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New Beginnings & Boundaries

As we all move forward towards new beginnings, change is inevitable, even when we are possibly returning to familiar spaces or cycles of school and work. Change may bring up fear of the unknown or anxiety for some, for others it is the pressure of expectations, the self-critic or establishing boundaries with yourself, other people, places and even our devices and time. Whether we are starting a new business or job, returning to work, commencing a tertiary course or university or starting a new school year or school for the first time, no matter our age, new beginnings can send the wobbles through our energy and shift our self-confidence. When this happens, we may forget to stop, breathe and align. We might forget to look at the bigger picture and follow our intuition, sometimes we need a helping hand, reminder and some energetic support. When our alignment shifts, we can be open to unhelpful outside influence or the negative energy of others, the spaces we coexist in and even the devices that surround us.

No matter our age from four to one hundred and four, we are all human and on an ongoing learning curve of evolution through life. We all go through new experiences, beginnings and wobbles at some stage. Many of us want to walk and maintain our paths of purpose and passion which will lead us through many new beginnings. To support you, to give you the best foot forward you might consider creating a crystal power pouch or working with one of the following gemstones or minerals to give you every chance of success and holistic wealth in your endeavours.

The Power Combination

Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Sacred Rings

Combining both the mineral properties of Lapis and Malachite with the powerful sacred shape of the ring invites high level protective energies combined with the heart and essence of truth. The sacred ring honours the energies of natural cycles and is the ideal gemstone shape to program for instilling strong boundaries of self, space and purpose. Lapis aligns with honour, truth, leadership and spiritual vision, it uplifts you to align to your purpose and walk your talk. Malachite aligns, balances and connects through your heart and is a strong protector and transmuter. Wearing a Lapis and Malachite sacred ring over your thymus increases your immunity on all levels and invites you to step into who you are meant to be. Grow with purpose, truth and protection whilst staying aligned through your heart for the greater good.

Fluorite Octahedrons

unite your power in the moment

Destress and clear your mind with Fluorite. Gain clarity and clear space to allow absorption of new information so that it can easily integrate and the wisdom can be retained to be built upon with further learning. Leave negativity behind and feel uplifted with a positive frame of mind that is open and ready to expand. Fluorite assists us to connect to our hearts with compassion for ourselves so that we can nurture learning and quieten the inner critic so that we can move forward. Fluorite octahedrons invite the sacred energy of learning, knowledge and wisdom gained from the past, united with our intuition for the present moment and the insight of manifestations in the mindful future. Fluorite octahedrons allow us to unite our power in the now, aligned through our hearts and supported by greater wisdom and energy that is called into the present moment.

Embrace Clear Communication with Sodalite

Sodalite invites clear communication of the truth from a position of compassion, an essential element for identifying and establishing clear boundaries with yourself, your time, the spaces you share, and the places you co-exist. Just as we need to be able to communicate our own needs clearly, we also need to listen, hear and respond with compassion and Sodalite supports us in this process.  Calm anxieties and an overactive or discombobulated mind and trust your intuition in understanding and embracing the complete picture from different perspectives by wearing Sodalite. These properties can be enhanced by wearing Sodalite on your throat in a necklace or placing it on the throat during a crystal healing session. Increase the flow of energy by wearing a double terminated Sodalite pendant. Increase your knowing with a sodalite pendulum.

Welcome Transformation, Protection with Malachite

Malachite is a powerful mineral and gemstone for transformation and protection. When we go through change or begin new projects and adventures Malachite protects us by transmuting undesired and negative energies. Malachite supports us to align to our higher guides and intuition and activates our chakras or energy centres for higher learning and in doing so invites heightened frequencies of both healing and wisdom. Connecting us in alignment through our hearts with the Earth’s heart centre and the source, Malachite can arm us with the self-confidence to know and walk our purpose and path.

Take note that as a mineral take care and do not submerge Malachite in water instead rinse briefly or use a smudge stick or Amethyst cluster to cleanse your Malachite piece.

Invite Good Luck,

Prosperity and Protection with Pyrite

Similarly, to Malachite, Pyrite is a mineral and should not be left or submerged in water. Invite good luck and prosperity with Pyrite and embrace the creativity that can manifest when following your dreams. Pyrite creates a shield of positivity that deflects negativity that could be projected your way, including the EMFs or ElectroMagnetic Frequencies that are emitted from our electronic devices that are commonly found in our study and workplaces. Pyrite placed at your workstation uplifts a space, transforms EMFs and negative energy and invites wealth and success on all levels.

Call in your Purpose with Sacred Crystal Horns

Perhaps you haven’t placed your feet on the path of calling yet, Crystal horns are powerful creations to call in your calling and identify your purpose, passion and path. Horns have been traditionally seen as the friend of the warrior and leader, the sacred shape lends the energies of strength, stamina and endurance, all qualities that can be embraced and called upon during new beginnings, projects and cycles. Horns have also been used as communicators and protectors by leaders in times before electronic devices. Embrace the energies for clear communication and established boundaries. Quieten outside influence and align to your intuition by meditating with a crystal horn. Strengthen the connection and communication by creating a crystal horn grid to anchor in the channel of energy and communication relating to your purpose. Call in your calling and step onto the path of purpose with a crystal horn.

Are you ready for new beginnings? Are you giving yourself every opportunity for success by being prepared with all the tools you need?

Heart of the Bay, located in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate can support you with a quiet space to connect with the crystals, gemstones, mineral and fossils that are calling and ready to work with you. Drop by or shop online. Follow our blog for energy updates and helpful information to support you, our community and the earth for the highest good of all and,

enjoy the ride.

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