Byron Bay Crystals

Uniting the clear, healing energies of Byron Bay with the properties of a crystal is a powerful way to keep the energies flowing long after you return home. Increase your energy flow by using crystals that are infused with Byron Bay energy and the synergy of landscapes that it is home to, for complete holistic wealth on all levels.

Are you ready to receive the maximum healing and wisdom that you are now ready for?

Byron Bay Healing Energy

The green cauldron where Byron Bay is located within the Northern Rivers of NSW has been attracting travelers for centuries. The energy vortex on the coast unites the healing energies of the song lines, or energy channels, and its diverse landscapes uniting the vibrations of the rivers, oceans, rain forest, mountains and wetlands. These energies attract those seeking healing and a more conscious awareness connected with our environments. The vibrations are often said to slow time, with the term “Byron time” often used in conversation by visitors who are not used to the slow lifestyle embraced by the locals.

In our chaotic lives, where busy can become the norm many are seeking the lifestyle and energy embraced in Byron Bay. Holidays and visiting the region can provide a much needed break and, once enjoyed people often wish the energy could travel home with them. One way to achieve this desire is to connect with a crystal that calls to you, that is infused with Byron Bay energy. You may choose a piece of jewellery, a larger centerpiece or a pouch to carry. Many have been opting to select gifts for those who need a pick me up and sending some Byron Bay energy their way via post.

One of the great things about crystals is that you don’t need to believe in them to receive their healing benefits. You can unlock deeper wisdom when you intentionally meditate with a crystal, consciously aware or not you can clear and raise your energy with crystals by having them in your presence.

Crystal Healing Byron Bay

Byron Bay’s vortex of healing energy attracts those looking to raise their awareness, many crystal healers come to the area to advance their own evolution and to assist others. You may choose to select your own crystals and give yourself a self healing on your chakras with crystals by placing the crystals that call or feel right to you on your body and within your Auras. As you progress you may advance to distance healing and healing yourself and others at a higher level by lifting your own energetic vibrational frequency and crystal healing.

Byron Bay landscapes/environments

The green cauldron of Byron Bay has been called a melting pot for the people it attracts with visitors travelling from across the globe to visit the area. The diversity of flora and fauna runs just as deep as a reflection of the vast and varied landscapes that the region is home to.

Byron Bay Beaches

Byron Bay’s beaches are often published as the most beautiful in the world, from the crescent moon bay of Main Beach and Belongil towards Brunswick Heads and beyond, the coastlines that meet at the most easterly point of Australia, below the Byron Bay Lighthouse to the rolling waves of the more Southern Beaches that long boarders love, each beach is an invitation to heal. Dive into the white wash to clear your aura or walk where the water laps the sand and the energetic veils are thinnest, especially during the changing lights of first light, sunrise, twilight and dusk. For an added healing boost, take your crystal with you and let it absorb the energies.

Ocean Jasper

Uplift your entire being with Ocean Jasper. Release stress and relax with a piece in your pocket and feel empowered to connect to and express your feelings of what you need and want clearly. Ocean Jasper is great for visitors to Byron who want to release from the chaotic push and pull and the treadmill of life that we can sometimes find ourselves on.

Byron Bay Lighthouse

The Byron Bay lighthouse is a point of power and insight. It offers a perspective that provides the bigger picture and invites you to breathe, really breathe at capacity. Meditating or sitting with your crystal at the most easterly light house of Australia can open your being to become aware of new opportunities and ideas that were previously hidden and out of reach.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the master healer and amplifier of all crystals. With clear intention Clear Quartz can be programmed and substituted into any crystal layout. Clear, heal, balance and increase your alignment and connection with higher wisdom with Clear Quartz.

Wollumbin / Mt Warning

A sacred place to the Bundjalung People, Wollumbin (Mt Warning) is the central shield that remains from a prehistoric volcano. Rising 1900m above the sea, it’s name means, “fighting chief of the mountains” as it dominates the landscape and surveys all that surrounds it or “cloud catcher” for it’s peak can be surrounded by clouds. The energy here is ancient with the volcano last erupting over 23 million years ago.

