce stress and anxiety by blocking negative energies that cause dis-ease and welcome positive energies by keeping Black Tourmaline with you throughout your day. If you carry a mobile phone or sit near a computer attaching or placing a piece of black tourmaline on the device allows the gemstone to absorb and transmute the negative EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequenices) emitted from the devices. In doing so you can release and protect your energies from being drained throughout your day.

The 4 essential crystals to maintain your mood & energy

The combination of Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Selenite is the ultimate all time essentials, if you lay them on hematite chips you are good to go and spread the good vibes with a radiant heart whilst remaining balance, protected and uplifted. Create an altar and enjoy the combined energy whilst meditating. Add moonstone and calcite to take you journey to the nest level. Choose the combination that works for you, tune in and adjust as you need to continue to comliment and support your energy evolution.

Share the good vibes freely & let the good times roll

Raising your own vibes is the first step, if you want to expand the feel good feeling the gift of giving is the next step. It doesn’t need to cost you more than a smile. The acknowledgement, kindness and compassion can be all someone needs to lift their day and shift their mood, even if only for a moment. That moment could be the spark they need, that ignites their heart. Smiles like yawns are contagious, and I know which I’d rather be spreading.

Saying “good morning” uplifts others and takes only a moment. Feeling good is expanded not only to yourself but others when we give. Gifts uplift both the giver and receiver. Any time is a good time to give and it feels great to receive. I’m currently gifting crystal chip pouches instead of lollies for Halloween or All Souls night. I’m consciously selecting gifts for Christmas so I have the time to choose the best gift.

Choose your crystals for yourself and others intuitively and let your heart guide you. All our crystals are infused with Byron Bay energy and ethically sourced with integrity. If you require assistance shopping online via Facebook or the Web contact me or drop into Heart of the Bay, Byron Bay Crystals, 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate, Byron Bay. Entry into our warehouse full of crystals, gemstones, fossils, g

Connect with the crystals that are calling you & enjoy the ride.

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