Enhancing Intuition

Enhance your intuition with crystals

Intuition is often related to the third eye chakra because of the insight and deeper vision that can be gained through connecting with your intuition and increasing the flow of communication between ourselves, our inner self, higher self and guides. Being able to sense that feeling that is guiding you or inner knowing is sometimes called instinct, some relate it to a “feeling in their gut” many of us identify it as intuition.

Links between intuition and creativity ability to detach from logical thought and follow flow of the imagination even when applying strategic thought as a base for example in writing a novel. Intuition in the early stages of the creative process allows for the concept and development of ideas. This can be of particular importance even for strategic and logical project developments that are required in marketing and business development. Why not connect with your intuition, increase imagination and the creative flow of ideas which can result in better productivity in your personal and business life?

How to enhance your intuition

Creating the time, even if only a moment, time and space to recognise, connect and hear your intuition may require you slowing down, depending on your lifestyle. Being open to receiving whilst increasing your connection and knowing of yourself can be confronting for some which is why they may listen and choose not to hear their intuition. Creating a positive affirmation that grounds your intention into manifest may assist you to acknowledge and commence developing your intuition.

Crystals can be used as tools to assist you to connect with and enhance your intuition. The energetic and vibrational properties of gemstones can be enjoyed by wearing them, carrying them, placing them within a space you frequent and meditating with them. When meditating with your chosen crystal or selection of crystals, slowdown into your quiet space whilst holding the intention of connecting with and opening the flow of communication with your intuition. You may wish to create a crystal grid that you can focus on or sit within a crystal grid to allow the channel to be amplified on all levels.

Crystals to enhance your intuition

When selecting the crystal to work with, you may choose one or select a collection with the intention of recognising, connecting and enhancing your intuition. Allow your gaze to soften and to be pulled to the crystals that call to you, some gems may feel warmer beneath your hands as you run your hands above or over them, or one might catch your eye, try not to question and follow your heart in choosing your gemstones. When trying to enhance your intuition many people wish to increase their energetic frequency by choosing a crystal that vibrates at a higher level than their own personal level. Gemstones associated with the third eye and intuition include Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Sodalite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Moonstone.


The Labradorescent gleam of Labradorite has been connected with deepening vision and insight when wanting to uncover the true core of inner sight beyond surface vision. Connect to your own inner sight and the flow of imagination and creativity whilst raising your vibrational levels, self-confidence and inner strength. Meditating with Labradorite can open the levels of communication with your higher and inner self whilst uplifting your energy and activating your intuitive visions.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone of communication and protection against negative energies. Lapis reminds you of your truth and supports you in communicating that and in stepping in to who you are meant to be. By realising your own truth and who you are you are able to connect with your own inner knowledge and intuition to guide you. Lapis elevates you into the alignment of your purpose, which activates higher levels of healing and wisdom for you to connect with.


Fluorite assists us to stop and gain clarity of thought and focus which provides us the space for connection to our intuition to be recognised and heard. The heart connection fluorite offers ensures that the flow of communication is true, heart centred, and received openly. Fluorite provides us with the calmness and clarity we need to hear and receive the information our intuition offers.


Sodalite is a truth stone of communication which connects our energetic channels between our throat and third eye allowing us to give voice and interpret the messages and feelings from our intuition that we receive. The confidence and ability of self-expression and giving voice to what we know can help us to anchor that knowing into action and follow through. Sodalite helps us to walk the talk we receive from our intuition.


Amethyst connects us with spirit and is often used to activate our third eye and clairvoyant vision often associated with intuition. High vibrating pieces of amethyst also connect us to our crown and soul star chakras which help us to elevate the level of wisdom and communication we are receiving. Amethyst is protective, and a high vibe transmuter of negative energies. Like clear Quartz Amethyst is a master crystal and the Master Transmuter if you combine the two, the energies from a powerful synergy of energy.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer as it adapts to the users needs and can be programmed to reflect the properties of any other crystal. Clear Quartz is the highest amplifier of energy and thought it can assist you to connect with your intuition and amplify communications allowing them to be easily recognised and understood. Including one or several pieces of Clear Quartz on your body throughout your day will keep you open to receiving messages from your intuition as you need them. Including Clear Quartz within your crystal grid or collection of meditation crystals will amplify their energies and properties on all levels, it will also help in creating a harmonious synergy of energy that unites the selected gemstones.


Moonstone is the traveller’s companion because it is adaptive to your needs similarly to Clear Quartz. Moonstone assists us to slowdown and move with the cycles of nature’s energies and the moon. By embracing a natural rhythm, we are able to create the space needed to be open to receiving what our intuition is offering. Stimulate your imagination and creativity with Moonstone and it’s radiating opalescence. Connect with you intuition and feel inspired to create by wearing or carrying moonstone throughout your day. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed with choices, meditating with Moonstone can create the calm and clarity needed to make clear choices and carry you forward with your intuition. It is ideal when you are commencing new projects and adventures.

The process of selecting your gemstones to begin your process is an exercise in itself, in the recognition and development of your intuition, a journey that can only prove to serve you well. Choose your crystals with intention either online, through Facebook or drop in and practice your skills at Heart of the Bay in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate. Browse our expansive warehouse showcasing our Byron Bay energy infused crystals and,

connect with the crystals that call to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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