Lapis – Moonstone

Connect to the ancient and sacred with Lapis and Moonstone. Hold a crystal in each hand or choose to sit cross legged with a Lapis between the triangle created by your legs and the moonstone held in your cupped hands above the Lapis. This practice creates a vortex to connect with the wisdom of the elders of the past and connect with the spirit and higher consciousness. Embrace your dreams with the communications you receive. To increase connection during your daily life, wearing a ring or bracelet of Lapis and one of Moonstone may assist you to remain in flow with your intuition throughout the day.


The region surrounding Byron Bay is called the Northern Rivers, it is abundant with streams in the mountains and rain forests that flow the the ocean. Meditating with your crystal in a river, next to a river or estuary is a powerful place to connect with spirit. The energetic space of these areas is said to be heightened which is reflected in the flow of the river. These landscapes have also been used as a place for connection and communication with higher consciousness as the energetic veils are said to be thinner which allows for the whispers of wisdom to be more easily heard.


Allow yourself to settle into a state of calm as your worries float away with Sodalite. Trust in your intuition, open your throat chakra and third eye for enhanced and clear communication with your higher self. Sodalite will support you to accept and trust yourself and the path beneath your feet, allowing you to move forward with ease.

The Green Cauldron

The Green Cauldron is within the scenic rim of an ancient volcano and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna species. It’s energies connect it with the prehistoric past and is a source of powerful energetic flow for those seeking to cut ties with the past or perform a past life regression. It is an ideal place to perform Earth healing with the area home to over two hundred rare and endangered plants and animals.


Connect with nature and grow in wisdom with Malachite. Be protected energetically in a safe space when you detach and let go of what is holding you back, chords from your past and previous trauma. Open your heart for heart centered radiant abundance and let the energies grow around you when you meditate with Malachite. Wear or carry malachite to invite an overall well-being that resonates from the heart. Meditating with a malachite egg in each hand invites direct connection with the wisdom and healing energies of nature which initiate harmonious growth and offers strength through change.

Rain forest

The Byron Bay Hinterlands are home to virgin, dry and wet rain forest clusters. The Minon Falls loop through National Parks allows hikers to see remnants of original forests that covered this land, whilst refreshing at the cleansing Minion Falls.

Moss Agate

Refresh your spirit and rejuvenate as you welcome new beginnings with Moss Agate. Meditating in the rain forest with Moss Agate supports you to feel safe and welcome the new with an open heart and self confidence. Invite growth, abundance and wealth on all levels into your life with Moss Agate.


De-stress and settle into a nurturing sense of calm with Mookalite. When you feel overwhelmed or lost, meditating with Mookalite will support you to align and receive guidance towards the next step in your journey. Found within springs, Mookalite brings balance and harmony into your life. If you are feeling stagnant sitting quietly in the rain forest with either a pouch of Mookalite or a gemstone in each hand, will stimulate new flow of energy and welcome changes. You can amplify this process if you position yourself in the rain forest by the a creek, Mookalite connects those with the flow.

Byron Bay infused Crystals

Heart of the Bay is passionate about the healing energies of crystals to heal ourselves, each other and the Earth. We believe in walking our talk and source our gemstones, fossils and jewellery from ethical and sustainable sources. We support locals by sourcing Australian suppliers and collaborating with Byron Bay jewellers that handcraft our pieces, allowing them to retain untainted energy.

All of our crystals absorb the energies of Byron Bay and are infused with the good vibes that abounds the area to invite prosperity and abundance. The healing energies of the area have been enjoyed by local tribes within the green cauldron for centuries.

If you can’t travel to Byron Bay and visit us at Heart of the Bay, 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate we are more than happy to send your crystal investments to you via post. We ship worldwide. If you are needing some good vibes and positive energy, our Byron Bay infused crystals are the ideal gift for Christmas or anytime to show someone you care or when you need some self-care. Drop in, reach out to us online or feel free to give me a call and I’m happy to assist you to connect with the crystals that are calling to you, or for those special people in your life.

Connect with the crystals that call to you and enjoy the ride.

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