Create a Crystal Grid

Crystal grid work has become increasingly more popular in a recent revival of the 80’s trend of energy work that can incorporate crystals, sacred shapes, intuition, healing and nature. A quick search of the hashtag #Crystalgridwork on Instagram or google, yields some beautiful results that celebrate creativity and the practice of ritual, which can be incorporated into our daily lives and invites the sharing and sending of good vibes and healing to individuals, communities and environments.

What is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is the placement of crystals either over an overlay of a sacred shape or in free form style to anchor and amplify the energy of intention and crystal properties. The crystals are programmed with purpose and the grid activated energetically to create a synergy of energy within the vortex of the grid. The energy expands and radiates to where the intention, purpose and affirmation send it.

What is geometric crystal grid?

Geometric crystal grids combine the placement of the gathered crystals on top of a scared shape or that when placed form a sacred or symbolic shape. This shape may be as simple and powerful as a circle, triangle or spiral or as complex as a lotus, the flower of life or a Celtic knot. Sacred shapes and symbols are at their most powerful when they are chosen in alignment with the practitioner’s own beliefs and combined with that of the receiver of the intentions.

How to create your sacred crystal grid

  1. Clear space.
  2. Clarify your intention and affirmation of the grid’s purpose.
  3. Select crystals.
  4. Choose shape or pattern.
  5. Place anchor or central crystal first affirming your intention for the crystal grid. You may also wish to write this down and place it beneath the crystal as a part of the ritual.
  6. Place crystals one at a time in a mindful manner. You may wish to start with your secondary crystals first which locate the directions of the compass before you place crystals on your tertiary points on the grid eg Hekimer Diamonds and crystals to enhance the energy flow between pathways and points eg double terminators.
  7. Connect crystals energetically one by one to anchor using your crystal wand and repeat your affirmed intention for each crystal.
  8. Activate the grid with affirmed intention and allowing the energies of the vortex to commence.

Deactivate your grid with affirmation and the clearing of the space. Ensure you also cleanse and recharge your crystals.

Choosing crystals for gridwork

The base guideline for crystal healing and grid work is to follow your intuition in heart centered alignment for the highest good of all. Choose your crystals by being clear on your intention for your grid and allow the crystals to call for you. Choosing which type of crystals to add can be based on the type of crystal properties a gemstone is known for, or you can follow where the energy leads you. Some say there shouldn’t be more than three types of crystals in a grid and others incorporate the colours of the rainbow and chakras. You need to choose what feels right for you.

All grids I have encountered aim to keep the energies balanced by being symmetrical, this may be something to keep in mind and remember when selecting the number of crystals you use. You may also wish to include flowers or ferns or leaves into your grid or perhaps feathers to invite the angels or your bird guides.

Your central anchor piece

This piece is placed first and set in the middle of the grid. It is the focus point and acts as the anchor for your energy vortex for this reason it tends to be the biggest piece within your grid. Generators, spheres, heart shapes, crystal statues are examples that are commonly used or you may choose to use a large piece of raw crystal.

Secondary Crystals

The secondary crystals placed on a grid are often tumbled stones or smaller spheres and pyramids. If there is only four secondary crystals they often represent the four directions of the compass. In some sacred shapes and arrangements there are many more and represent chakras on our physical and energetic bodies.

Tertiary Points

Tertiary Points in a crystal grid are often points where the energetic pathways between the crystals or on a scared shape connect. By placing a smaller gemstone or crystal here it helps to connect the energies in a harmonious synergy, it also assists to increase the energetic flow. Crystal chips placed along energy pathways, can be used between tertiary points or as tertiary points. Herkimer Diamonds, fossils and tumbled and natural crystals work well here.

Crystals to increase energetic flow

Double point terminators, single point terminators, wands, paths of herkimer diamonds and crystal chips can be placed along energetic pathways and the lines of sacred shapes to enhance the energetic flow within the grid.

Crystals to create an energetic vortex

Crystals with a flat base and point like the generators above or the pyramids shown below call energy into the physical realm and ground it in place. These sorts of crystals are ideal as your central piece and also as activators of your secondary and tertiary points within your crystal grid. They generate vibrational vortexes of energy by connecting it in the physical realm whilst drawing it from above. Choose your crystal based on it’s properties. A crystal grid with a generator in the center and four pyramids at the directions of the compass as the secondary points, with Herkimer Diamonds as tertiary points uniting the energy pathways is a simple yet powerful grid that can be adapted to your needs based upon the crystal type you select.

Crystals to manifest & ground your desires

When you combine your intention with the choice of a gemstone, and the inclusion and placement of it in your crystal grid you can increase the energy on what you wish to manifest. The right crystal within the grid can assist you to release what is holding you back, clear the path for the future and call forth your higher purpose into being, Herkimer Diamonds are masters in manifesting your soul path.

Crystal Spheres

The energy of the sphere is a subtle energy with rich symbolism in the circle and cycles of nature. Spheres are ideal to include in crystal grid work as the anchor, secondary and tertiary points. A complete crystal grid of spheres has a soft radiant energy. You can vary the size of the spheres depending on their location eg anchor, secondary, tertiary points. Sphere grids can vibe and resonate good energy in a gentle hum, they are very powerful, particularly when doing earth healing work.

Using your Crystal Grid

Once activated you can leave your crystal grid for as long as you feel is needed. You can reconnect with the grid and adjust and add crystals as energy shifts occur. When you feel a new grid is in order, or you wish to change the grid in alignment with the seasons or moon cycle you can close the grid and deactivate it by removing, deprogramming and cleansing the crystals until they are needed again.

Ritual Intention Affirmation

Setting your intention or what you want to achieve from creating your crystal grid helps to ground your reason why into manifesting.

