Energetic Dates for 2021

What is your intention for 2021? Have you created a positive affirmation to manifest your desires? Creating a personal affirmations can assist us in gaining clarity on what you want and, helps to give us focus whilst maintaining our momentum. Most of us would welcome peace, health, happiness and harmony through a heartfelt connection at anytime of year focus on the words that have meaning for you and align to their energetic vibration. Ongoing conscious and mindful living from our hearts is a choice we can all make to benefit ourselves and those around us, allowing the good vibes to radiate through our community and into the earth for healing. Creating an anchor and focal point for our affirmation through the use of a crystal grid or altar can assist us to ground the energy of intention as we journey towards the energy becoming manifest.

Taking time out and investing in your own well being, maintaining our holistic health and wealth on all levels supports you to have space to breathe, create and be. To be the best version of you, you can be. Meditating with crystals, wearing crystals or carrying crystals can act as visual and energetic reminders to prompt ourselves into positive and active change. Being aware to the changing moon cycles, natural events, energetic cycles can assist us to adapt the crystals we choose to work with or carry to create a more balanced, harmonious energetic flow.

In our Heart of the Bay 2021 Energetic Calendar, we have focused on including dates and events as they relate to the Southern Hemisphere incorporating the new, full and super moons, equinox and solstices. These times are often times of flux and can initiate the flow of change and transition. We have also included the dates for Earth Glow which are ideal times to venture out at night and observe the shine of the earth as it lights up and reflects onto the dark parts of the moon. It is a magical time of wonder, where anything is possible. The nights of meteor showers have been included as they often affect their astrological star signs and bring those energetic properties with them.

Choosing to be aware of these dates allows you to create new crystal grids and power pouches aligned to the changing flow of energy. To assist you, we have a number of power pouches available online and in store and will be highlighting further combinations for 2021 in future blogs and social media posts.


13 January – New Moon

28 January – Full Moon


11 Feburary – New Moon

27 February – Full Moon


13 March – New Moon

20 March – March Equinox (Autumn)

28 March – Full Moon


8/9 April – Earth Shine best nights to see Earth Glow.

12 April – New Moon

22/23 April – Lyrid meteor Shower

27 April – Super Moon/ Pink Moon


5/6 May – Aquarid Meteor Shower

7/6 May – Earth Shine/ Earth Glow Nights

11 May – New Moon

14/15 May – Earth Shine / Earth Glow Nights

26 May – Full Moon / Super Moon

26 May – Total Lunar Eclipse


10 June – New Moon

10 June – Annular Solar Eclipse

21 June – Winter Solstice

24 June – Full Moon / Super Moon


10 July – New Moon

24 July – Full Moon


8 Aug – New Moon

12/13 August – Perseid Meteors

22 August – Full Moon / Blue Moon


7 September – New Moon

20 Septemeber – Full Moon

23 September – Autumn Equinox


6 October – New Moon

8/9 October – Draconid Meteor Shower

20 October – Full Moon

21/22 October – Orionid Meteor Shower


4 November – Full Moon / Super Moon

17/18 November – Leonid Meteor Shower

19 November – Partial Lunar Eclipse

19 November – Micro Full Moon


4 December – Total Solar Eclipse

4 December – Super New Moon

13/14 December – Geminid Meteors

19 December – Micro Full Moon

22nd December – Summer Solstice

22/23 December – Ursid Meteors

Invest in You

Invest with yourself, starting with taking time out for you and ensuring your needs are met including nutrition, sleep and the spaces you inhabit. You deserve a life that makes you smile, that makes your heart sing, that allows you excess energy for earth healing. Is your heart singing? If it isn’t what can you change for a different result? Have you created and possibly need to adjust your crystal power pouch or grids? Has a new crystal opened to you with higher levels of wisdom and healing? Are you open to receiving and welcoming new positive opportunities with gratitude?

By investing in ourselves, we not only honor ourselves, we honor and uplift those around us by being the best radiant and conscious being we can be. By healing ourselves, we heal our past, we live in the moment and walk our best path toward the future, whilst healing our community and earth.

Drop in and enjoy the space at Heart of the Bay, find the crystal, gemstone, mineral and fossil support you need and connect with the crystals that call to you. Our high quality range is ethically sourced and displayed in our warehouse showroom located in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate. Enjoy free parking and entry, crystal guidance in selecting the unique pieces for yourself or as a gift for someone special to show them you care. Our Byron Bay energy infused crystals can be selected in store or online and posted direct to your door.

Follow our blog for weekly energetic and crystal updates.

Stay in flow and,

enjoy the ride.

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