The Craft of Crystal Magic & Spell Work

Crystal Magic & Spell Work

Crystals vibrate at different frequencies depending on their associated properties. By combining ritual, intention and the energies of crystals we can facilitate and gift ourselves and others with the magic we manifest for healing and the greater good of all. Whether you call it spell work, magic, energetics or crystal healing, enjoy it, be open to not only gifting others and the earth but gifting yourself with the benefits and choose to be the spark of light that starts the radiant ripple effect by opening your heart and soul to the possibilities of what is.

Sacred Healing Circles

By creating a circle of crystals around yourself or in the area you are going to work or around an object eg a candle assists to create a circle of protection whilst increasing the energy flow through the identified space for healing and spell work. The circle represents the natural cycles within our lives, the seasons and the rhythm of change, evolution and progression. Circles teach us that all is in motion and flow as change and evolution are constant. The directions of the compass and their corresponding elements can be incorporated into a sacred circle to create an energetic vortex in which to receive the maximum wisdom and healing that you are now ready for.

As you develop your energetic awareness and practice you will find your own flow and sink into your own order of creating a sacred space of protected healing. Enjoy the rituals you create as your intuition guides you and the rhythms of nature respond. Choose to be aware of the signs that are offered to you and stay open to receiving the messages sent your way so that your ability as a energetic channel, healer and communicator can increase for the highest benefit of all.

Crystal Grid Work

Crystal grids combine intuition, and sacred shapes with the powers of intention, affirmation and the properties of the crystals. By creating a grid the light healer opens an anchor to channel energy into from where it can radiate into the surrounding space or further over a distance to an intended recipient. This distance healing work is ideal when there is a community or collective in need or an area of land that needs healing such as an area burned by fires.

Conscious Creation

Intention, Affirmation, Manifestation

Being aware and taking responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and actions is one of the first steps of conscious creation. We increase the energy of our thoughts with focus and clarify them by identifying our intention and creating an affirmation. Speaking and writing your affirmation strengthens the flow of energy and by combining it with a crystal or selection of crystals combines the energies of the intention, affirmation and crystal properties together to achieve greater good in what we manifest.

Your Essential Spell Power Casting Kit

Every spell or piece of manifesting magic is different depending on the intention. Your intuition will guide you towards the best crystals and crystal combinations needed to achieve the results you desire. Having a base collection of crystals readily accessible, allows you to become familiar with the tools of your craft. Larger pieces are empowering, whilst having a selection of tumbled gemstones and crystal chips are essential foundations for creating crystal grids, power pouches to carry and spell bottles that may contain herbs and an affirmation of intention on paper.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz in multiple forms including a ball for gazing, tumbled stones for substitutions in energetic work when the crystal you seek is unavailable, points and double terminated crystals for directing the flow of energy and terminators for anchoring the channel of energy. Clusters are also great for anchoring light energy into the room or a space and assist to provide a focal point for the energy to accumulate.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz maintains and heals the heart whilst radiating unconditional love energy. Having a supply of tumbled gemstones and chips are ideal to combine with clear quartz to create a scared circle or protective shield around an object or yourself. High vibes are maintained in energies of love, healing and amplified by clear quartz.


Moonstone is the travelers stone, gifted to us from the Goddess. A solid shield and stone of protection and insight, Moonstone is often worn in jewellery by those who are working with the light. Heighten your visions by combining moonstone, labradorite and clear quartz.


Use Bloodstone for grounding and anchoring yourself in balance between your earth and soul stars. Bloodstone will keep your heart open to receiving the maximum healing and expansion that you are now ready to receive. A strong connector with nature and the earth makes Bloodstone ideal for including in earth healings and giving grace. Combine Bloodstone with Adventurine and Fluorite for a complete earth heart healing.

Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst clusters transmute all energies not of the highest light and love. Keep your practice space clear with a large amethyst cluster to maintain the vibrations of the room. (In this case, the larger the cluster – the better.) Clean your crystals after spell work by placing them on your cluster to transmute undesired energies.


Open your channels of communication and your connection with the divine to receive the guidance that you are now ready for by meditating with Labradorite. Increase your intuition during times of change and set your wings free. The healing powers of Labradorite incorporates all the healing colours contained within it’s labradorescence. Combine the protective energies of Labradorite with Lapis and Clear Quartz to raise your channels of communication, intuition and connection with the divine whilst staying within your own bubble of light.

Yellow Calcite

Enjoy the subtle energies of balance with Yellow Calcite. Maintain the yin and yang of a space or your own energy aura by working with this gem that combines the frequencies of the sun and the moon and all the wisdoms they contain. A yellow calcite sphere is a particularly powerful tool for extra sensory development, if you aren’t ready for this, enjoy calcite squares which incorporate the elements and energies of the directions of the compass.


Gain clarity, increase concentration and open the channels of energy between the heart and the mind for fluid communication and connection with the essence of truth with Fluorite. Fluorite supports a range of chakras depending on it’s individual colouring which lends it to being an essential tool for any crystal healer or spell caster. Combine it with clear quartz to amplify your connection with the higher realms and understanding of your purpose and path.


Protect, embrace and uplift with adventurine when working with the elements of nature. Dispel negative energies and invite calm before healing with the energetic aventurescence that radiates from Adventurine. Combine with Rose Quartz and Yellow Calcite for an angelic and uplifting experience to revitalise your soul and spirit.

Connect & Create

Crystals choose us, they call to us and we respond by being naturally drawn towards certain pieces, sometimes we might need a bit of help and will receive our crystals as gifts. Take time out to invest in yourself and hear your crystals calling to you. Heart of the Bay is located in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate and our diverse range of gems are ethically sourced, cleansed, cleared and infused with Byron Bay energy to ensure high quality crystals on all levels. Call, tune in online or come and connect direct at 4/19 Tasman Way, Byron Bay.

Connect with the crystals that call to you and,

enjoy the ride.

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