Why are you creating this grid?

Where do you want the energy sent?

To who do you want to send this energy?

By gaining clarity on our reasons we can create a positive affirmation that defines our intent and in doing so focuses our energy on it’s path eg.

“I create this crystal grid to heal the earth where she needs it the most, so that the plants and forests may grow and her creatures may be supported in a healthy and diverse environment for the highest good of all. I affirm that all negative energies are instantly transmuted into positive energies and gifted to the earth. And so it is.”

Heart of the Bay – Byron Bay Crystals

Creating a sacred space for you

Your space reflects the energy vibrations you will be able to create. A clear space physically and energetically invites smooth sailing through the process and a harmonious experience. Clearing your space and setting it up for energy work during preparation can support you as a part of the ritual of practicing crystal and earth healing.

Visualization, affirmation, smudging and sound clearing can be incorporated to assist in the clearing and raising the vibes of your space. Having a designated area to practise and set up is also helpful for developing ritual and maintaining the high vibes of the room.

Crystal Grid work- energetics

The basis for crystal grid work is that energy follows thought, for this reason the clarity and setting of intention is key. Whether you choose to follow your intuition in creating a free form grid or choose a sacred shape that is meaningful to you, it is the defining of positive affirmation that directs the energy. Crystal grid work practitioners incorporate crystals to amplify the intention and energy in flow. Each crystal brings with it, it’s own healing properties to form a synergy within the energy vortex created. By activating your grid, through the connection with the anchor crystal and activation of each crystal you expand the focus and alignment of energy into a harmonious flow, which benefits all. To activate your grid, an energetic line is cast using a crystal wand between each crystal and the anchor, whilst affirming the intention of the grid.

Distance healing with crystal grids

Crystal grid work is often used to support someone or something over a distance. To amplify the focus of intention, create your grid with clear thought and include a photo of the individual or location, you can also include a map and other imagery behind or near your grid. If you are doing distance healing you can create a crystal grid for someone on a yoga mat, or massage table as if the person was there or symbolically on top of a piece of paper with an outline of the person. This provides a further tool for the practitioner to connect with where/who the healing energies are intended for.

Distance healing to protect your home

To protect your home or property you can create a grid on top of a print out of your house plan or a property survey. Place your crystals at points of entry, along boundaries and strengthen by incorporating the directions. A combination of jade and clear quartz can amplify your protective shield.

Crystal Grid work – interior design

By placing your crystal grid in your home you are able to benefit from the visual reminders each time you see it and the aesthetic beauty. If you wish to increase the impact of your grid work as an interior design feature you may wish to create your grid on a canvas and hang it as a wall display. You can attach your crystals to canvas by glue or by stitching them to the canvas. If you choose to stitch your crystals on you can select your colour thread and incorporate it into your healing by representing the colours of the chakras or aura or colour healing or you may choose to keep it pure white, or enhance it with silver and gold. You can also frame crystal grids for a more formal display, perhaps a series together, the possibilities are endless.

If creating a crystal grid as a room feature on a table or within your garden, selecting your anchor or central focus piece can have a huge impact. If you are looking to increase the crystal energy perhaps creating a sacred feature table eg glass on top of an amethyst crystal base ensures that your crystals remain cleansed and that all energies not of the highest light are instantly transmuted. The benefits of feature pieces like this don’t just look pleasing to the eye and create intrigue they are benefiting all by holding space.

Crystal Grid work – holding space

Crystal grids allow us to amplify our thoughts, affirmed intention and the energies focused on that. Where our thoughts go, energy flows. By creating a crystal grid with clear affirmed intention of healing, support, good vibes and pure positive love energy we can connect with and radiate that energy to people and places in need through distance healing. By doing this we can hold space for individuals, communities and locations where disaster may have occurred or someone going through challenging times. Our grid can hold space as the anchor for the energy to radiate from for the highest good of all.

Maintaining your crystal’s vibrations

To maintain the energy of your crystals regular cleansing and transmuting of unwanted energies by smudging, leaving on an amethyst cluster is beneficial. For crystals that like water, a salt water cleanse at the beach or in a fresh water cleanse in a river is great for quartz crystals. Make sure you don’t get your selenite, kynite or calcite wet. Using sound vibrations through a Tibetan bowl or crystal bowl can assist in the clearing and charging of your crystals prior and post grid work.

To keep your crystals charged and amplified placing them in full sunlight, in the light of the full and new moon can assist. Meditating with your crystals can activate and charge them. Ensuring your crystals are clear to program, tuning in can help you understand the best way for each particular crystal before you program it with your intentions and place it in a crystal grid.

Share & send good vibes

Connect and collect your crystals for grid work for yourself, knowing that the good vibes are being shared and radiating on a much larger scale. By investing the time in ourselves, connecting with the earth, our heart centers and the universe we are more in tune and able to create the crystal grids to manifest our desires and support our journey whilst giving back to the earth and those around us. Crystal grids provide us with a tool to raise and amplify the good work we do through distance healing and by holding space for individuals and communities. If you follow your intuition aligned with the highest good for all, we all benefit.

Share your experience of grid work and your creations so we may all be inspired and learn as we grow by tagging us in on Instagram and Facebook or comment below on the blog. If you are in Byron Bay, drop in and say hi at Heart of the Bay, at 4/19 Tasman Way in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate. I’m happy to assist you to connect with the crystals calling for you in person, by phone or online.

Follow our blog, we’d love to include your crystal grid photos and experiences in our follow up of this blog on extending your crystal grid energies.

In healing our hearts, we heal the earth.

Connect with your crystals and enjoy the ride.

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