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Crystals to improve your communication with Spirit & your guides.

Do you have questions?

Sometimes in finding the answers we seek we all need a bit of extra support. All of us at some time in our lives search for insight, answers to our questions and clarity on the path and choices we have made or are yet to make. Each of us is a unique being and we all resonate with different energies and tools at different times of our lives. Some of us may combine a number of tools and others will just align to one medium. By choosing to be informed and knowing what’s available we can gather the resources we need to uncover the answers we seek. You may choose to use crystals, cards, pendulums or runes to connect and receive guidance, follow your intuition and heart to create the combination that is best for you.

Halloween & All Souls- times when the veils are thinnest

Halloween has evolved from the pagan festival of All Souls, a night when the veils were thinnest between the spiritual and physical realms and communication and guidance was sort from spirit. Samhain celebrated the end of the light and the beginning of the dark as the harvests and wealth was brought in, in preparation for winter. Traditionally celebrated from sundown on the 31st of October through to sunrise on the 1st of November this was a time to gain insight on the path ahead. The time between twilight and pixie dawn has been a time to connect and receive healing and communication from spirit and guides. Spirit pouches of herbs and crystals were often used in the past to aid connection and invite good energies especially during these times.

Crystal pouches and crystal chip pouches are easily given and received and easily placed. The convenience of a pouch allows you to place the crystals where needed and then to carry them with you, taking the absorbed energies with you throughout the day for ongoing healing and benefits. Having the crystal energy in the pouch also allows the chips to mold and rest in places for example, on your eyes where a heavier and larger piece is not desirable. A pouch can also be placed on an altar to absorb energies before being retrieved when ready and carried or given to someone in need.

Altar Crystals

Altar Crystals can incite and anchor in particular energies that you would like to call into a meditation or channeled session, they can assist you to connect with the energies you desire. Brandberg Points are high vibrational quartzs that can uplift entire rooms to new levels of energetic being. You may also consider adding a piece or collection of Spirit Quartz to your altar to intensify the connection with the higher realms and the clarity of information received during a session.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz shields, protects and heals whilst raising your vibrations for connection with the spirit world, rendering it the ideal addition to your altar when you want to connect and communicate with your guides and spirit. Spirit Quartz is known to connect and harmonize groups, particularly when placed in the center of a gathered circle.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz brings you into a closer relationship with your heart and higher self aligning you to receive clear information from the spirit world. It also has the added benefits of cleansing and purifying the aura.

Citrine Sprit Quartz uplifts you when working with the will of the Solar Plexus to manifest your passions within the physical realm.

White Spirit Quartz  clears and cleanses the body on all levels and unites them as one in harmony which resonates with a peace of mind and freedom from fear.

Selenite Wands

Often used in advanced crystal healing and to clear the space of a room or person’s aura in preparation for energy work and connection, Selenite wands are invaluable to clear and raise the vibrations. Including one on your altar can assist in connecting with your higher guides on an angelic level. By selecting and adjusting your crystal altar you can adapt the gemstone support you need by selecting the crystals with the energetic properties aligned with your intentions for your session.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz will amplify you on all levels and assists you to connect with the highest energies available. Uplifting your being allows you to receive new wisdom and messages that may have otherwise been previously unavailable. By placing Clear Quartz on your altar, wearing or including a series of Clear Quartz gemstones on your body whilst in session your are ensuring that your energy channels are open to receive at the maximum level that you are now ready for.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz connects us with all that is pure unconditional love energy and confirms that we are acting in alignment with our open heart chakras. All energy not of the highest heart and love is repelled by rose Quartz. This keeps us safe and protected whilst providing a calm reassurance that all is well as we receive healing. Anchoring in this pure energy in abundance and continuing through our day is possible when we carry our altar piece, a pouch of rose quartz or a tumble stone with us during the day to keep the good vibes rolling.

Heighten your connection with crystals

Increase the quality of your energetic vibrations and raise your frequencies to allow for connection with the highest guides and collective consciousness possible by incorporating crystals and gemstones into your practice position. If you sit cross legged or on a chair, placing calcite squares on each of your knees can increase the flow of energy and ensure that these areas, where blocks can often be experienced manifesting in dis-ease, remain open to the energy channels.

If you sit crossed legged placing a calcite sphere between your legs, particularly a yellow calcite sphere aids in the harmonious connection between our lower and upper chakras. By doing so it can unite our physical and spiritual connection, allowing us to intuite and manifest the spiritual messages into the physical realm.

For complete balance, you may choose to hold a lava ball in one hand and a calcite sphere in your other. The lava grounds us to the earthly realm whilst the calcite connects us with the divine energy we wish to channel. The two combined invite balanced energies for us to receive the maximum healing available to us at that moment in time. The two form a synergy of energy that you can continue to carry throughout your day in a pouch. Why not keep the energy flowing?

Crystals for clarity – using pendulumns

Pendulums are often used by kinesiology and individuals to gain clarity to questions asked. The direction of the rotation determining the answer in response to the chi energy that the pendulum is held over or that which is directed into it from the holder. A pendulum shaped in a sacred shape of the Merkaba star, combines the crystal properties and the energies of the Merkaba and is a powerful tool for healers, and conscious energy workers.

Tarot Decks & Oracle Cards

Tarot decks and oracle cards can provide insight and clarity for the reader. Tarot cards are the original fixed system of card divination whilst oracle cards are the fluid reading cards that have evolved from tarot. Tarot provides established mythology and a defined system of interpretation. Oracle cards allow for a freer layout, reading, and interpretation. The two types of cards have many variations which allow us to find the cards that resonate with us and our energy at any particular time. Cards are a tool that can give us guidance through symbolism, using them combined with an altar of crystals and runes can give us an expanded energy experience of insight, and wisdom that we are now ready to receive.


Runes are an ancient tool that allow us to connect with our guides and higher selves to ask consciousness for answers to questions we pose. By combining the energy of the symbols of the runes with the properties of the crystal or gemstone they are engraved onto we amplify the communication channel for better clarity and understanding. Runes can support us to uncover the answers we may already know beneath the surface but may not be ready to recognize. They can also highlight pathways that we may not have been aware of and provide a deeper level of understanding on issues troubling us.

Opening to Receive

Choosing and remembering to remain open to receiving messages of wisdom and healing can keep the momentum and energy flowing. Being open to enjoy and be aware of the gifts we may sometimes pass by like a feather, shell or special pebble that comes your way opens the channels and invites further messages and signs. Perhaps one of your animal totems crosses your path as recognition that all is well or a wish manifests and something you’ve been longing for or working towards comes to fruition. When your arms are open to receiving the positive you attract that energy into each moment of your life and your heart remains open and radiates healing to all. Allowing yourself to experience this joy and continuing the energetic expansion with gratitude not only increases the positive in your own life, but where you walk and onward to those around you and the earth below. By increasing our connection, expanding our open hearts we invite and initiate healing that extends far beyond ourselves, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

I invite you to share your stories of connection by commenting on this post, dropping into Heart of the Bay at 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate or connecting online on Facebook or Instagram. It starts with each of us, each of one of us make a difference and together we can make the change.

Connect with the crystals that call to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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