Resonate with Love & Good Vibes

The pure, free flowing energy of love moves, it grows and expands, sharing the good vibes and initiating the same in others. Love is something to celebrate everyday, a vibe most us wish to resonate and radiate everyday. After all, we attract what we put out, as energy follows thoughts, and thoughts and manifest into being, why wouldn’t you choose love?

Everyday is a celebration of love

Everyday that we are gifted can be a celebration of love, and the people in our lives who share in allowing that love to grow, acknowledging the people who matter. Sometimes we can get caught up in the busy of life and forget to smile, hug and connect with those we care about. We sometimes forget that sometimes we take for granted the love which surrounds us. We might be scared to admit our feelings or reach out and connect with a kindred spirit, Valentines is the day to prompt action, a reminder in case you forgot to celebrate those who grace our lives. Let’s not forget the ability to also self-love and recognise ourselves by having self-worth and time to nurture who we are.

Radiate Love & Uplift

Celebrating love and those we love can be every day, and it doesn’t need to break the bank. Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of February each year and is a celebration of Saint Valentine who was often associated with the formalities of courtly love in Ancient Rome. Saint Valentine suggested love letters, cards and fresh flowers picked and given to the ones you loved. A hand made card or heart felt letter with flowers picked from the garden can put a smile on most faces. Taking the time to connect and spend quality time, share a heart connected hug and eye contact with a smile costs nothing and can mean so much. A simple phone call to chat and share the heart connect can be the uplift and reminder that lifts someone’s spirit, with the feeling lasting long after the call.

Why limit yourself to one Valentine?

There are at least two Valentines or two people who should be recognised in your heart each day and at least celebrated aloud once a year, your significant other, it could be a lover, friend or family member, and yourself. Start with two and expand from there. It could be a smile shared on the street. It could be a fairy offering to brighten someone’s day, no reward, no gratification other than the gift of giving needed. It could be the gift of love, peace, health and happiness for your community and the earth as a whole by meditating and creating a crystal grid.

Crystals for Valentines – resonate the love

Incorporating the crystals of Rose Quartz for unconditional love and understanding, Clear Quartz to amplify the energy for maximum expansion, Aquamarine to uplift and protect the heart, Turquoise to ensure true communication of the heart a high vibe energy can be created to help your heart sing.

Wearing the jade to connect the heart, keep it protected and invite good luck, whilst inviting prosperity can remind us to stay positive and shift any negative self-talk, or silence the inner critic allowing you to move towards loving yourself all the better.

Carrying moonstone invites the higher energy of the goddess and recognises the goddess within who radiates with love and compassion. Acknowledge the goddess in your own life or her reflection in someone you care about.

Investing in yourself, gifting someone else and sharing good vibes with your community and the earth can only benefit us all. Take time our and enjoy a crystal healing for yourself and/or your significant other and create a magical shared experience.

Gift ideas for Valentines

Choosing a gemstone, meditating with it and programming it with your intention and then, writing a positive affirmation on a piece of paper and using it to wrap your crystal is a heart felt gift that keeps on giving. Expanding this one step further and give the gift of a plant and crystal. Enjoy the experience of planting the plant, perhaps with the crystal at it’s base and watch it grow all whilst healing the earth and as a symbol of love.

Valentine’s Day is the reminder of something we can do every day, acknowledge love and share it. It starts with a smile; it starts with self and grows from there. If you are looking to gift yourself or someone you love with a crystal grid, unique piece to compliment a plant, crystal power pouch or gemstone, mineral or fossil piece to create memories with, or adorn yourself or someone special with jewellery, come and browse Heart of the Bay in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate or enjoy our selections online for your convenience.

Connect with the crystals that call to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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