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Crystal Healing for your Pets

For many of us our pets are considered family and we want the best for them. We want them to be happy and healthy, free from stress and anxiety which may be caused by change like a new family member, move, separation anxiety, trauma or even loud noises like storms or firecrackers. We want our animals to feel safe, protected and calm so that they can rest and restore their energies during sleep and feel self assured on waking.

Like us, animals have energy points or chakras and energetic bodies that form the layers of their aura. Following your intuition and selecting and programming a crystal with your intention for maximum healing for your pet, you may choose to start a physical or distant crystal healing session with your animal. For those pets willing, they may allow you to place crystals on them as they rest, or around them in a crystal grid.

You can clear their aura with a selenite wand, which is preferred over smudge sticks when working with animals. Sweep the wand around your animal’s aura with the intention of transmuting all undesired and negative energies into positive healing energy. You may also wish to clear the spaces where they eat, sleep, and frequent.

Animals and crystals

There are a few ways where the benefits of the healing properties of crystals can be incorporated into our beloved animal’s lives. The method chosen is influenced by your pet’s needs and the practicality of placement. Possibly the simplest way is to place a gemstone large enough not to be swallowed into the drinking water or fish bowl, wearing the crystal on a collar,lead, harness or piece of tack. If these options don’t work, placing a large crystal in a space and near where your animal friend frequents or creating a crystal grid around your friend’s bed, shelter or home can also be an option.

A word of warning, do not place selenite, calcite or kyanite in water as they dissolve and erode into the water over time. Selenite and kyanite should not be placed or worn by animals due to the splinters of the gemstone which can be toxic.

Crystals for your dog

Most dogs don’t mind a crystal pendant, tumbled stone, or sacred ring attached to their collar. Macrame crystal holders can be created to hold raw or tumbled stones. Placing a crystal in your dogs water bowl can be beneficial and is often not noticed by your dog directly even though the benefits will be absorbed. If your dog is nervous on a lead or has had trauma whilst being walked you can attach crystals to your lead that allow their energy to subtly flow through the lead to calm and reassure your dog. Placing crystals around and flat gemstones under your dogs bed can also assist them with sleep.

Crystals for Your Cat

Cats generally love crystals. They can heal themselves when needed and will often intuitively interact with the crystal that calls to them when a selection is hung in a space, macrame pendants are great options for this. Cats will rub, play and place themselves as they need to, to receive healing from the crystals they choose.

Placing crystals in their water bowl and larger formations on the floor, allows your feline friend to choose when, where and how they receive healing. Attaching a secure pendant on your cat’s collar is another option, try to avoid macrame and sacred rings on you cat’s collar as they can get caught in cat antics and games.

Crystals for your rabbit, guinea pig, mouse

Our smaller pets tend to be inquisitively aware of the benefits of crystals. I had a rabbit who would choose a crystal out of a pile of large tumbled gemstones and would take it back to her bed. Sometimes she would play with and move another crystal around the house as she felt fit. Placing crystals in water is an easy option with the crystal benefits permeating into the drinking water. Leaving a selection of large tumbled gem stones where they can access them and choose which crystal they need and when, allows you friend to help themselves. A sacred ring was a favourite gemstone of my rabbit, who used to carry it with her, in her mouth and then play with it like a toy.

Crystals for your horse

Sacred rings attached to halters and bridles with the ring sitting flat through buckles on bridles to avoid disturbance, or pendants stitched to tack are options for your equine friend and offers adornment with the added benefits of the crystal’s properties. It’s not advisable to place crystals in your horses water as they often mistake them for salt licks and can cause damage to their teeth, or become a possible choking hazard. The best alternative to assist your horse is to attach and place a grid of crystals out of reach in their shelter or on the posts surrounding their field and possibly exercise area. For riders a crystal pouch can be attached to the D rings of a saddle, placed in your pocket or worn as jewellery and the energies will traverse through you to your mount.

