Invite calm & slowdown with crystals

In times of change and uncertainty we can feel like our life is speeding up. We might have increased or new feelings of anxiety and overwhelm or fear of the unknown. You may notice you are short of breath, breathing faster and shallower, can’t think or communicate clearly. You may feel unbalanced, stagnant or on high alert. It maybe difficult to maintain self care eg making your bed, doing the dishes, exercising and eating well. Each individual’s experience is real and unique.

At some stage in our lives we are likely to experience stress, anxiety and feel overwhelmed. During these times it can help to stop, slow down and breathe, however this is often easier said than done when you are in the middle and experiencing these situations. There are some simple things that may help you move through these unwanted feelings.

Everyone is different, and different things work at different stages of our path, these suggestions are what have worked for us and others we know. It’s about finding the best combination for you and making sure you have the support you need physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Developing a self care and treatment plan, identifying and noticing your triggers are all steps forward. You may form a team of friends, medical staff, community groups to help you move forward. The important thing is to remember you are not the only one and you are not alone.

Choose Calm

Are you feeling unsettled, conflicted, chaotic and unable to think clearly?

Stop, and give yourself a moment to check in with how you are feeling and what are you are thinking. Notice and pay attention to what is happening around you. Slow your breathing down and breathe deep. Is there something that you can do to change how you feel in this moment or to change the situation? If not, do you need to take the step and walk away to get some perspective and a different view, with a chance to re-balance and realign before coming back or letting go? What sort of energy are you attracting with your thoughts, are they positive or negative?

Sometimes we need to take a moment to reset our mind, emotions and breathing, this is an investment in time we all deserve as basic self care. Perhaps tuning in and aligning with a positive affirmation and crystal, and then taking assertive action can help us turn the switch on a situation that could be better. Connecting with nature, noticing what is around you and tuning it with your senses, being mindful and consciously aware of the present moment assists us to reset and attract what we want in the coming future moments.

Slowing down and taking time away from being connected electronically eg turning off devices and notifications can help us de-frag the static energy in our own energetic systems. Choosing the slow life is a conscious lifestyle choice. Taking time out for you to give yourself the chance to invite calm is a personal choice, sometimes we need a subtle reminder to take the moment and make the choice and crystals can support us to do this.

Crystals to invite calm


Carnelian connects us with our sacral chakra which can become blocked when we allow fear and anxiety to escalate leaving us feeling unbalanced. By carrying carnelian we invite the positive and uplifting energy of the creative muse. Embrace the life choices that support your happiness and feel motivated for success by having the calm confidence to move forward with motivation.


Relieve anxiety and stress with Labraidorite’s luminescence, focusing on this quality of the gemstone shifts your attention whilst it’s properties uplift, balance and strengthen your resolve. Lift your consciousness and spiritual awareness to an aligned level with your higher self. Reconnect with who you are on a spiritual and heart level, so that you are open to receiving the guidance you need.


Garnet connects us with our base chakra and ensures that our needs are met. Garnet cleanses and calls in energy for healing whilst balancing our chakras. Connect and revitalize your calling and passions with garnet. By following our passions and true paths we feel aligned and can travel through the day more easily and effortlessly in flow. Banish disharmony with Garnet.


Jade is a master protector and invites a flow of abundance and holisitic wealth on all levels into your life. A strong heart stone, Jade will connect and balance our hearts with our thoughts and ability to communicate our desires, sometimes when we feel overwhelmed or anxious it is hard to find the clarity to identify and communicate what we need, Jade can assist us with this. Jade calms our energy by inviting harmony to exist within our space of being.


Uplift and revitalize yourself with Pyrite or “The Fire of Life” as it’s name suggests. Pyrite is a powerful shield that protects your energy from lesser energies and intentions not of the highest light. When the naysayers are bringing you down Pyrite will deflect the negative energies on all levels.

Rose Quartz

Calming Rose Quartz is a master healer, it’s subtle and powerful energy gently supports us to feel calm and open our heart. By aligning our heart with the earth and spirit we invite the natural flow and rhythms of the universe so that we can ride the wave of energy as opposed to being dumped by it. Opening our hearts allows us to receive what we need and give what we can with abundance, which allows the expanding positive energy of gratitude to grow and overflow through our lives.

Black Tourmaline

Dispel negativity with Black Tourmaline. Rid yourself of the feeling that you are not worthy and invite a confident new you. Deflect undesired energies that can drag you down by carrying Black Tourmaline. Transmute EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) emitted from our electronic devices by placing a piece of Black Tourmaline near your devices. Transform the negative into positive mentally, emotionally and physically.

Chlorite Phantom Crystals

Clear quartz generator crystals anchor and call forth the highest energy for us to align and connect with, allowing us to slow down by finding clarity and resonating with the universe. Clear Quartz is known to amplify energies, clear and heal. Chlorite phantom inclusions assist us to connect further during meditation whilst grounding our souls with nature. The inclusions call forth the realm of nature spirits including the Fae, plants and earth. Clear Quartz crystals with Chlorite phantom inclusions aid us to connect with the higher realms whilst remaining grounded with the Earth’s heart center allowing our heart to be in balance, flow and aligned between both.

Embrace the slow life through mindful moments

Take a moment to breath, focus on your breathe with eyes closed and notice what you can hear, smell, taste and feel. Notice your thoughts, acknowledge them and let them go, redefine your boundaries, this is your time everything else can wait. Open your eyes and notice what you can see. Tune in and ask yourself what you want? What do you need to manifest this? How can you change what you are doing to achieve this goal? What is the first step? Breathe deep and affirm what you desire, say it as a positive affirmation of what is. Visualize and experience your desired outcome viscerally. Enjoy the experience and notice how you feel now.

Try this when you feel anxiety rising

  1. Switch off devices and connect with nature and enjoy where you are now, focus on slowing down your breath and breathe deep.

2) If you find you get carried away with emotions of overriding fear or anxiety sometimes the tactile act of holding a crystal in your hand and rubbing it with your thumb can bring us back to the moment when we concentrate on our breath. Carrying a gemstone with you in your pocket, a pouch with a crystal combination that you can rub and feel in your hands or a piece in your bag means you are always prepared.

3) Another exercise is to toss a larger tumbled stone or sphere from your right hand to left hand to engage both sides of your brain and open the flow of energy again, avoiding the build up of static energy when we feel blocked and the static frequencies rising.

4) If you need a reminder to shift your thoughts from focusing on the negative and catastrophizing situations, wearing crystals or gemstone jewellery can act as a visual reminder and as a tactile anchor to switch your train of thought and gives you an object to focus on.

5) Be mindful and conscious about this moment. Focus on your senses and verbalize it even if you there is no one else. Talking out aloud helps us to slow our breath. What can you hear? What can you see? What can you feel? What can you smell? What can you taste?

6) Get active. Focusing on a physical activity like in step number three and combining it with step number one and connecting with nature. You can go outside or to a varanda or window and do something physical, perhaps slowly swing your arms, pulling weeds and whilst you are doing this you can combine step five. If you can’t get to nature you can bring it to you with a house plant.

The most important thing is to arm yourself with a tool kit, you may not need all the tools or you may need different tools at different times, you can move forward at your chosen pace when you have the skills. You might create your own self care kit of your own or for someone you know to show your support.

If you’ve found this post helpful, it might make a difference to someone else, consider showing you care by sharing on Facebook or forwarding to help others.

If you need support connecting with the crystals that are calling to you, you can drop in at 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate and browse our crystal warehouse and enjoy the gemstones, jewellery and fossils showcased or connect online via Facebook, Instagram.

Connect with the crystals that call to you and, enjoy the ride.

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