Reset & align to your goals

Align to Your Goals

Identify, set and clarify your goals. What do you want to achieve? How to do you want to accomplish your goals? What footprint do you want to leave? Let’s not forget the important questions that fuels your on going motivation; Why do you want to achieve this goal? Why are you doing this? What is the benefit to you and your community? Ponder these questions and identify your goals, get clear on the details and then break each goal into actionable steps. Create a checklist that reflects each step, the identifiable outcomes, the actions needed to get there and the time required to complete each action.

Surround yourself with energies of success and prepare and maintain your best holistic health to provide yourself with the best opportunity of turning your goals into accomplishments. Ensure through reflection that your goals are believable, achievable and most of all adaptable. Life changes and our goals may need to adapt and evolve as we do. Our paths and processes may also need to change to give ourselves the best opportunity of success as obstacles arise and we negotiate their appearance. Providing yourself with the energetic support can only be an added bonus.

Crystals to Reset your Energy

Tourmaline – Smoky Quartz – Amethyst – Selenite

Clear and detach from the old by cutting chords and what’s holding you back. Reclaim your energy with a combination of the following crystals or a unique representative.

Smoky Quartz clears, transmutes and grounds our energies and Tourmaline absorbs that which holds us back allowing us to move with freedom of choice and the confidence to follow our goals. Both Smoky Quartz and Tourmaline act as anchors to ground our energy and keep us balanced as we evolve and raise our energies to new vibrations as we move forward, following our hearts on our paths of passion and purpose.

Selenite Horns – the rare gift

Call in the new, call in your purpose with a Selenite horn. These are highly sort and rare as they open the highest channels of communication for you to receive the wisdom and messages that you are ready for and that will ignite your path aligned with your true purpose. If you are unsure or seeking guidance Selenite horns are purposed to be the gift from the higher realms, a direct link in communications for those who seek to converse with higher consciousness and the higher realms.

Let go of the past

Transmute and cut chords from the past with Amethyst. Often in our busy lives we may pick up or carry energy from others. Sometimes it is dumped on us, sometimes we unconsciously accept another’s burdens and sometimes it’s from situations or people that we know we need to let go of and haven’t been able to action or purhaps we have actioned it physically but not processed it mentally and emotionally. Amethyst assists us to let go, transmute the unwanted and energies that don’t have the highest intention and heal so that we can radiate at full capacity.

Selenite is a master clearer which naturally uplifts your frequency of vibration whist transmuting all undesired energies at the same time to allow the transformation. This process of transformation allows you to clear the old and past whilst healing with the new energy that you are now ready for, leaving you with an uplifted, harmonious vibe that resonates from your heart. This process with Selenite also connects you with higher energy to reclaim energy that you may have unconsciously dispersed into the universe. A heightened healing can be complete with Selenite.

Crystals to Gain Clarity

Citrine – Clear Quartz – Yellow Tiger Eye – Yellow Calcite Sphere

Gain clarity of mind and insight by connecting with your intuition and higher guides by incorporating the tools and mediums that best suit you, meditation, walking, gardening, diving under the white wash at the beach or sitting with crystals. Clear Quartz is a master healer and guide, it’s energy clears the old and amplifies the energy we are working with, which assists us to receive, both the healing and wisdom we are now ready for to make the best choices we can. Yellow Calcite Spheres provide us with heightened awareness and intuition into the pathways and opportunities ahead. Citrine clears, protects and invites the balance for our way ahead. Citrine initiates a higher level of inspiration and clarity by clearing our mind to allow us to embrace true self expression. Yellow Tigers Eye assists us to maintain our balance and calm as we walk through change, it supports us to hold our course with self confidence once we have committed to a decision.

Crystals to align to your Goals

Flurorite – Rose Quartz – Sodalite

Flurorite assists us to make clear and informed decisions when required. Connect with higher consciousness and heighten your awareness with Flurorite so that you can take action with confidence on the choices you make towards your goals. Rose Quartz connects us to our hearts and unconditional energy with no judgement, it supports us to realise our dreams, even the obscure without ridicule from the self critic. Sodalite encourages us by providing clarity of thought and the clear communication through the energy of truth to voice what our intuition guides us to embrace.

Walk with Purpose & Passion

Malachite – Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond clears the past and undesired energies whilst initiating the channel of divine or pure light energy to surround you and flow through you. This high energy vibration connects you to universal wisdom through your heart, third eye and crown chakra which supports you to connect and receive the wisdom you are now ready for, allowing you to recognise and walk your purpose.

Malachite transmutes all undesired energies to allow a higher heart connection. Aligned with the heart chakra and soul star, Malachite resonates with your heart and soul song to assist you to identify your passion. A Malachite egg is a powerful tool of transformation which invites new beginnings and rebirth. Are you ready to flow into the new you?

The Goal Power Combination

Citrine – Lava Balls – Selenite Sphere – Yellow Calcite Sphere

The powerful combination of a Lava ball and a Selenite sphere offers uplifting energy whilst grounding and supporting you with ongoing balance and guidance through heightened intuition and grounded energy for you to continue to move forward and adjust as needed whilst overcoming obstacles to allow you to achieve the accomplishments you desire. Add to this power combination a piece of natural Citrine and a yellow Calcite ball and you add the benefits of holisitic wealth, prosperity and protection combined with the clarity of thought from Citrine, with the insight and uplifting energies of Yellow Calcite.

A word on Timing & Goals

Choose who you want to be – now

Sometimes our expectations and ideals judge, dismiss or overlook the opportunities we are given, we might consider them to be the wrong time because the circumstances aren’t ideal. Time waits for no one and the best time is the one where you make the most of it. Make the most of everyday, take action and make the changes you seek to see manifest. There may never be the perfect time, there is only this moment now.

There is an old saying that says that the person who plants the seeds today, who knows they may never see the tree but knows it shades future generations, is a person who lives with hope and love in their heart. What sort of person and, who are you choosing to be?

Connect with the crystals that are calling to you that you are now ready for by dropping in at Heart of the Earth 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate or visit us online and we will send your Byron Bay infused crystals to your door

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