Crystals for your fish

Placing crystals and gemstones in your aquarium can uplift the aesthetic of your tank whilst benefiting your fish. Crystals can be checked for suitability by placing in water and pre-testing the water before adding them to your tank. Ensure that you have washed and rinsed your crystal before adding. Quartz crystals like rose quartz and amethyst clusters or clear quartz are safe to add to your friend’s underwater world.

Choosing the best crystal for your pets

When choosing the best crystal for your pet you can follow your intuition or you can let them choose the crystal that calls to them by placing a selection near them that they can access. Remember not to use calcite, selenite or kyanite in water or attached to your pet.

Crystal Healing and the benefits of gemstones are a complimentary option for health and well-being, please consult your vet if your friend is in pain, or displaying symptoms of stress or discomfort.

Crystals to reduce Stress & Anxiety in animals

Separation anxiety is common in our pets, we are their life and they miss us when we can’t be seen. Rose quartz, Mookalite, Lapis and Sodalite support our pets to stay calm, feel loved, supported and to carry on. Travel and new arrivals, changes, additions to the family and new surroundings can be supported with a combination of Rose Quartz, Sodalite and Jade or Turquoise. Anxiety that disturbs or interrupts sleep may be reduced with blue lace agate and rose quartz and can be placed near your animals bed.

We love our pets, as we support them as they age in their twilight years we want them to be comfortable. Rose quartz the unconditional stone of love is a helpful companion during this time, as is moonstone to protect and guide them to the light or clear quartz to uplift and energise.

If in doubt of which crystal to choose, you can’t go wrong with a combination of clear quartz the master healer, Amethyst the master transmuter, Rose Quartz for unconditional love and healing, Jade for protection and Turquoise for reassurance.

Our animals are being increasingly surrounded by EMFs Electro-Magnetic frequencies that are created by our electronic devices, our fridges, phones, TVs, computers, etc. The negative energies can build up and form toxic environments that can be absorbed by both humans and animals. Angry, hostile, or emotionally negative or depressive environments can also adversely affect your pet. By wearing or placing crystals on your pets or near your devices they can help to transmute the undesired energies into positive. Black Onyx, Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Amethyst clusters are ideal to transform the energies from EMFs or negative spaces. Adventurine and Jade have the added benefits of being shields and protectors and are great options for your pets to wear against negative energies.

Crystals for Hoomans & their Furbaby

From matching outfits to matching bling or subtle addition to a collar, pendants are easy accessories that you can share with your pet. Change the type of crystal to match your mood or outfit or wear to share the protective bond and connection.

For those that have fur babies and go the extra mile with birthdays or a visit from Santa Paws & Santa Claws gifting a crystal to your pet’s water bowl or as an adornment benefits them with crystal bling, good vibes and the properties of the crystal for holistic health. Matching crystals for both owner and pet is not only a beautiful gift, it is the gift that keeps on giving with the energetic healing benefits extending into the future.

When our pets cross the rainbow

When the sad day comes that our friends cross the rainbow, the loss and hole left is huge. Planting a tree or a pot plant can help keep the memory life spark continuing. You can add the crystal from your pet’s water bowl or collar to the pot plant or attach it to the growing tree in memory of your familiar friend. Creating a memory crystal, or decorating your plant with their crystal can give us a little comfort when all can seem lost. A friend started this tradition in our family by giving me a rose quartz angel to place on our cat’s grave and now we do it for all our animals and have also incorporated a gemstone for each of our menagerie in the sky within our meditation altar.

If you are in Byron Bay with your fur baby enjoy the dog beaches and parks and pick up a crystal for your four legged, feathered or scaled friend by dropping in to Heart of the Bay. We are located away from the hustle and bustle of town at 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate and have a diverse range of gemstones, crystals, fossils, gifts and unique pieces that are ethically sourced and on display in our vast, warehouse showroom. I’m also happy to assist you over the phone to personally select the best crystal for yourself or your friends or our online shop, Google Shop and Facebook Shop are available online for your convenience and we can post your investments directly to you.

Connect with the crystals that call to you and your animal family,

enjoy the ride.

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