Invite Joy & Happiness into your Life with Crystals

What are you bringing in now?

How is it manifesting around you?

Would you like more joy, happiness and smiles, more love light and laughter?

Crystals to invite good vibes

We all want to live our lives with love, light and laughter, full of happiness and joy and see those around us feeling good. Bringing the good vibes could be as simple as changing the gemstone you are wearing or meditating with or changing the arrangement on your altar. Enjoying the physical and energetic properties of a crystal not only benefits ourselves but radiates to those around us. You don’t even need to be aware of the crystal’s healing properties to receive the benefits. If the crystal acts as a visual or tactile reminder to positively switch your mood or reminds you of a happy experience or someone who cares or gets you to take a pause and look deeper into it’s physical properties, sometimes the pause is all you need to reset and enjoy the positive and uplifting vibes of love, light and laughter that manifest as joy, happiness and smiles. Share the smiles and invite the feel good vibes into your life.


Prosperity, abundance, balance, protection and good luck all in one gemstone, Citrine is overflowing with good vibes and positive charity. Lift your spirits and raise your soul by aligning with your passions and true purpose with a piece of citrine. Citrine is a Master problem solver which assists us to walk the path of our true calling with balance purpose and joy. Manifest your desires and enjoy holisitic wealth so that you may share the good vibes and keep the ripple effect flowing by wearing and meditating with Citrine.


Invite good vibes by first ensuring that all the unwanted vibrations and frequencies not of the highest light and love are instantly transmuted with Amethyst. Raise your awareness and conscious connection with your higher guides and intuition by walking with Amethyst. Amethyst rids us and our surroundings of toxic energies as it names suggests, it vibrates aligned to the violet flame of Saint Germain, The Master Transmuter and alchemist of the seventh ray. A Master Healer and spiritual stone of awakening, working with amethyst can open the new doorways of what you have been ready and waiting for.

Lapis Lazuli

De-stress and calm your energy with Lapis whilst revitalizing it with this ancient royal gemstone. Invite good vibes by walking your path wisely, Lapis connects our intuitive third eye with the truth of communication and our throat chakra which allows us to voice with love what we need so that it can manifest with harmony. Lapis Lazuli calms and clears the mind in preparation for the healing strength of positivity that it radiates to the wearer.

Crystals to invite joy

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a positive stone of clarity that invites joy and good luck into the your life. Use Tiger’s Eye during meditation by holding a piece in each hand to increase your insight and understanding into a situation so that you can reveal the path forward. Gain insight whilst increasing your alignment. Tiger’s Eye grounds and empowers your personal energy. Step into your personal power with joy as you balance your physical and spiritual being with Tiger’s Eye.


Invite joy by balancing your yin and yang energies so that you may receive with open arms. Take time out to nurture and heal your energy and de-clutter from what may be creating chaos and preventing joy in your life. Remove the negative influences and energies that surround you with Jasper and enjoy the tranquility of calm, uplifting, peace by feeling whole again.

Crystals to invite happiness

Rose Quartz

Heal your heart and invite the energy of unconditional love with Rose Quartz. When your heart is happy, it tends to naturally heal and uplift all other parts of your being into it’s buoyant rhythm. Carry or wear Rose Quartz to affirm and invite the good and pure and deflect any undesired energies. Love puts a smile on everyone’s face, it starts with love for ourselves and grows from there.


Radiate happiness by activating your immunity and thymus chakra on all levels with Turquoise. Smile and embrace the positive creative energy of Turquoise and enjoy the emotional balancing and healing this gemstone offers. Increase good luck, love, joy and friendship whilst opening to a new level of self awareness. Carrying or wearing a piece of turquoise radiates positive happy vibes through you and around you, uplift yourself and the room.


Be happy with Adventurine’s, aventurescence that resonates to invite prosperous, heart felt good vibes and happiness on all levels, for every cell in your body. Heal your heart and dissolve negative thoughts and feelings by meditating and enjoying crystal healing with Adventurine. Dispel EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies emitted from our electronic devices eg lap tops and mobile phones) and undesired energies and let the uplifting, radiance in that Adventurine offers.

Crystal grids for good vibes

Crystal grids anchor our affirmed intentions and amplify the energies attracted to their intended purpose. By creating a scared grid of crystals we ground the energies into the physical realm not only to benefit ourselves and our immediate space, we also benefit those of a larger surrounding area and distance. All excess energies can be gifted to the earth for healing.

Share the good vibes

Smiles and laughter cost us nothing and can start a positive ripple effect through our immediate surroundings and the wider environment. By ensuring we are feeling good and taking care of our own self-care needs first we can fill our internal wells enough so that they overflow and gift others. When we are full we have the time and energy to give. You can’t pour from an empty pot. When we grow from ourselves the energy radiates and initiates positive changes for others, sometimes all we need is a spark or reminder of good times. Give to yourself so that you can give to others and know that you are worth it.

Invite & welcome love, light & laughter with Crystals

Whether you choose to create a crystal grid or altar to increase the good energies for all, or choose to wear or carry a crystal that makes you happy or gift someone else with a crystal that reminds them that someone cares, which ever you choose, it starts the ripple effect of feel good healing and uplifting energy. You start radiating what you want to bring in and that positivity and love only increases and attracts more. Initiate change for the better, it can start with you.

All crystals displayed in this blog are available in our Facebook shop or come and browse our diverse range of ethically sourced, quality crystals showcased in our warehouse in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate at 4/19 Tasman Way.

Connect with the crystals that call to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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