Crystals to Renew, Refresh & Rejuvenate for 2021

Reset and roll into 2021 by giving yourself the best opportunity for success. If you want to gain clarity, let go of the what’s holding you back and are ready to embrace each day and each moment it contains, choose to invest in yourself with time and resources that support your needs and growth. Many of us feel inspired by the new beginnings offered on paper each calendar new year, some of us choose to follow the cycles of the moon and look towards the new moon to begin new projects and plans, you can choose any moment to make a change and choose to put yourself first.

By realising your worth and valuing your time and resources we can renew our passions, refresh our mindset and amplify our attitude of gratitude which naturally through universal law attracts positive, prosperous and abundant experiences. By placing the focus on ourselves we can connect to our heart and ensure that we are recognising and meeting our needs are being met which allows us to function at our best. When we are living our best lives we are ensuring our well of energy is full and abundant, this allows us to give freely to others and initiate positive change through action. By giving to self first we amplify the energy and experiences of uplifting support we are able to give to others.

If your energy well is empty and you have depleted your reserves, you have nothing to give. Let’s refill your well with overflowing abundance and holistic wealth on all levels.

Crystals for 2021

Embracing each moment with unconditional love and compassion with uplift the energy vibrations of 2021. For a harmonious year ahead define your boundaries and be ready to adapt by raising your own energies and others along the way. Now is the time for light workers, energy healers and earth angels to lead the way and step forth through demonstration, be the light and radiance for yourself and heal those around you by living your best life. Be you, in heart, mind and soul and walk your purpose with confidence.

Some combinations of crystals to support your needs as you move into the new year that you may wish to unite in a pouch, wear as jewellery, carry in a bag or pocket, or display on a focus altar may include; Selenite to clear and renew your energy, Citrine and/or Turquoise to invite prosperity, Jade for protection, Clear Quartz to heal your energy and amplify your intentions, Smoky Quartz to transmute undesired energy. Using a generator crystal in a room to ground in and anchor the energies you seek, which can be found by choosing the crystal type to support your individual needs is advised to be combined with an Amethyst cluster to maintain the ongoing high vibe energies of a room or space. This combination will assist you in your evolving energy needs.

Connect with your crystal for this year, the one that holds the maximum healing and wisdom for expansive growth. As you work with your crystal and align with it’s energy new dimensions of ancient knowledge and healing wisdom will be revealed. Working with your one crystal is a focal point for a harmonious 2021. You can further support yourself with a combination of crystals that meet your evolving needs including Rose Quartz for unconditional love, Herkimer Diamonds to connect to your truth of purpose, Chrysathumum stones to invite loyalty and long lasting love, joy and good vibes, Selenite to clear and raise your vibrations and those of the spaces you experience, Moonstone for protection, prosperity, compassion and harmonious connection with the natural cycles.

Moonstone is the Gemstone of 2021

Nature’s cycles are in flux and moonstone guides and uplifts us in unity with the energies of 2021. Aligned with the moon and it’s natural cycles that govern the changing tides, the ebb and flow, Moonstone is the gemstone to be worn and carried as we move into the new year. The protective and uplifting properties of moonstone will support you to remain connected through your heart whilst being guided by your higher consciousness. Welcome prosperity with compassion and an open heart full of unconditional love. Embrace change as you find yourself in the right place at the right time by connecting with your intuition and psychic abilities supported by Moonstone. Embrace inner strength through change and new beginnings calmly and confidently whilst feeling inspired. Moonstone supports us to think outside the box and harness our creativity, resulting in success in life, love and business.


Know your worth, value your time and invest in you, so that you can choose to giveback as you wish. Be the change in the world that you want to see, it starts with you, your actions and how you choose to treat yourself is the example others follow. Nurture yourself, live your best life, show strength in seeking the support you need and giveback freely from an overflowing well of abundance.

Take time out for you and enjoy the high frequency vibrations of our Byron Bay energy infused, high quality crystals, gemstones, minerals and fossils on display in our showroom. Visit our vast warehouse and enjoy free entry and parking. If you can drop in at the Byron Bay Industrial Estate, enjoy our crystals from your home. Flow into new moments by restoring, renewing and refreshing aligned with high vibes.

Connect with the crystals that are calling to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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