Meet the love of my life,

in the crystal world

20160616_070255-1This piece is a extraordinary Citrine Smokey Cathedral Lightbrary. It’s been with me for a good ten years and we’ve had many a ride together. Literally and metaphysically.

Over the years some crystals have demanded my attention and this is one of them. I am unable to recall just how many rides in my car it has experienced. It has and loves to sit in the passenger seat and come along for the ride, even if it doesn’t go on the beach.

We have gelled.

The first time

The very first time I used it, (and this was in the beginning stages of my crystal experiences) I went to sleep for the night with it tucked under my arm. I also had a few other crystal around me on the floor. Well, I woke about  two am and just had to put it on the floor beside me and covered it  over. The energy coming from it was so strong and I went back to sleep.

20190417_075525When I woke I was literally dry reaching, shifting stuff and I was like this for three days, unable to eat and I could only sip water. My son had to look after me. Everyone else thought it was hilarious. Not me.

Today, I say to people when using a new crystal just go easy.

Build and grow.

I later realised I was shifting a lot of past life stuff, and who knows what it actually is. If this ever happens to you, remember it’s only stuff. It’s wonderful to be free of it.

We may never know everything that’s in our crystals but if we work with them, we certainly feel better and have more spring in our step.

How many people can say they come to work and talk to a rock? I do. I have said this to a few customers and they grin because this is what they also do.

Cleansing in nature

While they are out and about in nature, crystals  are cleansing themselves of everything they have been subjected to, ready to go again.

After this experience I developed a great love for citrine cathedrals.

This morning I had to take this piece with me on my walk. I didn’t realise until I’d walked to Clarke’s Beach, near Byron Bay, that there was a rainbow behind me. I was in my glory, all excited and you can see why.

20190417_080840It has many  rainbows, barnacles, is manifestation and  lovely and clear. The Smokey is grounding and I need it.

Just in case your wondering, it’s not for sale. Just as beauty is in the eye of the behold, why not drop by for a visit and see if the love of your crystal life is in, The Heart of the Bay, Byron Bay.


Enjoy the ride


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