Grounding to Grow


Where are you? How do you feel?

Did you have to take stock and look around to answer the question, or

were you already aware of your state of being and completely mindful of your surroundings?

In today’s life, many are getting swept up in the busy of life, instead of the flow of creative productivity that can be achieved when we are in balance and grounded. The good news is that there are simple steps that we can all take to ground, if we give ourselves a moment, or two, or three. Grounding is essential for balance, like yin and yang, earthing your energy allows you to elevate your energy to higher levels by ensuring that you can function and flow with harmony in the physical realm and have all your needs met.

The Importance of Grounding

When we are grounded, we are existing completely within the present moment. Being grounded allows us to be aligned through our hearts, and balanced and connected with both the earth and higher energy. Like a tree we can visualise and allow our roots to extend deep into the earth with our energy which allows our trunks and body to have a stable foundation to grow from. When we aren’t grounded we can be scattered, our energy is divided and spread thin in multiple directions and we may feel scatterbrained.

Grounding allows us to not only strengthen our being and awareness but to allow excess energy to release transmuted into healing for the earth. By releasing excess energy we prevent energetic blocks from forming or static build up which can have a jittery result or a feeling of butterflies in the stomach and frayed nerves.

Ways to Ground your Energy

Taking time out to breathe, helps us to become mindfully aware of where we are in any given moment. Tune in to how you feel. Connect to where you are and open to a full visceral experience with all your senses. What can you see, hear, feel, taste and smell in this moment where you are? You may choose to expand you sense of physical feeling and connection with the earth by taking off your shoes and feeling through the souls of your feet, embrace nature and hug a tree or just watch and breathe it all in. How do you feel now?

Slow Down & Look for the Details

Take a moment to count your inhalation and exhalation cycle. Stop and extend it and include a pause between each step of the cycle eg inhale for eight, hold for eight, exhale for eight. Focus on your breathing and see how smooth and for how long you can extend your breathing cycle. If you can combine this with a sensory awareness of your surroundings and/or a creative visualisation of you simultaneously growing your roots deep and your branches high, the energetic benefits can be profound.

If you feel like you need an extra release try the following three times; breathe in and exhale all air from your lungs as swiftly as you can, right down to the final wheeze or cough. The idea is to clear as much stagnant air from your lungs and fill them with new clear air and energy. Often and especially when we aren’t grounded we start to only use a tiny upper part of our lungs which can leave us feeling breathless and exhausts our energy. Instead, choose to use your lungs to their capacity. Check your posture, is your body giving your lungs every chance to breath and support you to exhale, and release to the earth and ground your energy, whilst inhaling and growing towards the light?

Crystals to Ground Your Energy

There’s a range of gemstones, minerals and crystals that can assist ground excess energy and assist you to anchor your energy into the earthly realms. If you are looking to increase your connection with nature whilst grounding or out of doors when you meditate, incorporating Agates, Jaspers and Petrified Wood can assist to increase your earthing energy flow. Ruby, Garnet and Carnelian offer a grounding balance that is often adorned as jewellery which benefits us aesthetically and reminds us to be mindful, tune in and ground. Kyanites, Tiger Eye Smoky Quartz and Tourmalated Quartz offers grounding gemstones that have a lighter healing frequency of energy vibration. Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Obsidian and Onyx, offer deep grounding absorption of excess static energies whilst transmuting undesired energies and protecting the user at the same time.

Clearing your space and aura with a feather and smudge stick helps to clear the way of stagnant and undesired energy for grounding in a meditation or session with crystals.

Dravite with Blue Apatite

Australian ethically sourced, Dravite has a gentle grounding energy that connects you with the rhythms of the earth, allowing you to flow more harmoniously with her cycles. To assist the practitioner or holder channel and direct the flow of energy Brown Tourmaline or Dravite is available in pieces with both single and double terminators. For those looking for a subtle uplift whilst grounding, unique, sort after pieces of Dravite include Blue Apatite on them. The mineral Blue Apatite clears negativity whilst increasing positive energy and connection for the highest good of all. Combining Apatite with the grounding energies of Dravite, this combination results in a highly valued piece for any crystal healer, meditation practitioner or lover of crystals.

Lava Spheres

Lava Spheres are particularly grounding and ideal in size and shape for meditating with by holding them in your hands. Sitting within a circle of lava balls can aid in a subtle grounding experience for those who are sensitive energetically. To encourage balance and uplifting energies whilst grounding, sit in your circle of Lava balls and hold one Lava ball and a Selenite ball and enjoy the balancing experience offered to you for maximum expansion on all levels.


Fossils are particularly grounding and embrace ancient energies and wisdom. The diversity of fossils allows selection to be very individual, many can be chosen in complimentary pairs which allows them to be ideal grounding anchors, especially when one is placed in each hand during meditation. Fossils also lend themselves as intriguing focal points and additions to any room. Fossils create interest points in a space, which can provide the opportunity for those not aware of the benefits of crystals to be drawn towards them. The act of enjoying and observing the details of the fossil piece acts as the catalyst to slow down, breathe and enjoy the finer details.

A Grounding Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are anchors for individuals. The grids unite the collection or programmed crystals energies and expands the collective energies through space and time. Grids are the ultimate tool for distance healing and earth healing. Creating a crystal grid, programmed to earth energies invites release of excess energies, and growth and balance in one vortex. Placing one in the center of the home or workspace can assist to increase productivity, clarity of thought and process for a more harmonious space that flows efficiently and effectively.

At Heart of the Bay we adjust our crystal grids with the flow of energies and have a number set up for you to enjoy and be inspired by.

Ground to Grow

Honoring ourselves and ensuring we give ourselves time for self-care and the tools to support our needs to live our best life possible and be the best people we can be, can only be good for us all as the global whole. Taking the time to stop and check in is a start. If we can acknowledge where we are at, and how we feel, we can then choose to make the change and find the support we need. Sometimes we need a reminder, nudge or push from a friend when we get caught in the busy, or we can choose to create reminders for ourselves by placing a crystal in clear sight in a room or by wearing one, that reminds us every time we see or feel it to stop and tune in.

Drop into Heart of the Bay in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate at 4/19 Tasman Way and choose a crystal to kindly prompt that special person who you feel might be in need. Be inspired and enjoy our crystal grids. Treat yourself to the ethically sourced, Byron Bay infused crystals, minerals, fossils and gemstones showcased in our expansive warehouse located just a stone’s throw out of the busy of Byron Bay town. Take time to breathe and enjoy the ample space and heart resonating healing energy or shop online and we can carefully select and post your precious gifts for yourself and others to your door.

Connect with the crystals that call to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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