Ten steps to maintain momentum towards your goals

How is your momentum flowing?

Life reflects the natural cycles of nature with ebbs and flows, ups and downs. We need contrast in our lives to compare the light and dark and all the shades in between. For the majority of the population who made goals or resolutions on New Year’s Eve, most will have lost the momentum and given up or forgotten their goal and are no longer taking active steps towards achieving it. Some start the year and stay switched on, they are on all the time towards their goal and they burn out. No one can be on all the time; it’s exhausting and monotonous and invites no contrast for holistic growth or natural flow, it’s like a light in your house, if you leave it on twenty-four hours a day, you tend to tune it out. Some choose their goal and choose so big it overwhelms them with anxiety and fear of failure or an inability to break the goal down into progressive and actionable steps that can be achieved. Some get distracted or life happens and may take them in another direction.

Instead of ditching your goals let’s reset, let’s adapt and get the momentum going as we flow back into school, the office and life.

We can achieve momentum when we have the velocity of forward movement united with direction.

  1. By first getting clear on where we want to go and what we want to achieve we can identify the forward direction we need. Crystals that assist with enhancing clarity and focus include Clear Quartz, Aquamarine, Beryl.
  2. We create and maintain the velocity and pace by breaking down our ultimate goal into micro goals and know what we will see or accomplish when we reach these micro goals ie we identify the tangible results. Crystals for forward momentum can include Carnelian and Black Obsidian
  3. We maintain our momentum by taking small actionable and progressive steps towards each micro goal on a regular basis, eventually achieving our ultimate goal. Gemstones that support you to initiate and maintain motivation can include Tourmaline, Citrine and Bloodstone.
  4. One of the common factors in athletes and successful entrepreneurs is the element of visualisation. Take the time to see how each micro goal will feel, what is it like to experience. See the path to each micro goal and the ultimate goal, what does that success and accomplishment look like to you? Crystals to assist you during meditation and creative visualisation through the third eye can include Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Azurite and Labradorite.
  5. Maintain your balance within your life, we need the shades and the opportunity to refresh by switching off the light, think of the ebbs and flows of nature and perhaps consider aligning your projects and plans with the cycles of the moon. Connect to natures cycles and rhythms to increase your balance with Moss Agate, Jade, Moonstone, Petrified Wood and Mookalite.
  6. Stop assess, adapt and action your plan towards your micro goals and ultimate goal. Each step is a success and can be celebrated as can all forward movement. Take the time to acknowledge your progress and nurture yourself to ensure you can give life your all, in the ebbs and flows of full velocity and during the times when you need to stop, take stock, breathe and nurture your soul allowing yourself to make aligned decisions instead of reactive ones. Align and connect through your heart with Rose Quartz, Adventurine and Fluorite.
  7. Inspiration which is often associated with creativity helps us to think outside the box and negotiate obstacles. Are you taking time out to create, learn new skills and diversify your repertoire? New skills help us to grow holistically and can provide new perspectives whilst stimulating our creativity and offering inspiration. Sometimes looking from a different perspective and remembering the big picture and ultimate goal from a new angle is all we need to ignite our inspiration. Gain perspective with Charoite.
  8. Making informed choices is important so that we can progress towards our goal, equally important is listening to our hearts and intuition. If you are feeling lost in regards to the path ahead or your goals, passion and purpose reconnecting with your heart, higher self and intuition can assist you in decision making. Stay savvy, absorb the information, connect to your intuition and align to your goals. Anchor and dispel negative influence with Hematite to allow you to absorb the information you need.
  9. The ritual of creating a crystal grid with a unique central crystal that has been programmed with your intentions, surrounded and connected with gemstones and minerals to support that intention can not only provide a strong anchor for the energy to channel and manifest, it also provides a visual reminder if placed in a space that is frequented.
  10. Collect the crystals to support you in a power pouch and adjust them on a daily basis as you need. Tuning in each morning, during your goal visualisation and then aligning to your intuition will help you to select the best crystals to carry with you for your day ahead.

Ask yourself each morning, how is my momentum flowing? What do I need to support myself? What action can I take and accomplish today? Give yourself time to tune in, see and experience your day ahead as you wish it to flow and see the micro goal and it’s contributing step towards your ultimate goal, how does that feel?

Come and walk the space in the Heart of the Bay crystal warehouse where gemstones, minerals and fossils are all on display for your pleasure and choosing. Collect your crystals or the additions you need for your power pouch and crystal grid in person or online and,

connect with the crystals that call to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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