The Heart

The heart, your heart, my heart, our heart, Heart of the Earth we are all connected.

With everything that is currently  happening on a global level, I decided to write about our  heart.

Crystal Grids

Over the past week I set up a specific grid, my style. Utilising all my crystals. With my intention I asked the crystals that  all our hearts to be opened and that we are grounded for everyone’s and the Galaxy’s  Highest and Best Good. So if it’s not meant to happen for anyone, it won’t.

When thinking about the placement of this grid I thought, I’m going to use the centre table for the placement. My opinion is that crystal grids can be placed anywhere, in any direction. I also believe that the number of stones used is a personal choice.

You can use any area as long as the grid (crystals laid out) can sit undisturbed for as long as required. A friend has used a clover patch.

The word grid means an area with intention. As long as loving intention is put in. I add for my intentions to include for, my own, the galaxy’s highest and best good. Then I leave it for a while. You can go back anytime and check if a stone is to be moved, even a little. When you feel the job has been finished you can dismantle. It’s a good idea to cleanse your crystals after (tune in for this future blog).

Clear Quartz

In the main part of the grid I used Clear Quartz as it absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It clears the path to move forward and is protective. It enhances physic abilities and attunes to our spiritual purpose. It will aid in concentration, is a master healer and aligns our chakras.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a wonderful stone to keep us grounded during our many day to day activities, making us feel comfortable in our own skin. It is great for blocking geopathic stress and EMF’S. Helps to clear the  mind to stay focused. Try holding a piece to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, panic attacks  to ward off negative thinking. It’s great for the home and work place. Aids in bringing dreams and ideas into reality.

Crystals of the Ocean

Fluorite & Ocean Jasper


To represent the oceans I used Fluorite and Ocean Jasper. Fluorite guards against psychic attack. Protects the heart. Assists in focusing on abilities and dreams. It cleanses, purifies, dispels and re-organizes the body to be in perfect order. It is also very colourful.  Ranging from green, pink, purple through to rainbow.

Ocean Jasper allows access to our cellular memory and energetic patterns that manifest in the physical body. Is soothing, soft, gentle and centering, it assists in meditative states. Calms the thoughts and brings awareness to the present.

All  of the above stones have many uses. My other stones are the support.

I have also added shells because I like them.

This is a very heartfelt and powerful grid. When I was setting it up I could feel the energy in the top of my head. It was important to stay grounded. Grounding is really important in daily life. I walk barefoot on the beach each morning and wouldn’t have it any other way, regardless of the weather.  I do my best to stay in my heart. Not thinking all the time is also wonderful.


Intention is so powerful. As is walking your talk. Each morning I also drum using a upturned bucket (it works). You can drum on your kitchen table, kitchen bench top. Whatever works.

You are welcome to take from the above what you think is right for you and be creative.

I’m off to drum with my heart open calling in all the help required.

Follow this blog, Heart of the Earth to stay tuned in.

Enjoy the ride,


Ocean Crystal, Jasper at Heart of the Bay Byron Bay

Ocean Crystal






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